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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   


 Dashwood founded the infamous “Hellfire Club” in 1745. He was an inspiration to futureoccultists, such as Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, and no doubt to some degree, Gerald Gardner. There are some Wiccans who think  Dashwood might have been a Wiccan himself (he wasn’t since Wicca didn't exist until 1954). Even though most people classify him as a Satanist, more than likely Dashwood was an atheist who did blasphemous things for shock value, just as some Satanists do today. 

    Dashwood was a wealthy libertine who, like Crowley later, was able to get away with many things he did because of his rank in British society. Unlike Crowley, he probably wasn't a psychotic, and managed to hang on to his inherited wealth. 

    King George I had passed a law to prevent Hellfire-type clubs in 1721, but this didn’t discourage the more perverted types of English nobility. The Hellfire Club (also called “The Monks of Medmenham Abbey”) performed blasphemous rites, but the main interest was always orgies, not magic.

     It can’t be said no one suffered from the activities of Dashwood’s gatherings. Pedophillia was a common indulgence at Dashwood’s parties. Children were bought from the slums of London outright and used as sex slaves.  Prostitutes dressed as nuns serviced the club’s patrons. Prostitution, unlike what you may have seen in Pretty Woman, is a crime against women. Women involved in prostitution were forced into it because they had no alternative, and certainly didn’t enjoy such a lifestyle. The only thing they could look forward to was an early death from disease or murder. Incest, a taboo in every culture,  was also typical among the group. Daughters being molested by their fathers was a common practice. The members paid the price for their debauchery in the form ofvenereal diseases, naturally.

     By 1762, the membership included some of the highest ranking members ofthe British government; Dashwood was Chancellor of the Exchequer, John Wilkes,  Paul Whitehead, and Charles Churchill were members of Parliament, and the Earl of  Bute, was Prime Minister (although Adam Weishaupt, and Benjamin Franklin were never members as some people have suggested). Despite the wealth and connections, or rather because of it, Dashwood’s club for perverts eventually imploded.  

    For some reason, Wilkes and Churchill thought they could topple the Bute government and gain control of Parliament if they leaked details of the Hellfire Club’s Satanic rites and perverted sexual activities, incredibly not realizing they were all under the roof of the same glass house. The plan worked, and Bute was removed, but the scandal also predictably tainted them in the process, and also more or less ruined the lives and reputations of everyone in the Hellfire Club.

     After the Bute scandal, Dashwood tried to revive the club in caves near Wycomb Hill, but the group had already peaked, and it folded not long after. Dashwood and his “monks” all died off from age and disease over the next twenty years. After Dashwood died, he left an enormous library of pornographic works...a legacy few people would proud of ! 




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