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     He was born 1934 in Cincinati, Ohio, as (no first name
on his birth certificate) Maddox  to an unmarried 16 year old runaway named Kathleen Maddox. He was called Charles Milles Maddox a few weeks later, because it's always helpful if your unwanted kid has a first name. His biological father is thought to have been Colonel Walker Scott, thought by some to have been African American who worked as a cook, others say he was a White day laborer. At any rate, Kathleen won a paternity suit against him in 1937. She eventually married a man named William Manson, and Maddox took his last name. Charles Manson's mother was said to be an alcoholic who once traded him for a pitcher of beer to a childless waitress. She kept him until an uncle retrieved him a few weeks later. He spent his childhood in and out of juvenile correctional facilities, and grew up to be a petty criminal who spent most of his early adult life in and out of jail. By March 21, 1967, his release day from Terminal Island, he had spent more than half of his 32 years in prisons and other institutions. 

    He and several members of his “Family” are in prison doing life. They were murderers, drug addicts, and people no one would want to be. Manson is a paranoid schizophrenic...insane and locked up and someone to be pitied. But for some reason, many occultists are fascinated by him. Even Michael Aquino called him a type of Satanist in The Crystal Tablet of Set. All this is probably because he got to have sex with a lot of women and run his own cult. OK, his cult wound up stabbing a lot of people to death, but they figure you got a break a few eggs to make an omlet. Personally, if I had a sex cult, I'd want the girls to be a lot less stabby. probably while I'll always be single I standards are too high.

    In 1971, four years after Manson had claimed he had beeged authorities not to release him from prison since it was the only home he ever knew, he and three members of his cult were sentenced to the death for the Tate-La Bianca Murders. But in 1972 when California abolished the death penality, their sentences were commuted to life in prison. Over the years authorities have conneted Manson to about 50 other murders they think he was connected to or may have commited. 

     Several authors have noted Manson was a borrower of ideas and was influenced by many sources. His biggest influences seem to have been a Scientology and a Neo-Gnostic like cult called The Process Church of the FinalJudgement, which was also a Scientology breakaway group. The Process was a weird combination of Scientology, end time Jesus Freak-ism,  and Satanism. Scientology’s auditing process involves a mild form of hypnosis, and many people have speculated this could partly explain how Manson learned to brainwash his followers. Mason also admired Hitler and read Mein Kampf, and also studied Nietzsche. At least two members of The Church of Satan belonged to Manson’s cult, Susan Atkins and Bobby Bosaliel. Atkins appeared in LaVey’s “Topless Witches” nightclub act, in which she took LSD and got inside a coffin. Baeuseliel appeared in his  boyfriend's (Kenneth Anger) underground occult movie Lucifer Rising, and also provided the music for the sound track.

     More than anything else, Mason is a product of criminal behavior; insane, drug addicted, racist and paranoid. He’s not someone you’d want to be.  A book about Manson, The Manson Files, complete with his “spells” was published in the 80's by a would be follower named Max Shreck (who is married to Karla LaVey, daughter of the late Anton). It's hard to believe people would be stupid enough to want to try a spell by Charles Manson, but there you go. 

    The women he got were not the kind you would take home to mother, and he basically got them drugged and brainwashed them (probably with techniques he learned from Scientology while in prison). There was no magic involved, and Manson has no powers...if he did he would not be in prison! If you want to be like Manson, see a psychiatrist.

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