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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   


    Helped Blavatsky found the Theosophical society. Since he was in Blavatsky’s inner circle, he no doubt knew of her tricks. It would have been impossible for him not to have. Or did he?
A little acknowledged fact among occultists is that Col. Olcott is where Blavatsky got the idea for the name of her fictitious ascended master “Coot Hoomii”’s a play on words for Colonel Olcott! Since charlatans sometimes like to mock their followers, it's possible he was a stooge the whole time.  

    Olcott wrote A Buddhist Catechism, and developed his own standing within the Theosophical Society, which irked Blavatsky.  For a while Olcott and Blavatsky shared a house together in a platonic relationship. 

    Even though Olcott and Blavatsky consider themselves to be both be "Bhuddists", there is very little of Theosophy that could be considered Bhuddist, with it's tales of the Aryan race living on Atlantis and "root races". 

    Olcott was yet another of Blavatsky's dupes, who perpetuated the racist nonsense of the Theosophical Society, whos ideas eventually were an influence on Adolph Hitler and the Nazis!

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