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Newspaper headline about Satanic High Priest sought by police in killings

1970 Soquel, CA On October 28 the Santa Cruz grand jury indicted John Linley Frazier,"The Tarot Card Killer" on five counts of murder. On 10-19-70, Dr. Victor Ohta, his wife, their two sons aged 11 and 12 years, and Dr. Ohta's secretary were found murdered at the Ohtas' hilltop mansion outside Soquel. Police discovered a strange note left on the windshield of Dr. Ohta's car. It said "World War 3" had begun, and warned that "From this day forward" anyone who "misuses the natural environment" will "suffer the penalty of death by the people of the free universe," and that "materialism must die or mankind will." The note was signed, "Knight of Wands, Knight of Cups, Night [sic] of Pentacle and Knight of Swords." which are all cards in the tarot deck. Friends of Frazier tipped police they suspected he was the killer based on a prior conversation.  You'd think being a card reader he could have forseen getting caught. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton )


1970 Salem, MO Gavin and Yvonne Frost write a book titled The Witch's Bible which was later re-titled The Good Witch's Bible. The book appears to have been a textbook of sorts for their mail order Wicca course. The Frosts started The Church of Wicca in 1968 in Salem Missouri, (no, not Massachusettes). While no crimes were broken in publishing the book, and the book itself is not illegal , it does describe some things which might land people in jail if they tried them, and many of the things described might seem to have alterior motives behind them. At first glance, the manual seems to be geared not only toward wifeswapping and open marriages but also pedophiles.

       One shocking item is a ritual for deflowering a girl upon entering puberty that uses a homemade dildo shaped like an ahnk. The girl is supposed to be instructed to use it upon herself, gradually working her way up to bigger sized dildos. The book says that girl should be given a "demonstartion" on how to use the ankh/dildo by another member, and the child is to be told if she has difficulties performing the task the coven's high priest or her own father will assist. Using a dildo on a child (ecspecially one's own) must certainly be illegal, not to mention just plain perverted. The Frosts claim no one has ever tried the ritual, but it the book's author gives very specific instructions as to positioning of the girl's body during insertion, which sounds almost as though he'd participated in  such events. It seems strange that the deflowering ritual is still kept in the later editions of the book considering the controversy it generated for the Frosts years later if it's supposedly never used as the Frosts maintain.

      The secrecy that is part of Wicca could easily conceal such acts. The Witch's Bible also says the child should decide on the method of contraception, which makes it obviously clear the child is being prepared for use in sex rituals. Sex with underage children is most definately illegal! The book also says children are not the property of the parents but belong to the coven...making suchs groups sound like cults.  It also says children should be told everything about sex, with no "birds and bees" lest they grow up like "sexually repressed perverts as Christian children do" It says covens should create a schedule for rotating the children to live with other can only wonder for what purpose! The book even says it's hoped the child's first sexual expirence will someday be with the other coven members present as part of a Wiccan sex ritual.Right, no perverison going there.

     It seems pedophiles would have a field day in thse types of covens. The Frosts were some of the pioneers of the American Wicca movement and helped write the 1974 Wiccan "Principals of Belief", but nowadays they are the black sheep of Wicca and most Wiccans denounce them. In the 1990's, the word "Good" was added to the book's title, although there is little if any good in it. The book seemed to go completely unoticed during the so-called "Satanic Panic" in the 80's and 90's, oddly enough. Blessed Be! (The Witch's Bible later retitled The Good Witch's Bible by Gavin and Yvonne Frost)


1970 Provincetown, Mass. Satanist Antone Costa was imprisoned for the mutliation and murder of  a young woman, and was suspected of other killings. A follower of black magic, even in prison Costa stocked his cell with books on ritual magic, including Lavey's Satanic Bible. Four years into his life sentence, he commits suicide by hanging himself. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton )


1970 Orange County, California - Steven Hurd and four other California Satanists are charged with two murders involving ritual dismemberment and cannibalism. Hurd was facinated by the occult from childhood, and by age 20 was a drug addict and drifter. While living outdoors, Hurd recruits 3 other young men and a 31 y.o. woman to form a Satanic cult. The group decides to head out to San Fransisco to get marching orders from Anton LaVey (who would have probably been less than thrilled to recieve them).

     Along the way, Hurd's cult sacrificed a man and woman, mutilated both bodies, and dumped them in secluded spots to be found by hikers, and leaving the Orange County police and residents of Orange County in a state of outrage and panic. Police discovered evidence that led them to  Hurd and his other four followers.  They were  indicted on first degree murder charges. Hurd is declared insane and remains in a state hospital while his accomplices are duly convicted and sentenced to life.

