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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

 MARIE LAVEAU (1783?-1881?)

    There were apparently two Marie LaVeaus, and the title seems to have been passed from mother to daughter, which is why she appeared to live to be around 100.  Marie LaVeau "junior" seems to have been the one most people were familiar with. The junior LaVeau of the 19th century is said to have taken care of an elderly woman who bore a resemblance to her...apparently this was her mother, the first Marie LaVeau. 

     The LaVeaus were known for her wild religious Voodoo ceremonies...really little more than orgies where rich white men paid to "get it on" with LaVeau’s black and mulatto voodoo girl followers (more like hookers, really). So in other words, the LaVeaus were little more than  "Cathouse Madams".

      The LaVeaus were hairdressers by trade, and learned the secrets of their rich clients that they later used to blackmail them with. If the famous Voodoo Queens were so powerful why did they resort to blackmailing their hairdressing clients? Because she had no powers! The bookBlack and White Magic by Marie Laveau obviously wasn’t written by her, but by the sellers of worthless and fake voodoo oils and powders...just colored baby oil and colored baby powder. The lodestones she gave people in the little red flannel bags weren’t magic...just magnets. 

    Voodoo is for the superstitious. Are you superstitious?

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