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Occultists in general, (and  Satanists in particular it seems), tend to say that crimes committed in the name of the occult (of whatever variety) are exaggerated and the result of a "Satanic Panic". Granted, there are some people that carry things to the extreme and see a devil hiding behind every rock, and there will always be the more hysterical types that will invent things. A book called Michele Remembers detailed so-called "recovered" memories of a woman, Michelle Smith, who had allegedly been abused by a Satanic cult all throughout her childhood. The claims were fantastic, including many encounters with a Satan who spoke in rhymes. The book is a hoax, inspired by a book released a few earlier called When Rabbit Howls, that was completely disproved 10 years after its publication. But at the time of the book's release, thousands of people, literally bought the story.

In 1987 Geraldo Rivera (who is a liberal agnostic Jew, and hardly a Fundamentalist Christian) produced a national television special on Satanic Ritual Abuse, claiming "Estimates are that there are over one million Satanists in [the United States and they are] linked in a highly organized, secretive network." The special aired twice and received high ratings each time. Soon every daytime talk-show host followed suit and had shows about "Satanic Ritual Abuse" as well, some even featuring people who claimed to be survivors of SRA. The special's success gave a boost to Rivera's career after the dreadful "Vaults of Al Capone" fiasco a few years prior.

When the public is being told by the national media that there are Satanic cults abusing kids, people tend to believe it. Fundamentalist Christians believed the stories they heard on TV, as did many non-Christian people. There were also many secular advocates for the SRA theory as well, including many Psychologists, Social Workers, and Law Enforcement Officers. It seems very unfair in hindsight to place the blame of the Satanic Panic solely on the shoulders of Christians when it was the secular media that started the whole thing more or less. History is being re-written to make it sound like Fundamentalist Christians cooked up the whole thing to gain political power.

Some Churches began to have services about Satanism where the taped Geraldo special was played. There were Christian police officers who began to give lectures about Satanism, and some shared weird calls they responded to involving Wiccans and Satanists on their patrols. One lecture I happened to attend featured a Tampa, FL Detective who recalled a teenage girl who wanted to kill herself with a shot to the head, convinced she could use Astral Projection to return to her body. Fortunately the cop was able to convince the girl her "Astral Travels" were really just dreams, and that she would wind up dead if she tried it. He also recalled an encounter with a Satanist who was also a Masochist, and had branded his own back with the burners of an electric stove. The police managed to take him into custody before he killed himself. While such incidents aren't exactly "SRA", they do show mentally unstable people are attracted to the occult, and you'd be better off avoiding it. Also, the stories were TRUE. If occultists cry such things place them in a bad light, it's about like Neo-Nazis complaining people call them racists. The truth hurts sometimes more than it tickles.

 Michelle Smith's sister was located - -very much alive - - although the book doesn't even mention a sister, and denied all accusations made, as did her father, also alive. Eventually the co-author, Psychiatrist Lawrence Pazder,  admitted the book was a fake, but no criminal charges were leveled against him for all the panic he helped create. Keep in mind the author was a Psychiatrist, not a Fundamentalist Christian minister of any kind. But who gets blamed for the "Satanic Panic"? All Christians. There was a spate of claims of ritual abuse at daycares following a Geraldo Rivera TV special and subsequent tabloid sleazo talk shows with themes like "Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse". 

  After several years of investigation the FBI concluded there was no world wide criminal network of pedophile abusers and human sacrificers. Even though the media --which is slanted to the left, deal with it-- started the "Satanic Panic" it was fundamentalist Christians that ultimately get blamed for it.

 I had a family member who was "investigated" by a Health and Rehabilitative Service worker in 1992. He saw my then 5 year old nephew drawing in the sand with a stick. The worker then took the stick and "finished" the drawing...which he made into a pentagram. The worker then took a picture my "nephew's" drawing and said he was going to the local library to check out the occult books to see if there were any occult symbols. It looked like there was going to be a false allegation of "SRA". And then...nothing happened and the social worker didn't return. Even though I was into the occult, and my brother was a "dabbler", his children were certainly never abused by me or him. I wonder in a worse case scenario if the police would have raided the house and found my large cache of occult books what would have happened. Yes, I know how people can trump things up. Yes, there were a lot of crazy allegation against daycares in the 1980's. Yes, people make up crazy stories. Yes, some people did get accused falsely because of over zealous social workers (not Christian minsters mind you, social workers).