He was paroled in 1985. (AP)


1970 Big Sur, California Stanley Dean Baker and Harry Stroup were arrested by authorites when they both produced  human finger bones & a Satanic Bible to California Highway Patrol while being question about a hit and run accident. Baker & Stroup admited not only to the hit and run, but also to being  cannibals and Satanists and were on their  way to San Fransisco to see "the head devil guy". Both claimed to be  members of the "Four Pi" cult (which may have been another name or possibly an offshoot of the Scientology/Satanist offshoot called "The Process/The Church of The Final Judegment/The Family").

       Baker & Stroup admited to the murder of Robert Salem, which was confirmed when bloody fingerprints from the crime scene matched Baker's. Baker and Stroup alleged other murders had taken place in the Santa Anna Mountains, south of Los Angeles. In typical California legal fashion, California blew it's chance to prosecute the two for their crimes over a technical error (and thus investigate the other crimes of the mysterious "Four Pi " cult...if it ever really even exited at all in the first place), but the two both recieved life sentences in Montana. Baker continued to recruit prisoners for Satan. Full moon time caused  him to howl on all fours like a wolf. He became a model prisoner in an Illinois prison, but still continued the Satanic path. In 1976 he was turned down for membership in LaVey's Church of Satan. Go figure. (AP)

1970 New Orleans, LA The House of Horrors wax museum on Bourbon Street lived up to its name for one poor girl who was flogged and raped there. Police arrested 18 year old Satanist Patricia Hall and three male friends for the rape and cat-o'-nine-tails flogging of a teenage girl at the wax museum. Hall claimed she had even been baptized at the Church of Satan in San Fransisco by Anton LaVey himself, which of course LaVey denied. Before the rape case went to trial, Hall was extradicted to Florida for the stabbing death of a 66 y.o. man, tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. She has plenty of time to read her copy of The Satanic Bible now. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton )


1971 Vineland, New Jersey A 20 y.o. man decided to graduate from sacrificing hamsters to Satan to attempting to ressurect himself from the dead. So, he had two friends duct tape him and push him into a lake. Instead of rising from the dead he drowned, and his friends were charged with murder in a well publicized case. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton).


1972 Denver Colorado Police were called to investigate the break in and theft of 13 choir robes from a curch in suburban Northglenn. The investigation uncovered a cult of Teenage Satanists who called themselves "The Black Magic Cult". The teens had stolen the robes for use in Satanic rituals. The groups activities included animal sacrifice, blood drinking, and drug abuse. The case was disposed of in Juvenile Court. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton )


1973 Belfast, Ireland 10-year-old Brian McDermott disappeared from a playground in Ormeau Park, south Belfast, On Sunday, 9-2-73. His badly mutilated torso and arm were recovered from the River Lagan a week later. Police believe black magic may have been the reason for the murder, but haven't ruled out other possibilities. In 2003, police re-opened the case, saying they now believed there were people in the partk at the time of the murder who were afraid to come forward and urged anyone who wished to pass information to police in confidence to contact the UK Crimestoppers line at
 0800 555111. (BBC News)


1973 Waukegan,Illinois Serial killer and rapist Alton Coleman believed Voodoo made him invulnerable to arrest. His favorite Loa was Baron Samedi, the god of death. When his Voodoo didn't work, he tried threats and violence against victims who testified against him. In 1973 he and a buddy kidnapped, robbed & raped an old lady. She refused to testify about the rape & Coleman served 2 years for robbery. After that, Coleman was arrested for yet another rape.

     On the way to becoming a serial killer, Coleman gave the law many chances to put him away, but Alton was  a smooth talker who could convince jurors that the police had the wrong man in the days before DNA testing. Four rapes including his 12 y.o. niece later (in between jail time) , Coleman murdered the next rape victim in 1983.  Coleman went underground to avoid capture, still believeing Voodoo would help him. Then Coleman with his girlfriend Debra Brown went on a murderous 53-day rampage in 1985 starting with the rape and murder of a 9 year old girl. From this brutal act to the time they were arrested in Illinois the crime spree resulted in eight homicides, seven rapes or more, three kidnappings and 14 armed robberies.

