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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

So Who Were Really Burned In The "Burning Times"?

    "Never again the Burning Times!" is a favorite warning to Christians by Wiccans. Perhaps even more disturbing is the phrase "Never Forget, Never again!", ironically a slogan originally used by Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. You'll see this phrase on bumperstickers and on Internet webpages . Despite what some Wiccans think, we don't have these mass burnings of Wiccan all throughout history up until the present. Since Wicca didn't even exist until 1950 or so at the very earliest, none of the people burned during the middle ages were Wiccan anyway...unless of course Wiccans manufactured a time machine so they could travel back to be martyred.

    We do know that sorcerers existed during the middle ages, and sometimes they ran afoul of the church. The people executed for sorcery in the middle ages were Satanists, not Wiccans. Yet Wiccans still insist on identifying with the people executed for witchcraft during this period. They honestly believe 9,000,000 Wiccans were burned, and at any second the "xtians" will rise up again, ready to do some more burning! As long as Wiccans believe this propaganda, they will continue to harbor hate for Christians. Hollywood is not helping the matter either. A few years ago on the biggest infomercial for Wicca, "Charmed" an episode was shown in which the youngest witch was executed for witchcraft in the future, complete with a stainless steel "stake" and propane flames. I’m sure that episode made a lot of Wiccans even more paranoid and angry at Christians. I feel it is inevitable, considering the younger and angrier people getting into Wicca nowadays that there will be violence toward Christians and vandalism of churches.

"Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch To Live"

    Wiccans love to point out this verse is in the Bible. Laurie Cabot gives an eyebrow raising account of how she learned this as a child in Bible class, and then asked her parents if she should go around her neighborhood killing anyone who didn’t fit in. Right, I'm sure that actually happened. She claims later as a professional witch she appeared with a Christian minister who cited the Bible verse not allowing a witch to live. Of course she doesn’t mention the name of the T.V. show, the date or even the year it aired, or the name of the minister, which makes one question if it really happened. I don’t think any ministers today would say we have to keep Old Testament laws concerning sorcerers. Not even the Orthodox Jews follow this verse anymore (it wasn't Christians who wrote it, by the way, but Moses). The Wiccans are in more danger from a violent attack from a rival coven (and these cases have happened, such as the "witch wars" in NYC during the 1970's) than from a church attacking them. I also find it very hard to believe this verse would be part of a children's Bible school class, as Miss Cabot insinuates. But nevertheless, Wiccans have to keep up the idea that they are persecuted for their faith, just as the witches of the past were.

    The Roman Catholic Inquisition was primarily created to deal with heretics at first, not witches, and certainly not Pagans. Pagans had long vanished from the scene by the 14th century. Since Wicca is a recent religion pretending to be an "Old Religion", and since most religions have centuries of persecution in their histories, it's not hard to see why they may have wanted to invent a phony "Wiccan holocaust" (yes, some Wiccans really refer to it as this!) so they too could wear the mantle of martyr without all the work. The Middle Ages were a cruel time indeed. The 40,0000 to 65,0000 people executed covers a period of hundreds of years, and thus it's not as many as it may sound. True, that is still a lot of people, but far from the fictitious 9,000,000 to 13,000,000 figure.

     The fact that people were executed for sorcery or black magic during this time is indeed unfortunate, but far more people were killed for say, stealing a sheep or pick pocketing for instance, than were for sorcery. This ludicrous figure comes from a 19th century novel by Jules Michelet called La Sorcerie. The figure was simply pulled out of thin air. Many people do not take into account that La Sorcerie is a work of fiction, not based on historic fact, and the novel was eroneously used as a history book of the witch hunt era. Michelet was the Dan Brown of his time. It is from Michelet that the outlandish figure of 9,000,000 people executed for withcraft came from...a figure he simply pulled out of thin air.


It's apparent from many of the things you can see and read online that Wiccan/Neopagan disinformation about the so-called "Burning Times" still abounds. Here are few remarkably subtle animated gifs I've found online...and this is just a small sample: 

burning times
burning timesburning timesburning timesburning timesNo Wiccans were killedburning star
burning timesvictims centerlast time

Jesus Hopscotching Christ, paranoid much, Wiccans???

This is nothing less than history revision! As long as Wiccans think they are "victims", they will continue to act like victims, and will harbor unwarrented hatred and fear of Christians.

Oddly enough, Wiccans seem to have no such feelings towards Hinduism...a religion that actually practices modern day witch burnings! In fact, Wiccans strain to try to make a connection to Hinduism, ironically enough.  The problem is, Wiccans, like most other Westerners, think of Yoga and the giggling little Maharishi on the Merv Griffin Show when they think of Hinduism. The pasturized version of Hinduism we see in the West is a far cry from the real Hinduism of the Sub-Continent where witch killings are part of the culture.

In 2008, a 40-year-old woman, Phool Kunwar, was dragged from her home on Monday night, beaten and burned with a hot iron, and finally pushed into a burning pyre by three Hindus. Since the three offenders were also women, it can not be chalked up to the usual "women being persecuted in a male dominated society" claim. And since Hindusim has its share of Pagan goddesses, it's not a "monotheistic vs. polytheistic" thing, either. This incident is just one such case that happen routinely in India.  There were 160  cases of women being tortured and/or killed by Hindus reported in the Indian Chhattisgarh region alone in 2007.

   Most Wiccans also don't feel the same animosity toward Muslims as they do Christians, and yet Muslims endorse killing witches.  Fatwaa 69914 states:

"There should be no hesitation in executing the practitioner of witchcraft, whether we say that he is a kaafir[ non-Muslim] or not, because this is what is proven from the companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Executing him prevents the spread of evil and serves as a deterrent to his fellow practitioners of witchcraft. "

Now this isn't some obscure text from a 14th century Arabic manuscript, it's from a 21st century Muslim website on the Internet! it's also not the only instance where you'll find such sayings. one can only imagine what is being said in Arabic on the Internet.



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