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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   

FRANCIS BARRETT (1770?-1820?)

     He  wrote The Magus in 1801. The Magus was and still is a popular book on conjuring spirits. In the book Barrett claimed he was a “Professor of Chemistry”, but there is no record of him attending any school in England, and he seems to have simply been lying. There was also a Francis Barett in England who experimented with hot air baloons, but there's no evidence that this is the same Francis Barrett, as some occultists like to claim. The book sold poorly and was forgotten until it was re-discovered 60 years later by Eliphas Levi and later others. The book is basically a re-writing of Corneilius Aggripa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Barrett died in obscurity, and since there is no known grave for him, he probably died in poverty and was buried in a pauper’s field. His book became popular only years after his death, and he never enjoyed the success of it. Barrett couldn’t make the occult  work for him, neither could Aggrippa whom he plagiarized it from, nor can anyone else.

 Francis Barrett; He died in poverty and was simply regurgitated a previous fake’s writings.. 

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