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    Crowley could have easily been a success in his lifetime. He was born to a wealthy family. He attended public school and had some college. While he wasn’t the poet or artist his enormous ego led him to believe, but he did show some talent as a writer and perhaps could have been one had he be able to channel his talents toward it. Instead he became something of a sociopath, seemingly to care less about the people around him. He could be charming and ingratiating to his disciples so he could get what he wanted out of them, and then treated them like garbage when he was done. He drove many of them to ruin or suicide.

     Even his modern day followers admit he was not a kind person. He lived a life
of scandal and seemed proud of it, and because of his social standing and money he got away with it while he was young. When the money ran out in his middle age, he sponged off his handful of followers and students. He needed this charity to keep up his enormous drug and alcohol addictions. Had Crowley’s obsession with the occult never came into his life, he may have very well lived a fairly normal life, even if he was psychotic. It’s a documented fact some CEO’s of major corporations have been psychotic. It was belief that like Nietzsche's "superman" he could lay aside conventional morality and do as he pleased that created his long, steady downfall. No one is beyond good or evil.

    There is one more thing that happened in Crowley’s life that most Thelemites don't want to think about. Toward the end of his life, Crowley performed a ritual with his illegitimate son MacAlister in a Paris hotel. During the ritual, a tremendous commotion was heard outside the door, and the two men could be heard screaming.

     Crowley's friends figured it was part of the ritual apparently, and didn't bother to check what was going on. When the two failed to show up for breakfast the next morning, friends called the hotel detective who broke down the door to Crowley's room.

     Inside they found MacAlister dead. His robe was torn to shreds and he had scratches on his body. He had a look of extreme fright on his face. It was later determined he died of heart failure, brought about from fright. He had been literally scared to death. Aleister sat huddled in a corner of the room, babbling incoherently. He too had scratches and his robe was torn. Crowley spent four months in an insane asylum, and was released. [America Bewitched by Daniel Logan pgs 64-65]

    After this incident, he was described as  "harmless", and so began his downward spiral of sponging of friends and former students, and spending his final days in a flophouse in Hastings, England.

     No one knows what happened inside that locked room that killed MacAlister and made Crowley have a nervous breakdown. Did Crowley finally  conjure up a demon for real?  All religions teach that demons are not beings that want to help us or give us knowledge, but rather are creatures of pure evil, and there goal is to hurt humanity and cause us as much harm as they can. Not only Christianity teaches this, but every major religion has some kind of concept of evil spirits. 

     Being a skeptic, I'm more inclined to think Crowley finally snapped and killed his son.  The last thing a psychotic like Crowley needed was a life of drugs and occultism. Had he lived in a modern time where people understood the symptoms of head injuries and had anti-psychotic drugs available, Thelema probably never would have ever been born (not to mention the AMORC, The A.A. Wicca, Scientology, The Temple of Set, et al)!
    There is a story gleefully being promoted by his followers that the doctor attending Crowley on his deathbed died from a curse placed on him when he refused to give Crowley all the morphine he wanted. The story didn't come out until decades later when it was learned that Crowley's aged doctor died from a heart attack a few days after he did. The story of course, is a pathetic attempt to make it sound like Crowley had some kind...any kind... of magic powers. I've seen other occultists try to pull the same trick of claiming someone they knew who died did so from magic.

     The real demise of Crowley is much less dramatic. According to a fellow flophouse resident, he heard a thump in Crowley's room, and found the poor old man dead laying face down on the floor. No last words, no curses. This story, being the least dramatic, is probably the real truth.

    Crowley infrequently published a magazine called The Equinox when funds would allow. All the editions of The Equinox were later republished as a hardbound 10 volume set that runs about $500 for the truly magically desperate...and no, even I wasn't dumb enough to buy one. In fact, after an initial investigation of Crowley while I was an occultist, I pretty much wrote him of as a looser. This later became a big reason I left Wicca, because Crowley's fingerprints were all over it, and I realized Wicca was a sham!

   He was a man that exhibited psychotic behavior, and people who follow his philosophy will emulate psychotic behavior. He was man who literally thought he was the Anti-Christ. He was a drug addict, an alcoholic, a misogynist, a sexual deviant, and a pedophile. All his "sex magic" did was give him V.D., including syphilis. He worked hard at being evil and even bragged about it.

       Gerald Gardner knew Crowley and was a member of the O.:T.:O.: He stole much of the material from Crowley to create his "ancient" Book of Shadows". Sybil Leek claimed she knew Crowely...which turned out later to be false. She never even met him. Never the less, Leek makes mention of her fictitious friendship with Crowley, claiming he was a family friend and even told her family Leek would be his successor. Alex Sanders claims Crowley "babysat" him when he was a child and gave him a ring. There’s no evidence Crowley knew him either, since Crowley never mentions Sander's family in his writings, and Sander's parents were both Christians.


     (I should probably mention some Crowley-bots claim the boarding house where Crowley stayed wasn't really a flophouse and show me pictures of the outside of how it looks today some 70 years later as somehow proof. And they also claim he had several hundred dollars of O.T.O. money under his bed proving he wasn't penniless...also an unlikely story for many reasons) .

    There is a bright note to this story. Supposedly a grandson of Aleister Crowley turned up in California in the 1990's. It turns out he is a Christian, and even works at a church as a groundskeeper. He said he is sorry for the terrible things his grandfather did and wants no part of them.

    At this stage of the game, I'm an agnostic now. Some will say "Well, Crowley wasn't perfect, but show me someone who was. Every religion had to start somewhere." True, every religion starts somewhere, and always has tons of legend and lore. But a religion that teaches people to be amoral and turns them into drug addicts...? There really doesn't seem to be anything  redeeming about Crowley's religion.

I remain skeptical (and by skeptical, I mean I  think Crowley was a lunatic).


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