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by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

Here's a few Demons from the Bible and elsewhere. Sorry I put this off for so long. Of course, there are no such things as demons and devils...but it's fun to read about them, I guess.I'll be adding more names later.

ABADDON  (Pronounced ah-BAD-un)The name of the supposed angel of the bottomless pit (Hell) in the Biblical book Revelations, whose name means “The Destroyer”. Yikes!

    Revelation 9:11 says , “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” (KJV, 1611)

    Many Christian theologians identify Abaddon with Satan himself. The late Televangelist Dr. Gene Scott summed it up when he commented on Abaddon by saying “The demon of the bottomless pit is named 'Abaddon'...and he is a bad 'un!” in a delightful pun. Not everyone agrees to his nefarious identity, though.  Matthew Henry stated in his 1708 Bible commentary that Abaddon was the Anti-Christ, (a human dictator prophesied as forthcoming in the New Testament) rather than the fallen angel Satan.

    Abaddon is mentioned 184 times in the Hebrew Bible as well, but seems to be a situation rather than a demon In the Old Testament, the word is usually translated into English as “destruction”, such as in Job 28:22: “...destruction (Abaddon) and death say”, and in Psalm 88:11: “Shall thy lovingkindness be declared in the grave (Sheol, also translated as “Hell”) or thy faithfulness in destruction (Abaddon)?” Since Hebrew names  for demons are always the names of things (i.e., Lilith means “screech owl”, Azazel means “scape goat”, and so on), it makes sense a demon of Hell would later be named after Hell itself in the New Testament.

    So for all this evil associated with the name, Abaddon made it into the lineup of infernal names in Anton LaVey's The Satanic Bible. So there you go.     But wait, it get's complicated. I mean really complicated!

    The forerunner to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, The International Bible Students Association,  claimed Abaddon was Satan himself in the 1917 edition of Millennial Dawn, but the later Jehovah's Witnesses took the contrasting view, believing that Abaddon was another name of the resurrected and enthroned Jesus Christ. Freemasons at the 20th grade of Scottish Rite Freemasonry are told that God has a secret name, and his name is “Abbadon”, echoing the JW's view. If you're one of the tin foil hat conspiracy nutter crowd, this is simply more evidence Freemasons are secretly Devil worshipers, of course, and only pretend to be harmless old men making business contacts.

    So, he's either a terrifying destroyer of the bottomless pit, or the holy Jesus Christ returned, take your pick...but pick the right one, for crying out loud!

C’UTHULU - The name of the fictitious demon often mentioned in short horror stories by atheist, Nazi sympathizer, and white supremacist, H.P. Lovecraft. Even though C’hutulu isn’t real and is taken from fiction, there are occult books, like the commercially published Necronomicon, that mention him as being real. Some occultists , such as Michael Aquino and Anton LaVey, acknowledge C’uthulu isn’t real, but that it doesn’t matter, because it’s the imagery that’s important to release the “psychic energy” of the sorcerer. Exactly how to pronounce it is also a matter of debate.

DAEMON - Another way to spell "Demon" so it doesn't look like you’re some delusional simpleton trying to conjuring up demons when you say you practice “Daemonic Magick”

DEMIURGE - A term coined by the Greek philosopher Plato to describe the fashioner of the universe, first mentioned in Timeaus, circa 360 B.C. Plato saw the Demiurge as a god that was something of an artisan...shaping and creating the universe out of material created by a higher god. Later Gnostics adopted the term to describe a god that created an imperfect world. In dualist  Gnostic systems, all matter (and thus the entire material universe) was evil, while the spirit world was good. Therefore in those systems, the Demiurge was evil, since it created the material world. Some groups taught the Demiurge as at odds with a supreme being, and identified him with the Devil. Other groups believed the Demiurge was none other than the  God of the Old Testament, YHVH (Jehovha).  In some Gnostic sects, Jesus was seen as at odds with the Demiurge/YHVH, and came to the Earth to perfect humanity. Since Gnostics relied heavily on personal "divine revelations", each sect could have very different groups from the next, suggesting the revealtions weren't really from a "divine" source, or else they would have been idetical. Hence, the Demiurge is artisan, supreme god, Devil, Jehovha, or whatever.

DEMOGORGON – Said to be a devil in Greek Pagan mythology; the ruler of the underworld. Supposedly the name should not even be known to mortals. Whoops! Sorry if you got turned into a toad or something for reading that. Although attributed to Pagan Greek mythology, the name seems to have originated in the 4th century A.D., the earliest mentioning is in a document titled Thebiad by Lactantius Placidus written circa 350 A.D.  Some historians think the word is derived from “Demiurge”.

