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JITTA KRISHNAMURTI (1895-1986) The fake messiah introduced by the Theosophical Society, who later denied being divine.  His father was a Bhramin who worked for the Theosophical society as a clerk. In his 20's, Krishnamurti became disillusioned with the Theosophy after his brother died from Tuberculosis after Theosophists had failed to heal him as they claimed they could. An occult order was formed by Theosphists called The Order of The Star in The East to introduce the new 'World Teacher'. But in 1929 Krishnamurti dissolved the order during an address he gave before the group in 1929, which shocked and angered them.

   After the dissolution embarrassment, Leadbeater, Bailey, and practically all Theosophists turned against Krishnamurti. Theosophist leaders had unwittingly set themselves up for such a thing to happen, having told their gullible followers over the years that the 'World Teacher' might someday say things that were completely unexpected and contrary to their preconceived notions, and it would be unwise and even 'dangerous' not to do as he instructed!

    Krishnamurti gained some fame in the 1960's during the Eastern Religion craze. Ironically, Krinamurti is now known as the 'un-guru', because he told seekers that they should forgo all religions and all gurus (including Theosophy) and try to find answers themselves. After his death, his popularity seems to have dropped off. Krishanmurti failed to rise from the grave or do any miracles during his lifetime, indeed confirming his claim not to be a messiah!

 RUDOLPH STEINER (1861-1925) Racist and occultist, probably best known today for the Stiener Schools, called Waldorf Schools in some areas (named after a German brand of cigarette, oddly enough).  The schools are known to slip in occult doctrines, and you might want to remove your child  if you have one enrolled.

    Steiner left Theosophy when Annie Besant introduced Krishnamurti as the "reincarnation of Christ". Steiner, a believer in 'Aryan supremacy', couldn't accept a brown skinned Hindu to be the new Messiah. He started a more racist version of Theosophy called the Anthroposophical Society to promote 'Arinosophy'. Building on Theosophy's doctrine of root races, Steiner further built on the myth of Aryan supremacy, saying Aryans were more "spiritually advanced" than the other races and that their time had arrived. The similarities with many of Steiner's bizarre doctrines and Nazi ideas are unmistakable. Wolfgang Treher makes a convincing case that Steiner's racial theories, especially the repeated scheme of a small minority evolving further while a large mass declines, bear striking similarities even in detail to Hitler's own theories. He concludes: "Concentration camps, slave labor and the murder of Jews constitute a praxis whose key is perhaps to be found in the 'theories' of Rudolf Steiner." (Wolfgang Treher, Hitler Steiner Schreber, Emmingden 1966, p. 70.). Steiner was by his own account "enthusiastically active" in pan-German nationalist movements in Vienna at the end of the nineteenth century. No one in their right mind considers the Nazis to have been right...and yet many occultists consider this ancestor to Nazi thought an "adept"!

    The Nazis eliminated almost every right-wing Aryan group, even though these groups often had identical beliefs to the Nazis, not wanting rivals to emerge. In 1924 they burned down Stiener's headquarters. He was said to have been so devastated from this he could not go on. He died the following year from a heart attack. Some sources say he was murdered by the Nazis. Aryans are not 'more evolved than other people', and such racism has proven to be lethal. The only people who need to feel somehow inherently superior are those of impoverished egos and those filled with hate.

Rudolph Steiner; Racist

ALICE BAILEY Succeeded Bessant as head of the Theosophical Society. Like her predecessors, Bailey was a pro-Aryan anti-Semite. Bailey dismissed  the persecution the Jews had endured had simply been their 'Karma', eerily reminiscent of Neo-Nazis who say the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves. Bailey also informed her readers that the Jews had lost their right to be the people whom a future Messiah would be born due because of their arrogance, and that they would have to go through 'fires of purification'. Bailey wrote that statement in 1949, after the ovens of Nazi extermination camps had been made well known. It's unlikely such a poor choice of words was an accident, considering her attitude toward Jews. In addition to that,  Bailey Claimed the atomic bomb was actually a 'gift' from the ascended masters to mankind.

