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These guys ain't Wiccan! They were already ancient when Wicca was created in 1950.

     Gray also rejects the idea that Celts worshiped trees or stones...a fact that has been well documented for centuries! Many primitive peoples, both ancient and modern, believed trees and rocks had spirits (animism). The Celts were no different...but still wrong. She doesn’t cite a single source for her claim, she is simply revising history to suit herself.

     Far from being the villains of history, ancient Christian monks of Ireland are credited with actually saving Western Civilization from barbarians (another group of Pagans!). What information remains about Celtic Irish Paganism is due in a large part to the writings of St. Patrick. So if Patrick was so desperate to obliterate Celtic Paganism, why did he do this? The truth is Celtic Paganism was being voluntarily abandoned by most folks for the Christianity, and it didn’t need a lot of help from Patrick. The Romans were a highly literate people who prized books and education, and had public libraries. By the time of Emperor Constantine's reign, there were twenty-eight public libraries in Rome. Where Roman power went, and it spread far indeed, schools and libraries were founded. Neopagans would have you believe Romans simply went from village to village yelling "Accept Christianity or die!", and bringing wholesale ignorance in the process. It simply is not true, and it did not happen this way.

     Pagan Rome never conquered Ireland and as a result the Celtic Irish were illiterate without cities or the things of civilization. This is a far cry from the image of the godlike "wise ones" Wiccans would have us think populated ancient Ireland. About forty years before the final fall of Rome to the barbarian Odoacer, St. Patrick took Christianity to Ireland, and with it, literacy and a love of reading and writing. Patrick succeeded in doing what Pagan Rome had failed, namely, bringing a love of reading and writing to the Irish people,. Monasteries were founded which became repositories of learning, and without the Christianity Neopagans so despise, it would have never happened.. In about thirty years, Patrick converted Ireland to Christianity, bringing literacy and learning, and he did so without killing anyone. Sorry Wiccans, but it's true! Refer to How The Irish Saved Civilization for more information of how Christianity help enrich the lives of the Irish.

       Once again Christians suffered persecution of Pagans in a new form. It was not in a coliseum facing death by lions while Pagan crowds cheered. Barbaric hordes of Pagan Vandals, Goths, Saxons, Huns and others burned, looted and murdered across Europe during the 6th and 7th centuries. The Irish monks kept on building abbeys. They went in search to find more and more books. They found books in Coptic, Greek, Latin, and Hebrew, of which they made numerous copies. Since the Pagan barbarians eliminated all the libraries on the European Continent the abbeys of Ireland became only libraries. Yes, if it hadn't been for Christians (those mean old "xtians" Wiccans hate so much), there would have been no libraries. Because of Pagans, libraries were destroyed Neopagans and Wiccans, with their voluminous libraries would probably faint at the idea!

       During the Middle Ages, the illiterate kings and rulers of the Franks, Angles, Saxons, and Burundians asked the Irish Christian monks to come and educate their sons. Irish Christian clerics were invited to build monasteries , libraries and schools in towns across Europe, and cities such as Paris, Ghent, Glastonbury, Rome, Verona, Salzburg, and Mainz. You read that right, they were invited. Even when they went somewhere they were not invited to at first, they came with their faith and their books, which quickly made them welcome guests. People wanted to learn to read and write then, just as people do now, and Christians knew how. Christians were the "wise ones", NOT Pagans or witches!

     As a result of the rise of the Western Pagan barbarian tribes and fall of Rome, all the countries of the Western Roman Empire fell into ignorance. It was really PAGANS who brought on these Dark Ages. It was by saving the books that the Irish Christians saved civilization. Despite what Neopagans think, these Pagans were not wise teachers and bearers of light, but were murdering marauders!

    Had it not been for the Christian monks of Ireland, civilization would probably not be where it is today. We would probably just be at the renaissance level by now, if even that. It is a travesty to the memory of those brave Christian monks who saved Western civilization to paint them as some kind of murdering villains! Christianity brought literacy and ended ignorance and superstition. This is a fact that Christians must begin reinforcing, and Neopagans must learn to accept! The idea that Christianity brought ignorance to the ancient Celts is just one example of how Wiccans and Neopagans distort history.

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