       His crime career came to an end in 1985 when he was arrested, tried, and convicted and sentenced to death. The sentence was eventually carried out in 2002. His girlfriend and crime partner Debra Brown remains on death row. It's not surprising fate for two people who worshipped the loa of death, I suppose. (AP)


1973 Daytona Beach, FL In April Daytona Police found the battered and bloody corpse of Ross "Mike" Cochran in a thicket of scrub pine and palmetto outside town. Cochran had been killed by being cut with broken glass and beaten with chains. Police discovered that Cocharan was the victim of devil worshippers killed in a frenzied sacrificial ritual while strapped to an altar  as part of a "a Black Mass sacrifice".

     The murder took place in the basement of a brokendown flophouse apartment dubbed "roach haven" by its young residents. A week after the body was found, police arrested 10 young beach drifters and charged them with first-degree murder in the slaying. Cochran worked as a moneychanger in a pinball arcade and liked to claim he was an undercover narcotics officer (he wasn't). This boastful bluff may have been what made him a candidate for human sacrifice. (Press Telegram Wed. June 1st 1973 Long Beach, Forida )


1974 Washington D.C., The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Long Term Care held hearings on psychic surgery. In these hearings, the FTC heard the testimonies of 48 witnesses and reviewed 134 exhibits. According to these witnesses, the Filipino healers had defrauded their patients by palming small plastic bags, which contained blood and tissue. The witnesses maintained that the Filipino healers were defrauding their patients by producing these plastic bags in sleight-of-hand simulations of surgery. Working from the premise that Filipino healers were impersonating surgeons, thereby practicing medicine illegally, police began setting up sting operations in order to prosecute them.

     In 1984, Congressional hearings chaired by Claude Pepper reviewed the files of five governmental agencies. These agencies included the FTC, American Cancer Society, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health & Human Sciences, and The American Medical Society. This four-year review led to the conclusion that they ‘could find no evidence that psychic surgery was effective.’


1974 Santa Clara, California 19 y.o. Arlis Perry is found murdered in a ritualistic manner early in the A.M on Oct. 13th, 1974 at Stanford Memorial Church. The Newlywed and Stanford University Student stopped at a local church at 11:50 PM on 10-12-74. When she failed to return home, her husband called police. Perry's body was found nude from the waist down. The cause of death was an ice pick inserted in her skull behind the ear. She had also been beaten and choked. She had been violated with a 30 inch altar candle that was protruding from her. Her blouse had been torn open and a candle was placed between her breasts, held in place with her arms folded over. Her legs were spread open and her jeans had been removed and draped over them to form a diamond pattern. Arlis' husband was questioned by the police and cleared as a suspect.

       A few days later (the night before Hallowe'en), someone stole the marker from her grave in North Dakota, police think it may have been the killer. Arlis had allegedly tried witnessing to a group of Satanists in nearby Mandan a few weeks earlier. Witnesses recall seeing a sandy haired young man entering the church after the late night services. Arlis' co-workers recalled a sandy blond haired man having an intense discussion with Arlis outside of her workplace (a Palo Alto law firm) on Oct. 11th, 2 days before the killing. The description given to police was similar to the man seen at the church. Police obtained a paln print from the altar candle, but it did not match any prints on file. In 1980 Minot newsman Jack Graham was told by a local source that Perry’s murder involved “someone at Stanford registered under a false name”.

   The case still remains unsolved. If you have information on the killing, please contact the Santa Clara Police Dept at (408) 615-4700. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton )

1974 Deer Park, TX - On Halloween night, 8 year old Timothy O'Brian went Trick Or treating with his sister and three neighborhood kids accompanied by his father. Before bedtime, Timothy ate one of the Pixie Sticks he had gotten as part of his treats. He later started vomiting and convulsing. He died en route to a local hospital less than an hour after ingesting the candy. Police later determined the Pixie Stick contained cyanide. All the other children had recieved the tainted Pixie Sticks as well, but fortunatley none of them had eaten any. Police later tried to track down the source of the poison candy from the houses O'Bryan went Trick Or Treating, but found no one had given out giant Pixie Sticks. Local residents were terrified a child killer was in their midsts. Upon further investigation, police discovered the boy's father, Ronald Clark O'Bryan, had taken out large insurance policiies on his children, but not himself or his wife. He had also brought up the subject of cyanide poisoning with several aquatiances prior to Hallowe'en. O'Bryan has also tried to by cyanide at several local businesses.

