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Yes, Wicca...the not-so-old-religion!

Also called "The Old Religion", "Witchcraft" "The Craft Of The Wise", "The Craft", and even "Witchcraft"! Wicca was created in 1954, and none of the people killed during the Witch Hunt Era (i.e., the so-called "Burning Times") were actually Wiccans! Ironically, Wicca isn't anywhere near as old as Christianity, the religion it claims to be thousands of years older than. It's actually about as old as 'I Love Lucy' re-runs. Go figure.

Blinky The Baphomet Says "This website really cracks me up. Really."

Blinky the Baphomet says, 


Just kidding. LOL! I'm actually a linguistic corruption of the name 'Mohammed'...but that's another story.  Yeah, yeah, everyone knows Wiccans aren't Satanists, so save it. The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom is actually an atheist now, so don't bother calling him a "Bible Thumping xtian", and all that other bullshit. So just get over it." 

Wicca is not Satanism banner
No, Wicca isn't Satanism....

Wicca the Old Religion banner

Wicca was a hoax started in 1954 by a British masochist and nudist who liked to be beaten by strong willed women.

Meaning of the word witch banner     Not surpririsingly, the word "witch" doesn't seem to mean "wise one". Go figure. 

Burning Times Bull banner

If Wicca was created in 1954, how did wiccans die in the so-called "Burning Times"???

The Good Witch's Bible banner

If this is the "Good Witch's Bible", what the hell does the Bad witch's Blble look like???

Joan of Arc wasn't a witch banner

Was Joan of Arc really a witch???

Salem Witch Trials Banner

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