EXU- (pronounced ER-shoo) An African Pagan devil worshiped in Ju Ju, Quimbanda, and also in Santeria in the form of Elegua-Exu. Most occultists equate Exu with Lucifer. In Quimbanda he is represented by a circle with four pitchforks, which is drawn on the floor. So in Santeria he's a good guy, and in Quimbanda/Zarabanda, he's a bad guy, but still the boss. ..kind of like a 1970's movie anti-hero.

FAMILIAR 1. A spirit (demon) that seems to obey a sorcerer. In the Dark Ages the superstitious belief arose that a witch’s familiar could assume an animal shape, such as a raven or cat.  2. The pet animal of a modern day Wicca coven or sorcerer which really has no magical powers. When someone calls their pet a “familiar” they’re just being pretentious.

HEL The name of the daughter of Loki, who was the goddess of punish and torment in the underworld (but not like in a sexy Dominatrix kind of way). It's where the English word “Hell” comes from.

HELL Name for the "underworld" where damned souls go. Neopagans charge Christians invented the idea of Hell merely to frighten people, but ancient Pagans actually had their own versions of Hell going back thousands of years earlier.  The Greeks, for instance, believed that in the underworld of Hades, their resided a dungeon called Tartaros, which was a place of gloom and eternal suffering, likewise the the Celts had Uffern, the Aztecs had Mictlan, the Slavs had Pleko, the Inuit's had Adlivun, the Swahili had Kuzimu, and the Finnish had Tuonella. The Zoroastrians believe souls have molten metal poured over them in Hell. Even Buddhists believe in a hell called Avīci, and Hindus and Jainists believe in a hell called Naraka...but least in those religions maybe you can get reincarnated into a bug or a snail or something after a few thousands years of suffering in the nether regions, so at least there's that. 

    The King James Bible translates four different words into the word Hell, namely, the Hebrew word Sheol in the Old Testament, and the Greeks words Hades, Ghenna, and Tartaros. Sheol is Hebrew for “the grave”, just like the Greek word Hades (which in this instance refers to the grave rather than the Pagan underworld). This explains those Bible verses you read about why there's worms in Hell, and why it seems to always be located underground. Gehenna was once a site of Pagan worship that had been turned into a garbage dump by the time of Jesus of Nazareth.  It always a place where fires were always burning, and it was even a place where the corpses of suicide victims were thrown, being considered unfit for burial. Tartaros is mentioned one time in the Bible, and it's a realm of fallen angels; a spirit prison for demons.  

INCUBUS Supposedly a demon that has sexual relations with women. The female counterpart is called a “succubus”. It was a way to explain sex dreams by superstitous people.

JACK 'O' LANTERN In ancient times a turnip was hollowed out and a coal put in it to make a lantern for Hall'o'ween. During the 19th century, New England Protestants started to carve funny faces on pumpkins to make light of the ancient practice. Despite what you may have heard, pumpkin carving is an American tradition started by Christians, not Neopagans or Satanists, because the pumpkin is a vegetable of the New World. Der hey. The idea that Druids placed a candle in a human skull to make the first Jack-O-Lantern is a paranoid delusion of Lance Collins/Todd Hall (who is insane and died in 2005 serving a life sentence for multiple counts of rape). Contrary to the legend, rather than repel evil spirits, Jack O’Lanterns seem to attract children wanting candy.

LEVIATHAN Name of a demon said to live in the sea, and equated with a sea serpent. Leviathan is mentioned in the Book of Job in the Bible. Some scholars think Leviathan may have simply been a whale, but in Hebrew the names of demons are also names of mundane things and objects, so it probably is a reference to a supernatural being when mentioned in the Bible.

LUCIFER In the occult systems, Lucifer is usually seen as a bringer of enlightenment to mankind rather than a malevolent being. Some Neopagans mistakenly think that Lucifer was a Roman sun god, but  there was no such diety. This confusion has arisen over a spurious book titled Aradia Gospel Of The Witches written in 1897, in which Lucifer is called the brother of Diana, as well as her lover.