Police arrested O'Brian for the murder of his son. O'Brayn had run into financial problems and murdered his son for the insurance money to get out of debt. He even gave poisoned candy to the other kids to avoid suspicion. A trial ensued, and jury convicted him of murder, and he was ironically sentneced to die on October 31st, 1982. After several appeals and delays, he was eventually executed by lethal injection on March 31st, 1984. Even though he swore he was innocent right up until the end, he did finally issue a statement apologizing for all the suffering he had caused.

This case isn't really an occult crime, but more of a real life urban legend. Because of this monster, urban legends and unfounded rumors of kids being killed by razor blades in apples, needles in candy bars, and so forth continue to spread. There are PSAs on TV about only Trick or Treating at trusted houses, and having an adult inspect the candy. Hospitals even offer to x-ray kid's Hallowe'en candy for free, to insure it's safe...although one wonders if a dose of radioactive x-rays into the candy is much of a trade off. Conspiracy monger and Christian comic book/tract publisher Jack Chick has scared away plenty of Christians from participating in Hallowe'en, calling it "The Devil's Birthday", and claiming your kids are bound to poisoned, or be sacrified to Satan, or worse. There are currently no less than 9 titles about Hallowe'en published by Chick. They contain such intellectual fare as this:

The fact is, there have only been a handful of cases of people giving out tainted candy, and even then it was to children they were related to. And believe it or not, Satan has never come up from Hell wearing a pumpkin and killed people with a chainsaw, as Jack chick seems to think happens. Really. People giving out poisoned candy to random children on Hallowe'en doesn't really happen. Ronald Clark O'Bryan will forever be known as "the man who ruined Hallowe'en."  

1975 Dayton, Ohio  John Todd, a.k.a. Lance Collins, opened an occult book store called the "Witches Cauldron" at 3140 Main Street. Todd told the Dayton Daily News that he was the local Grand Magnus of the Wiccan Church , that P.E.I Bonewits's AADL was "a legal arm of his church" & that he had 5,000 members in his Wiccan church in southwestern Ohio (which was a lie).

    Todd held a church charter from Gavin and Yvonne Frost's Church and School of Wicca. Todd's "coven" apparently consisted mostly of underage girls. One 16 yr old apparently disclosed to the police that Todd had conducted nude "witchcraft initiation rites" and that Todd had forced her to engage in oral sex. Gavin Frost yanked his charter when the cops got involved because because the Frost's maintian the Church of Wicca doesn't endorse such things...although when you read the stuff Frost perscribes for underage girls in his Witch's Bible, it pales in comaprison.

     Todd responded to the charges in a Dayton newspaper that he was being harassed by the local police and said that to protect himself "his covens will resort to their ultimate weapon- witchcraft." Not surprisngly, his witchcraft worked about as good as any Wiccan's, and he was arrested in Feb of '76 for corrupting a minor. None other than Catholic hater and comic book maker Jack T. Chick help spring him. Previously Todd had claimed he was an ex-Wiccan, saved by a Chick tract, and then lectured in churches. Chick (whos own handle on reality is questionable) wrote a comic book about him.

    But in reality Todd was just a delsuional man who got involved with witchcraft after his "conversion", used dope, seduced female church goers, and "mixed Christianity with Wicca" while he was supposedly saved. An army psychiatrist once labeled Todd as having "emotional instability with pseudologica phantastica', which means he can't tell fantasy from reality. Todd re-converted to to Christianity and resumed his lecture circuit as though nothing had happened, merely calling his heading a Dayton coven "backsliding". By 1978, his lies caught up with him, and he was exposed in the book The Todd Phenomenon. His lecture circuit career was over. In 1990, he was convicted to 30 years in prsion for the brutal rape of a South Carolina woman and molesting underage girls while a Karate instructor. He was paroled from prison but deemed to insane to be released into the public. He died in a mental asylum in 2007.  (The Todd Phenmenon)

1976 New York City The summer of '76 will forever be known as "The summer of Sam" thanks to serial killer David Berkowitz (and Spike Lee). Berkowitz commited a series of murders with a .44 calliber handgun and put the "cultural center of the universe" on hold. Before police caught him, Berkowitz taunted police with several letters wih references drawn from A.E. Waite's Book of Black Magic and of Pacts. One of the murders took place outside the Elphas Disco, which he later told police was chosen because the name was similar to Eliphas, as in 19th century occultist Eliphas Levi.

       Eventually Berkowitz is nabbed through meticulous police detective work via a parking ticket that tied him to the time and place of one of the murders. Berkowitz's fingerprints match those on the letters he mailed to the police (so much for taunting the cops to prove you're smarter than them. Der hey).