    Were there people who got falsely accused of participating in grisly Satanic rituals and abusing kids who in reality didn't? Yes, but the truth would always come to light. I've read one article by an "underground" author who claimed there were still thousands of people lamenting in prisons who had been falsely accused of SRA...and of course he didn't cite even one example. The idea is ludicrous. People who falsely accused others were always found out and wound up going to jail themselves, and the numbers of these cases certainly weren't up in the thousands!

 HOWEVER...this does not mean that occult crimes do not happen. They do indeed happen! Occultists of all types need to stop the double standard. The way they look at the world, every-time a pedophile who became a priest, clergyman, or Sunday school teacher just to get next to kids, they view this as yet another example of "the evil xtians" and they toss yet another log onto the fire of hate they burn inside their hearts, but an occultist who's convicted of a crime is simply a "nut" and should be dismissed, or (and this is their favorite battle cry) a victim of "religious persecution". Can you say "double standard"?

Occultists of any stripe will say “Look, sure there are nuts, but then there are the real occultists! The real occultists aren’t the nuts!”  But the problem is, the line between nut and non-nut occultist is often blurred. Some would dismiss, for instance, Ricky Kasso, the archetypical stoner-Satanist as simply a drugged up sociopath.

  But look at Aleister Crowley, he clearly displayed psychotic behavior as well. He too was a drug addict. In 1923 in Sicily, he conducted a ritual where his wife copulated with a goat, and the goat’s throat was slit, it’s blood collected in a chalice and then drunk. He would defecate on hotel carpets, insisting his feces was sacred. He wrote poetry about molesting his own children. He ate feces as part of his "magical" rituals. 
Crowley even spent four months in a Paris insane asylum around 1925. All these details come from biographies of people who actually knew him and even followers, (like Colin Wilson and Kenneth Grant), not from some Televangelist!

  So is Crowley really different from teen Satanists somewhere who drink cat’s blood on Halowe’en?  The difference between Crowley and Ricky Kasso is basically Crowley had a better education, was more posh, and wrote a lot of books. Had Kasso left behind dozens of volumes of books, he might be revered as an eccentric “demigod” by posthumous followers also. The line also gets a little blurry with Gerald Gardner, Anton LaVey, and many others as well.  Gerald Gardner claimed his coven performed a human sacrifice to end WWII (recorded by Francis King) and LaVey claimed the Church of Satan had a "cannibal feast" on at least one occasion (recorded in several books including Church of Satan and Secret Life of a Satanist  by Blanche Barton).

Oh, and while we're still on the subject...

2001 London, England Londoners were horrified by the sight of the dismembered corpse of a child floating down the River Thames in Sept. The child had been murdered as part of a Voodoo sacrifice. The child, called "Adam" by police, turned out to be a Nigerian national, and lead police to breaking up a major child trafficking ring, possibly saving many other West African children from a life of slavery, prostitution, child pornography...and even worse. Police say Adam had been earmarked for human sacrifice when he was smuggled into the UK. Richard Hoskins, a U.K.based expert on African religion and Voodoo, was called in on the case. He told reporters human sacrifice is a highly unusual aspect of black magic but that Nigerians themselves acknowledge that sacrificial killings often occur. He also added that Animal-blood offerings are deeply rooted in West African voodoo culture. It's regarded as a way to "communicate with the spirit world and gain protection from ancestral deities". To find out why and by whom, murder squad detectives traveled to Nigeria and the city of Benin. With the trafficking gang's ringleader now in jail, detectives remain hopeful that Adam's killers can finally be brought to justice. (BBC News) Police discovered some children were specially imported into the UK just to be human sacrifices, bearing out many things Oke had claimed two decades prior.

Isaiah Oke was an ex-Ju Ju Shaman from Nigeria who was the subject of the book Blood Secrets. While touring America, Oke saw the Geraldo special and based on what he saw concluded Satanism was the American equivalent to Ju Ju. While American Satanism may not be organized enough to have human sacrifice rings, Nigerian Ju Ju proved that it did.



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