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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   

HEINRICH HIMMLER (1900-1945)  

    Occultist and chicken farmer who became an infamous mass murderer. Himmler was an early member of the Nazi Party who rose in rank to become the second in command of Hitler’s Reich. He was a devout student of the occult, in particular of Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy, as well as astrology, spiritualism, and herbalism. Himmler headed the Nazi shock troops known as the SS during the Nazi regime. Himmler was obsessed at finding the occult origins of the “Aryan race”, and created a department called the Annenahbe to investigate and catalog every piece of folklore and superstition on the German speaking people.

     Himmler had 63 million dollars spent to restore the Welwelsburg outrageous sum of money...just because he thought it was built on the site of a pre-Christian Saxon fort. It became the headquarters for the SS, and a Mecca of sorts for a future Germanic Neopagan/occult religion (some occult nuts even make visits there even today).  The SS headquarters was a literal temple to German racism, and contained a library of an estimated 10,000 books of the occult, folklore, and anything having to do with Germany.

     Himmler claimed he talked to the ghost of Henry the Folwer each night, who would appear at his bed. On the 1000th anniversary of Henry the Folwer’s birth, Himmler had Fowler’s remains re-enterred with much pomp and ceremony. Himmler also claimed to be the reincarnation of Henry the Folwer. It’s a head scratcher to wonder how he thought he was able to talk to his own ghost.

     Himmler despised the Jesuits (since they were Christians) but oddly enough patterned the SS after them in some ways. Himmler intended to replace Christianity with Germanic Neopaganism with SS officers to act as sort of like HighPriests for this new Neopagan religion. SS officers were even to preside over weddings. Hitler once remarked “After I die Himmler will probably make me into some kind of SS Saint. Can you believe it? Ridiculous! We should have just stayed with the Christians. At least they had a sense of order.”

     Himmler’s bizarre occult beliefs became the basis for many Nazi policies. SS officers were encouraged to copulate with women in German cemeteries in hopes the ghosts of German soldiers would be reincarnated into the babies from said unions. A German occultist named Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946) said he could psychically trace a German’s family tree back 280,000 years by psychic means, and that the Earth once had four moons and three suns. Wiligut claimed his ownfamily line started when the gods of the sea mated with the gods of the air. Himmler of course  immediately made this crackpot an SS Colonel! 

    In 1938 Colonel Wiligut was forced  to retire after it came to light he had once been committed to an insane asylum in 1924 after he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic! The occult craziness didn't stop there. Surviving records indicate Himmler dispatched SS personnel to investigate such superstitious things as why crows linger at funerals than other birds (no one could find out, since they actually don’t).

    When Germany’s fall was apparent, Himmler secretly tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a surrender deal with the allies. An aide implored him not to discuss occult subjects with his contact, a Dutch Barron. But Himmler, the original occult geek, lectured the poor man for an hour to the similarities to Germanic runes and Japanese pictographs as evidence that both Germans and Japanese were Aryans.

     When Germany fell to the Allies in 1945, Himmler tried to escape wearing a Private’s uniform but his occult powers must have been on the blink or something, because he was captured and recognized almost immediately. He committed suicide during an interrogation by biting down on a suicide capsule he concealed in his mouth. Despite the supposed occult power the Nazis had, it did nothing for them. Germany laid in ruins, and the Nazis became the most despised villains in history.

     Himmler’s son later described in the decades after the war the bizarre and Satanic things his father did, including having furniture made from human bones. Even he is perplexed by his father’s ghoulish appetites. He has not followed in his father’s footsteps, and is a Lutheran minister!

 Hienrich Himmler; an occult geek and failure. One of the most reviled mass murders of history.

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