      While in prison he still continued to read occult books, such as Peter Haining's Anatomy of Witchcraft. He was said to have told a fellow inmate "I just can't stop thinking about Satan!" Berkowitz would later claim in prison he was part of a larger Satanic cult, but this may have been due to his own lunacy, or some kind of ploy to free himself...or possibly even the truth. In 1997, Berkowitz told Eyewitness News producer Maury Terry that he had other partners in crime, saying it was a murder conspiracy. Berkowitz said the conspiracy began with satanic meetings at Untermeyer Park in Yonkers. David Berkowitz, Convicted Killer (1997): “I mean, this was not just something they were doing for any type of, necessarily, pleasure, but that it was just part of an agenda. A very deep, covert and hidden agenda. You know, they were about making war, and they were about bringing some chaos into the world.” In fact, Berkowitz says there were at least five other killers altogether, and they included women.
    His claim is supported by multiple composite sketches of suspects, most looking nothing like Berkowitz, and descriptions of several cars at several scenes. Carl Denaro survived a gunshot wound to the head in the Son of Sam shootings & believes there were others “I firmly believe that the police brass, and certainly the detective working on it knew, knew then, and obviously still know now that other people were involved. I think it was kind of convenient, for them to, you know, one guy, one gun, one shooter, he’s caught, it is all over.”, he said in an interview. Joseph Borrelli, Retired Chief Of Detectives: “The best proof I have that he acted alone: Has there been a homicide of a similar nature since? If this was a cult, why didn’t, after he was arrested, why couldn’t they get another individual under the same circumstances, and have that person go out and do the killing. Because there never was a cult, and there wasn’t anybody doing it, except him.”, said Borelli.

     Berkowitz has never given specific details about the cult. When asked questions about the killings in a televised interview with Terry, Berkowitz gives evasive answers like "Well, that could be.", and "Well, that might have." More than likely, Berkowitz is trying to once again make fools of the cops by giving them false info, and probably hoping to strike some kid of ple deal in the process.

    Speaking of The Process, author Terry Maury made a hypothetical link between Berkowitz, Manson, The Zodiac Killer, and The Process Church via a worldwide network of bikers, drug dealers, child p0rnographers, snuff film producers and devil worshippers in his book  The Ultimate Evil...but that idea seems pretty far fetched. (AP, The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry)


1977 Nashville, TN Satanism even finds it way to Hee Haw country. A Satanic cult is discovered to be sacrificing cats and dogs and draining their blood. The cult used an old unoccupied church as their "intellectual decompression chamber".  (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton )


1978 Los Angeles Tennessee ex-con Bobby Joe Maxwell killed 9 homeless people between October and November, earning him the nickname “The Skidrow Stabber” (not to be confused with The Skidrow Slasher, mentioned elsewhere).  He received life for the crimes. In prison, he told fellow inmates of his devotion to Satan, and that he had killed the victims as human sacrifices. In one of the murders, the word “Satan” was found written nearby with the victim’s blood. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton )


1978 Ridegfield, CT Satanism and racism seem to go hand in hand. On Christmas Eve, a cross was burned at the home of an inter-racial couple. Police arrested 20 y.o. Robert Bryant who identified himself as a member of “The Satanic Organization of Connecticut”, along with 4 other men who said they just simply hated blacks. Bryant indicated the event was just a way to celebrate Yuletide, and that he had made the cross back on Samhain.  (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton )


1978 Plains Texas  Satanist Ricardo Lopez testified in his own defense to the shootings of his High School Principal Malcolm Omar Tripp on 05-07-1978. At his trial Lopez told the court, "The shadow told me to go out and make a human sacrifice because the devil wasn't pleased with the sacrifices I was making. Lopez, a Schitzophrenic according to his attorneys, claimed he once "hoped to death" a relative who died in a tractor accident. He recieved life imprisonment. (The Galveston Daily News 05-26-1978)


1978 Havana, Cuba A play depicting the secret rituals of a Santeria like cult called "Abaqa" is performed before live audiences. The cast however, wasn't "live" for very long. All 20 cast members of the play (simply titled Abaqa) were hunted down and killed one by one by "persons unknown", apparently by members of the Abaqua cult who didn't like their secrets being made public. Even Castro's commie secret police were too scared of the cult to persue the murders seriously, supposedly wrote all the murders of as "accidents", and the murderers still remain at large. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton )


1979, The Philippines Police reported that a couple, whose names were not disclosed, belonged to a sect which believed that cannibalism confers supernatural powers, apparently not unlike one in New Guinea. The couple were charged with murder for "eating" two brothers.The brothers were kidnapped from a city 650 miles from Manila. They were allegedly beheaded by members of the sect, then photographs of the beheadings were taken by a leader of the cult and sent to the widow of one of the victims. Officials stated it took a long time to bring charges because witnesses were too fearful of testifying due to fears of reprisals by the cannibal sect.  The Philippines was once notorious for head hunters and cannibalism, and is believed to have never completely cleaned itself  of such things.