  After her death, her husband continued her work, and claimed that a few years prior an unnamed 'disciple' had tried to 'unite the people of Europe by the Rhine River' and had failed. It seemed obvious Bailey was talking about Adolph Hitler! If there was any doubt that some high ranking Theosophists are pro-Nazi, that statement would seem to remove it.

"Heil, Blavatsky"???

Darwin's theory caused quite a stir when it was released. Some people lost their faith in any religion.  A few people went so far as to commit suicide. Blavatsky would cash in on Darwin's theory by trying to bridge the gap between religion and evolution with the occult. Blavatsky spun a yarn about the various stages of man's evolution combined with eastern religions, Spiritism, and her own anti-Semitic and anti-Christian ideas tossed in. As we have read. Although born a Russian...which meant the Nazi's would have considered her "racially inferior"...this woman's writings sparked a new German mythology about "Aryan supermen" years later after her death. According to Blavatsky, the Aryans had been a race of giants with three eyes who lived on Atlantis. But because they had intermarried with the Jews, they had lost their "god like" qualities. She too loved the swastika that became the symbol of the Nazis and often wore a swastika broche .

 Theosophical writings of Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater, and Helena Blavatsky, were translated and published in Germany. An 1892 periodical, Lotus Blossoms, featured Blavatsky's writings and "was the first German publication to sport the theosophical swastika upon its cover" (Goodrick-Clarke:25). As time went on numerous other Theosophy-based groups of occult socialism formed in Germany and Austria via Guido von List and Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels and Julius Streicher and  others.  Two of List's closest associates were Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels and Harald Gravelle. Gravelle was a leading Theosophist in Germany. Several of these groups would provide the philosophical framework for National Socialism in Germany.

Many German occultists who read Blavatsky's works loved the idea about being racially superior to the rest of humanity, and wrote books of their own promoting the idea as early as the 19th Century. Theosophy became a sort of "gospel for Nazism".  In 1918, a devotee of the esoteric, one  Rudolf von Sebottendorff set up the  Thule Gesellschaft. Blavatsky's oddball racism-socialism theories were repeated by Guido von List (and his followers such as Lanz von Liebenfels) and Alfred Rosenberg and other members of the Thule Society and they influenced the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Also heavily influenced by the occult and by Blavatsky's Theosophical theories, as well as those of the Anthrosophist  Rudolf Steiner -- not to mention racism and anti-semitism -- the Thule Gesellschaft soon came to count among its members Hitler, Rudolf Hess, and other individuals who would later become prominent in the Nazi party.  The Thule Society also used a swastika as its symbol. In 1920, another member of the Thule Society, Friedrick Krohn, suggested to Adolf Hitler that the nascent Nazi Party adopt the Hakenkreutz as its logo. However, the Thule swastika was not the same swastika used by German National Socialists. Instead, the swastika adopted by the leader of German National Socialists was the same swastika that had been used for forty years by Madame Blavatsky as a symbol for her utopian "socialist society."At some point prior to becoming Reichschancellor, Hitler was also schooled in diction by the esotericist and magician  Hanussen, who was said to have been a great expert in the art of hypnotism.

The Thule Gesellschaft, then, along with its sister secret society, the Vril would provide the philosophical, intellectual and even spiritual underpinnings of the eventual National Socialist movement, along with a third stream, about to converge. That was the pan-Germanist and esotericist Guido Von List, whose occult, Templar-influenced secret society boasted a membership which included the wealthy and those from the conservative and nationalist circles, as well as the occult community.  Ironically and sadly, while her hate succeeded in the murder of 10 million Christians and 6 million Jews (members of two religion she despised) during World War II, her bizzare mythology caused the death of millions of her fellow Russians as well.


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