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       Owen Morgan Somehow in his mind he was able to reconcile his Methodist upbringing to become a Neodruid. Of course, to do this, he had to equate the Welsh Pagan Talesin (mistaken for a god) with Jesus Christ! Like Edward Williams, he invented history when none could be found. He published several books, and wrote them in a style that made them read like they could have been written a hundred years earlier. The books had no date on doubt to cloud their true age. In 1878 he held a ceremony that included prayers to the Hindu goddess of evil and infant sacrifice, Kali! Yikes! Fortunatley he left out the infant sacrifice part.

    The Universal Bond claimed to have been in existence since 1717. They claim their group was formed from a meeting of Druids during that year. 1717 was the same year the Grand Lodge was organized, so more than likely the group was trying to claim a link with Freemasonry as well. The group was never able to provide documentaion of it’s claims, which is typical of occult groups.

    The Druid Hermeticists were indeed serious occultists, not merely intent on reciting Welsh poetry. This group combined the romantic version of Druid history with the occult teachings of Hermeticism. The group held rituals at Stonehenge since before WWI.

    Because of the sight seerers and vandals that the Stonehenge ceremonies attracted, the Druids dawn performances were closed to the public by 1964. In the 1980's, the British government decided to close the monument on the days of the solstices and equinoxes to help preserve the site. This of course caused an uproar among Neodruid groups.

    In America, a 1985 Neodruid organization headed by the Late P.E.I. Bonewitz featured a newsletter with the slogan "Bring back the snakes, Ireland was better off Pagan!" Bonewitz's website has a deep hatred for what he calls "the religous reich". His webpage is decorated with a Christian cross colored like an American flag, with the arms curved to resemble a swashtika indicating his  hatred of Christians. He calls Satanists "fundamentalist Christians" (even though he himself was briefly a member of Anton Lavey's Church of Satan in the 1960's), and claims to have a disbelief in a devil...just like Wiccans (he was also a member of the Frost's Church of Wicca). Ancient Celts on the other hand actually did believe in evil spirits and devil-like entities, as did all ancient Pagans!

        Most occultists borrorw from whatever occult/religious source they like, and Bonewitz was no exception. Bonewitz practiced a sex yoga called "Kundalini" as also do many Wiccans. His book Real Magic includes things about auras, "psi", and the usual New Age stuff which in fact isn’t "real magic" at all (there's no such thing as "magic" or "miracles").

      Once his website featured a picture of the Buddhist goddess Kwan Yin on it...which has zilch to with the Druids. His pantheon seems to include gods and goddesses from around the world and from a variety of religions, so in many respects, Bonewitz's Druidism is very similar to most Wiccan groups indeed. It is an amalgam of occult beliefs, Eastern religions, and draws on Celtic mythology, inventing what is needed (and even what isn't). Bonewitz's website also had a lot of blather on role playing games, which will give you an idea of the type of person attracted to the new Druidism (think the fat comic book guy from "The Simpsons").

      Bonewitz's webpage tells all about his personal sexual preferences, which is probably a lot more than anybody needed or wanted to know. Bonewitz, married and divorced four times, is involved and promoted the polygamous lifestyle. His group has ties with the rest of the Neopagan/Wiccan community, in particular, the Frost's Church of Wicca (who’s members are also said to be polygamous). Many occultists from Gardner to Crowley, have been involved in sexual practices which were considered to be outside the norm. These types have a hate for Christianity, yet at the same time, they have a fascination about it. So instead of simply doing their own thing and letting it go, they criticize Christians and Christianity every chance they get.

Solitary Druids

     Just as there are solitary Wiccans, there also solitary Druids (Neodruidism takes a lot of its cues from Wicca). The number of solitary Druids would be hard to count. One such person told me he practiced "..Herbology, Candle Magick, Sex Magick and Astrology. I also read Runes and make Bind-Rune Stones--they capture power that you transfer into them for release during times of spiritual ebbing or illness."

      Um...OK. He also claimed the unlikely claim that he practices Chickisaw Indian magic (in fact he made a veiled threat to use said magic to drive me insane. It didn't work) and claims he can communicate with the spirit of a dead cousin. He also let it slip out he suffers from ADD. Go figure.

    So this person’s Druidism is a hodge podge of many occult pracices, not only Neodruidism. In this respect, the solitary Druid mentioned sounds like most solitary Wiccans; they borrow from whatever occult practices they think will give them power.

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