1979 Fall River, Massachusetts On 10-11-79 17 y.o. Doreen Levesque was found under some bleachers at Fall River High School.. She had been bound, her skull crushed, and stabbed. Levesque had been a prostitute and had a history of drug abuse at age 12. In Jan of 1980, Barbara Raposa was found dead, also murdered in a similar fashion as Levesque. Police were tipped off to by a Andre Maltais, 53, to Robin Murphy and Karen Mardsen, both prostitutes, who accompanied him to the police station. When questioned by police, Mardsen said her pimp, Carl Drew, was a “die hard Satanist” and the killer of Levesque. Drew even had tattoos Satanic symbols and “Satan Avenger” on his arm. This jibed with info gathered months before the murders by a female undercover officer who infiltrated a gathering of pimps and hookers, and discovered the local sex trade scene was into Satanism, including animal sacrifice. Drew was questioned at one point, bragged about being a Satanist, but denied his role in the killings. Mardsen later refused to talk to police, saying Drew had threatened to kill her if she didn’t shut up. In Feb. Maltais, who had been helpful to the police, seemed to know too much about Raposa’s killing, and was arrested as a suspect. Police didn’t buy his story about a “psychic vision”. Then Murphy came forward, and said Maltais was Raposa’s killer.

    Drew made good on his promise to kill Mardsen. Her skull was found on 4-14-80. Murphy confessed to police about her roles in murders, fingering Drew and Maltais and a William Smith in the process. Murphy pleaded guilty to second degree murder. At the trial, gruesome details about Satanic rituals and Drew performing necrophilia on Mardsen’s headless corpse were told to shocked jurors. Maltais displayed Bibles and pictures of Jesus at the trial, but jurors didn’t buy it. Drew now denied any occult activity, and had sandpapered his tattoos off, one of which now simply read “Avengers”.

       Murphy later recanted her story, and Drew got away with murder. He served 7 years for assaulting Satanist and prostitute Maureen Sparda, and is back in society. After serving 24 years, Murphy was parolled to a halfway house in 2004, which angered relatives of the victim and cops who worked on the case. Marsden's sister Wendy Alves said, "I shouldn't have to be a prisoner in my own city or home. I'm terrified that one day I will walk into a Dunkin' Donuts and there she'll be working behind the counter".  (AP)


1979 Ridegfield, CT On 6-10-79 Policeman Michael Passaro was attacked and assaulted by a Satanic cult. At 2:30 A.M. he was patrolling Osceleta Road when he stopped his car to investigate a report of gunshots, strange music and loud noise.  He came upon a group of individuals wearing black capes and hoods, 4 of them rushed 
Passaro and attacked him. He fought off the attackers as he tried to get back to his patrol car. He finally managed to get them to cease with a can of Mace and by scaring them away with his siren. The Satanic Organization of Connecticut was questioned, and denied it was them, claiming it was probably some renegade members who got kicked out their group. No one was ever arrested in the incident. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton )


1979 West Paterson, New Jersey - The mutilated & bloodless corpses of Carol Marron and Howard Green (both known to be openly into the occult) were found.  Carol Marron had told friends a few days before the murder they were trying to join an O.T.O. group (there are several groups calling themselves O.T.O., and it's unknown to which she was referring). The murder appeared to be done as part of an occult  ritual sacrifice and the crime scene evidence indicated that there was definately more than one person was involved in the murder.

      Their eyeballs were blown out, the tips of their ears cut off and almost all their blood had been drained through approximately 30 puncture marks made in identical places on the two bodies, investigators said. A veteran detective commented he had never seen anything like it in all his years on the force. The two corpses were bound in canvas and rugs and dumped in West Paterson, N.J., where they were discovered by a boy walking his dog. A Post investigation into the double homicide found not only that the trail to the brutal killer has gone cold, but it may never have been followed properly. The case is still unsolved. Anyone with any information should contact the West Patterson Police Dept. at (973) 345-8111. (AP)


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