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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom


 Father and son dictators of Haiti who ran the impoverished island nation with iron fists. The Duvaliers used Voodoo to their advantage, making people fear them through the superstitious belief that they had employed the most powerful Voodoopriests in Haiti. The fear wasn’t all superstition, either. The pair of the ran the infamous “Tom Tom Macoute”, a secret police that would secretly kidnap, torture, and murder anyone who spoke out against their regime. Baby Doc took the Voodoo imagery even further by telling the people of Haiti he was the incarnation of Baron Samedi, the Voodoo god of death. He often sported a top hat and cane to promote the image, and even changed the colors of Hati’s flag to red and black - -the colors of Voodoo - - to further the idea.

  Eventually the people of Haiti had enough, and Duvalier was overthrown, due in part to the CIA, because the US was tired of Hatians seeking refuge from the magic island. When Haitians got rid of the Duvalier’s, they wised up and used guns and Molotov cocktails instead of just voodoo. Haiti, along with Cuba (a nation with followers of a similar religion to Voodoo called Santeria) are the only two third world nations in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti has one of the highest percentage of AIDS cases in the world, which former Nigerian Ju Ju priest Isaiah Oke blames on Voodoo’s use of blood rituals, dead body parts, and orgies which often happen during ceremonies. He also says African kings were usually the men who were considered to be the most powerful Ju Ju men, because the people fear them. This ancient tradition seems to be what enabled the Duvaliers to come to power. Does Voodoo sound like it works? Well, it does help enslave people through fear and superstition, so it works for ruthless dictators like the Duvaliers.

 FIDEL CASTRO (1926- )

 An infamous communist dictator, but also a seldom acknowledged follower of Santeria, too! It may seem like an obvious contradiction that someone who espouses communism, an atheistic system of government that seeks to eradicate all religion through force if need be, would be a follower of Santeria, a primitive religion that routinely involves use of magic spells and animal sacrifice. Nonetheless, Castro not only uses Santeria to terrify people into following him, he even seems to actually believe in it, too! Castro is a brutal dictator who kills anyone who opposes him, suppresses free speech, and profits from the sale of drugs. The evil dictator has made himself a billionaire by estimates...much of it through the drug trade...and rodes in a chauffeur driven Mercedes while his peasant subjects starve and ride on bicycles. He has run his once thriving island nation into the ground to the point that Cubans will flee on homemade rafts and often die in the attempt to live in the U.S.A. If Santeria is so great, why do a nation of Santerias live in deplorable conditions? Why can’t their magic make things better? Castro allows Santeria in Cuba because he knows he can control his people through fear with it, just like the Duvaliers did with Voodoo in Haiti.

     If you take a good look of Castro in a photo or on video next time, you may notice he wore two wrist watches. One watch is said to be worn just to hide his Santeria bracelet. I thought this was just a crazy rumor when I first heard it, but sure enough, the next time I saw Castro on TV, he was wearing two wrist watches. The last time mention was made of his superstitious occult religion was made was during the Elian Gonzales disaster of the Clinton/Reno regime. According to sources, Castro was advised by his Santeria priests that he if Elian was allowed to remain the United States it would mean his dictatorship would end. Castro threatened Clinton with another Mariel boat lift if he didn’t get the boy returned, and thus Slick Wille quickly caved and sent his jack booted thugs armed with machine guns got the job done. It’s hard to say how many policies have been made due to Castro’s superstitious belief in Santeria...and it’s quite scary when you think about it.

    At Castro’s inauguration, doves landed on Castro’s shoulder’s , which the superstitious Santerios of Cuba took as a sign from the "Orishas". The doves, however, had been trained by placing corn on Castro’s shoulders.  Outside of Castro and his cronies, those doves were probably the last Cubans to have eaten regular meals. Some hero! This is the only way to succeed at lying and exploiting others.


 While few may know of Castro’s Santeria inclinations, even fewer know of Manuel Noreiga’s. Noriega made a fortune not from just being dictator of Panama, but from the drug trade. In 1990, when American forces arrested him, along with drugs, they discovered a Santeria altar in his home, with effigies of former President Regan and then President Bush 41, in an attempt to curse them (along with other enemies). It didn’t work, and he wound up spending 25 years in an American prison.


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