    In Isaiah, the Latin word for Venus, Lucifer, is used to translate the Hebrew word “Hel’el”( pronounced “hayle-ale”) The ancient Romans thought Venus was actually two different planets, because Venus sometimes appears in the morning, thus they called it Lucifer (not the sun) in the morning and Venus at night.  In the Old Testament, the actual word Lucifer is mentioned only once, in Isaiah 14:12:

“ How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer [Hel’el], son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” 

    The Prophet Isaiah is speaking of the King of Babylon, but he is also speaking of a more sinister force...the supernatural power behind the throne. This idea can also be found in the Book of Daniel, where the Archangel Michael apologizes for being late to rescue him because he had to battle the Prince of Persia. The Prince of Persia in that instance is understood to be the demonic power behind the actual Persian King.

    The prophet Ezekiel gives a similar description about the King of Tyre, but then also alludes to a higher demonic power :

“Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.”

    Obviously the King of Tyre couldn’t have existed in Eden, and the prophet Ezeikeil is talking about that demonic force which has existed from the beginning that has caused nations to rise and fall, i.e, the Lucifer of Isaiah as well.

    In the Hebrew language, demons have the names that are nouns. Lilith, for instance, means “screech owl”, Movet means “death”, Pahad, means “pestilence” Dever means “plague”, Hez means “arrowhead”, so it is not unreasonable to think Isaiah would name the demon represented as the snake in the creation account with the same word for Venus.

OPHITE The Gnostic serpent of wisdom. The equivalent to Lucifer.

PAZUZU The name of an ancient Babylonian demon with horns, a face like a lion, serpent like genitalia, and wings. An actual statue of Pazuzu recovered while Saddam Hussein was trying to restore the ancient city of Babylon can be seen in the 1973 horror movie The Exorcist. The name Pazuzu is never actually mentioned in the movie, however, and the demon identifies itself rather as “Captain Howdy” and “No One”.

Pazuzu became a big hit with many occultists after the release of 1974 movie The Exorcist. Herman Slater, a Wiccan, seemed particularly fascinated by him. Slater had miniature Pazuzu statues created which he sold at his occult bookstore, The Warlock Shop, and through the mail. He also added Pazuzu to his list of demons in his fictitious Necronomicon. Oh and remember...Wiccans aren't devil worshipers! (but they do sure seem rather fascinated by it!)

SCHIZOPHRENIA  A mental disorder in which sufferers may experience visual hallucinations (seeing the Devil, Ghosts, Angels, Aliens, etc.) auditory hallucinations (or "hearing voices", such as, say, a "Holy Guardian Angel" ), delusions, which are often bizarre or persecutory in nature, and disorganized thinking and speech. Some of the most common hallucinations among schizophrenics involve religious figures or extra terrestrials.  Demons and devils aren't real, but schizophrenics are.

SET  The Egyptian god (idol) of evil. In Egyptian mythology Set killed Osiris, the brother and husband of Isis (yes, that’s incest). Isis then used magic to bring him back to life long enough to have sex with him and get pregnant with his child (her son/nephew), Horus. Horus then avenges Osiris, his dad/uncle, and kills his uncle Set. There was certainly a lot of inbreeding going on in Egyptian mythology, which is probably why the deities had all kinds of deformities, like bird heads and jackal heads and stuff.

    Some people have mistakenly thought the word Satan comes from the Egyptian word Set-hen (meaning Set Enthroned). It doesn’t. Michael Aquino created a breakaway group from the Church of Satan in 1975 called the Temple of Set, claiming he can actually channel Set. Occultists who worship Set call themselves “Setians”. Aquino could also be classified as a theistic Satanist, among other things.

SOLAR LOGOS The god of the Rosicrucians; a sun god. Rosicrucians claim the Trinity is the “solar logos”, which goes against Biblical teaching. Some Rosicrucians say Christ is one of the gods of the Solar Logos. Other occultists identify the Solar Logos with Lucifer. So it's either God or the Devil, take your might want to make sure which one it is before you start worshiping it, though.

XENU -  Scientology’s equivalent to a devil. The Greek word for alien is “xeno”(as in xenophobia, a fear of aliens) which is probably where L. Ron Hubbard got the idea when he invented the word. In Scientology theology, he was supposedly an alien that lived 75 million of years ago and enslaved billions of aliens. Xenu was head of a galactic federation, but the other members wanted him out. Xenu  began destroying billions of  people who opposed him with  with atomic bombs. He then captured their ghosts, preserved them in alcohol, and forced them to watch a 40 hour movie with an invented history, for some reason. Some good aliens managed to capture Xenu and imprison him in an electric cage powered by a battery that lasts 75 million years.  Let's hope somebody remembers to change that battery soon!

ZAZAEL Another name for the demon Azazael.


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