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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

ARTHUR FORD (1896-1971)

    A  Medium and Spiritualist who made money conning people. Ford maintained a huge collection of files on clients that he used to fool people into thinking he could contact the dead. Ford is known as the Medium who contacted the ghost of Houdini.

    Houdini's widow, Bess, admitted late in life she'd given the famous “survival” code to Ford, who had thereupon announced a successful attempt to contact the spirit of Houdini. Mrs. Houdini, a Roman Catholic, recanted her announcement that her husband's spirit had contacted her. Late in his life “Reverend” Ford maintained a room at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City where he did “readings” and “seances” for his customers.

      After Episcopal Bishop James Pike found a few odds and ends out of place in his house one day in 1966 (such as a safety pin merely lying open on the floor), he was convinced it was due to the ghost of his dead son. This began Pike’s involvement with Ford. Ford convinced Pike he had contacted his dead son’s ghost, supposedly because Ford told him things only Pike and his son would know. 

    But skeptics have noted that Pike appeared on TV hundreds of times, and could have easily mentioned the facts and forgotten them. In 1969 while on a trip to Israel, Pike and his wife became lost in the dessert attempting to drive to Qumran. His wife set out for help, leaving Pike in the car. Several hours passed, but Pike was not found. Medium Arthur Ford phoned Diane and told her Pike was in a cave, still alive, when in fact he was later found dead on a rocky crag, and had been for some time.

      It's been said by people who worked with him that Ford always exhibited a callous attitude toward the clients, referring to them as “suckers” or even worse things. Many Mediums and Psychics subscribe to what is known as the "Blue Book"... a privately published, regularly updated directory of names and pertinent information about potential clients. Psychics and Mediums use the information to impress clients into thinking they have psychic powers. 

    According to Psychic debunker James Randi,  "Regional versions exist, and the source is carefully guarded. The data are submitted free or sold to the publishers by practicing mediums, who obtain it from each other and from important and wealthy clients. Individual “spirit camps” or similar communities will often keep their own privatelists, formerly on index cards, but now in computer form, of persons who have visited there."

    Arthur Ford was a fake, as are all Mediums. He preyed on people’s misfortunes and gave false readings.





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