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While Christians (St. Patrick in particular) get the blame for the end of Druidic Paganism, it was another group of Pagans, the Romans, that actually started the decline of Druidism in the British Isles. When the Romans first reached the shores of the Britain, the Romans recorded that the Druids were there to greet them by throwing curses and spells on them to stop their invasion. The result of all this sorcery by the "powerful" Druids was...the Romans conquered them anyway. It seems the magic of the Druids was about as successful as that of any occultist nowadays.  Another often neglected fact...the Romans were Pagans and persecuted the British Christians as well.

    The idea of wide scale persecution to convert the people of the British Isles simply is not accurate. When Rome decided to send a missionary expedition to the British Isles in the 8th century, they were surprised to find the Christian Church was already well established there. The Celtic Church had been established at least by the 6th century, and had evolved independently of Rome and had a few minor differences, (such as a different holiday calendar for instance), but it was definitely Christian! According to some accounts, Joseph of Arimathea established the first Christian Church in the British Isles circa 35 A.D. The New Testament records that Paul evangelized the Gauls (Celts) of Spain and Turkey. It's also believed he traveled to the the British Isles as well.

    People of the Neopagan mindset seem to think that 2,000 years of Celtic involvement in Christianity are just simply somehow irrelevant. The Bible is the greatest testament to the Celtic Christianity, containing Paul's Epistle to the Gauls of Turkey (Galatians).  Mass conversion of Celtic peoples from Pagan religions to Christianity was nearly bloodless, but no one seems to bother to ask why the Celts thought Christianity was a better deal. The transition of Paganism to Christianity is part of the history of the Celtic people. Christianity IS the religion of the Celts, and has been for almost 2,000 years! To try to make an archaic leap back to the superstitions they abandoned by choice is to basically write off one's ancestors as irrelevant, and trying to find one's roots is supposedly what Neoapaganism is about.


     A popular Wicca book titled Witta: An Irish Pagan Tradition purports to be a book about "Irish Wicca" in ancient times. The book riddled with inaccuracies and inventions that are passed off as facts. St. Patrick for instance is painted as a villain who destroys Irish civilization, when exactly the opposite is true. According to Wiccan and feminist Edian McCoy, St. Patrick was apparently some kind of one man dynamo who managed single handed to convert Ireland!

"The arrival in Antrim of a young Caledonian slave named Succat would hardly seem of historical note. But the slave boy became St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland and the person who single-handedly opened the island to mass Christianization."

    She doesn’t mention how Patrick was able to accomplish this feat. And it doesn’t seem to occur to her, if the Irish were so all-fired happy being Druids, why did they reject it for Christianity? Obviously, he couldn’t "force" everyone to accept, being one person. Also, if the Druids were so powerful, why did they not simply put a spell on St. Patrick and be done with him? Didn’t their magic work? Der hey. Weren’t the gods and goddesses of the Druids more powerful than the Christian's "slave god" as occultists seem to think?  

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