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    Crowley was very fond of demons and sought them out on many occasions. One technique Crowley used to accomplish this was to sodomize a fellow magician, either man or woman, and then eat the semen or feces after the act took place. Crowley believed that sodomy attracted demons, and by eating these vile things (in a sort of mock communion) he could bring the demons inside himself and gain their powers and knowledge.

    Thank you for not throwing up when you read that Whatever Crowley thought he learned from these experiences is unknown, and you’d be an idiot to want to try these techniques. While Crowley never became the "Devil's Chief of Staff" he did, according to his followers, become possessed by a demon on at least one occasion. During a ritual in the desert, along with two of his disciples, he attempted to invoke a demon called "Chronozon". It is said Crowley did all the things you're supposed to do, drawing his cute little circle in the sand with all the names of the God that he so despised inside to protect him (hmmm...I see a conflict there).
    But, so the story goes, the demon simply kicked sand on the circle, walked right in, and possessed Crowley. It was said after this incident, Crowley appeared to have aged 20 years overnight. Many of his followers believe Crowley was possessed by this demon for the rest of his life! I would think these are things one must consider when deciding to follow the teachings of this man. After all, what good are his books on "Magick", if even he wound up "demon possessed?"


     While Crowley hated Christianity, he embraced Gnosticism. He certainly seemed to be Gnostic in his thinking, rejecting Christ to be a self styled Anti-Christ. He joined the Universal Gnostic Church and quickly became an "Arch-Bishop". No doubt Crowley at least considered Satan a "dark side of nature" like Blavatsky and Anton LaVey.

    Since Satan governed things like every sexual depravity, drunkenness, violence, and sorcery, Crowley only saw good in the idea of Satan. Apologists claim Crowley was merely a "literary Satanist", like Milton or Idres Shaw. Some feel his fascination for Satan came stemmed from his rebellion against his childhood, and this may be partly true.

    They claim his references to Satan are done with irony, not to be taken seriously. However, when we read Crowley's works and look at his life, it becomes painfully obvious he took more than a passing fancy to Satanism. He wrote an "Invocation to Satan" in Liber Samekh, and constantly referred to himself as "The Great Beast, 666", which certainly makes it hard to say he wasn't involved or influenced by Satanism. He kept up this identity until he died at age 75, which is more than just rebelling against a strict upbringing.

    Crowley did many strange things throughout his life (like most psychotics), including defecating on carpets while staying at a posh hotel, claiming his feces was sacred like the Dalia Lama's. He traveled to America during World War I and wrote propaganda in support of Germany. Crowley would later claim he did it to detract from the German's, due to the propaganda's lack of quality.

    He claimed many things, like being a Scottish :Laird, even though he didn't have any Scottish blood. He even rented a house on Loch Ness, no doubt because of the monster sightings that had gone on for centuries. He later claimed to be an Egyptian prince after a trip to Egypt and called himself "Prince Chioa Khan", and returned mail if it wasn't addressed to him by his ridiculous made up title.

    In 1910 he knighted himself and shaved his big head. He would claim to be a medical doctor with a Doctorate from the University of London which was news to the University when followers inquired in the 1980's. He never even attended one class there! He once opened a "magickal restaurant" featuring pills made with his own semen as an ingredient (yuck!).

    In an attempt to imitate the powers of Christ, he tried to reanimate a skeleton by reciting spells and placing "blood small birds and the like" on it every day, which of coursed failed since he had no powers (so why buy his books?). This "magick" experiment only resulted in a horrible sight and an unimaginable stench.  from this lesson, we can qucikly learn 1) Crowley's  "Magick" doesn't actually work, and  2) He was a lunatic.

     If you had a relative like Crowley, you would have him committed! The reason Crowley wasn’t was because of his wealth and social standing. When reading passages like the above, his modern day followers gloss over them, r dismiss it as part of his offbeat sense of humor.

    He married a woman named Rose Kelly in 1903. Crowley called her "The Whore of Babylon" to compliment his self-proclaimed Anti-Christ title. The poor woman was mentally unstable (what other kind of woman would hook up with Crowley?), and eventually went completely insane. She spent the remainder of her life in an insane asylum.

     This was said to be a pattern throughout Crowley's career. Followers, servants, and lovers of both sexes went insane, perhaps because they were mentally unstable to begin with, or perhaps driven insane deliberately by Crowley somehow, or perhaps both factors. Several disciples were said to have committed suicide after Crowley had no further use for them.

     Most people would expect a religious figure does good things for people. But what about a religious figure that drives people insane and even to suicide?

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