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Angels? Demons? There's no such thing as either! Welcome to the 21st Century. That doesn't stop a lot of people from trying to contact angels though.

    JOHN DEE (1527-1608)  invented Enochian "Magick" and tried unsuccessfully to get the spirits to bring him money. Enochian magic would be picked up by later occultists, such as the Golden Dawn bunch, Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, and even Satanist Anton LaVey cribbed from it. Dee told Princess Elizabeth she would someday become the Queen, which was a prediction that was certainly possible, considering she was royalty, even though she was an unwilling guest of the Tower of London at the time. It’s unknown how many other nobles he might have also told a similar prediction about gaining the throne, figuring one of them would pay off. After Elizabeth gained the throne, he became the Queen’s advisor, even though Elizabeth is said not to have approved of his occultic methods.

    The system described in Dees journals are remarkably complicated. People who use this system basically wind up turning their homes into "Enochian temples". Creating the furniture needed for the temple can be quite time consuming and expensive (and all for nothing).

An example of an Enochian "Holy Table".

The Golden Dawn attempted to revive Enochian magic, filling in the gaps when the lacked information.   Dee made claims he made contact with “angels” that taught him the language spoken by Enoch to God, which he called “Enochian”. But the language Dee “discovered” is simply a corrupted form of Hebrew! The Enochian script is derived from Roman characters, oddly enough. It would have been easy enough for Dee to have simply invented such a language, and this is more plausible than thinking angels revealed  it to him. Since Dee was employed as a spy for England at one point, it may even be the so-called “magical” language is really just a spy’s cipher that Dee later tried to pass off as an “angelic language”.

 Even though followers of Enochian magic claim it is to be used for the highest of spiritual purposes, Dee himself was said to use
it mostly to try to find buried treasure.  People who got involved in the occult often did it in an attempt to find buried treasure and Dee was certainly no different.  One favorite spirit of Dee’s supposedly called itself “Amy”, and was said to resemble a child carrying a lantern. Dee hoped that this spirit would locate buried treasure for him, or obtain money for him somehow. 

It didn’t work, of course.

    EDWARD KELLEY (1555-1597) a.k.a Edward Talbot,  was an assistant to Dee during his Enochian experiments, which later occultists became so enamored over. Kelley was nothing but a con man, and had a shady past long before he met Dee.  Kelly had both is ears cut off as punishment for counterfeiting, which is why he always wore a hat to conceal the fact.  He conned several people into thinking he could change lead into gold...a common scam for alchemists of the time. He became Dee’s assistant and seemed to have played a con on Dee at least part of the time they were together.
    Dee and Kelly claimed they learned the secret language of angels which was spoken by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden as well as Enoch. But the language itself phonetically merely resembles a liguisitic corruption of Hebrew, and the letters appear to be taken from the English Alphabet. It's not hard to see Dee and/or Kelley simply made the whole thing up.
    Sometimes when examining this history criticaly, it's hard to say who was conning who in this one, but it appears Dee was being conned by Kelly. Kelly told Dee the "angels" had said they needed to do some "wife swapping", and since Dee's wife was 20 years younger, Kelley got the better deal. It’s not hard to see the real motive behind that  “Angelic revelation”.  People have been using the occult to trick niaeve people into sex in ancient times, just as they do today.
Kelley warned Dee the “angels” they were talking to were really demons, and that angles had told him their goal was to destroy humanity!  Some of the things Kelly and Dee claimed the angels revealed to them seemed to echo Gnostic heresy of earlier times, so assuming Kelly’s alarm was for real, it was justified.
In John Dee's diary for June 8, 1584, he states that the spirits attempted to persuade Kelly:
- That Jesus was not God.
- That no prayer ought to every be made to Jesus.
- That there is no sin.
- That man's soul  goes from "one body to another chiildes quickening or animation" (transmigration of souls).
- That as many men and women as are now, have always been alive upon the earth (a scientific impossibility which can easily be proven a lie)
- That the generation of mankind from Adam and Eve, is not a History, but "a writing which has another sense".
- That there was no Holy Ghost.
- They Enochian "angels" would "not suffer him to pray to Jesus Christ; but would rebuke him, saying, that 'he robbed God of his honour, etc.'"
Clearly these spirits that Kelly contacted sound more like Demons than Angels! In Gnostic cults, sometimes God and the devil were given role reversals.
One day a "spirit" informed Dee and Kelly that the Enochian spirits that, rather than wanting to bring mankind enlightenment, they wanted to bring about the destruction of mankind!  Yet Dee still wanted Kelly to keep invoking the spirits.
To this day, people who practice Enochian magick believe that someday, someone will come up with the right combination and unleash the Enochian demons that will bring about the apocalypse. Common sense would derive from this that the Enochian angels are actually demons who seek to harm mankind!
   Dee’s fortune did not last. He spent the final years of his life stripped of his honors and income and was forced to live incommunicado. He died in extreme poverty at the age of 81.   If the inventor of Enochian magic couldn't make it work for him, what chance does anyone else have?
        Kelley eventually abandoned Dee's magical practices (since he probably had miled him for all he was woth), in 1589 because he found a new pigeon, Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, who employed him to make gold through alchemy. Eventually, when the Emperor realized Kelly was conning him, Kelly fled. Kelley/Talbot died at the age of 47 from an injury sustained while trying to escape from prison after being incarcerated for his old hobby of counterfeiting. Kelley tried to lower himself out of a third story window with a makeshift rope, but the rope wasn’t long enough. He tried to drop the rest of the way down to the ground, and only succeeded in breaking his leg. The wound led to his death several days later, which must have been excruciating.
   If even Kelly thought the Enochian magic was Demonic and would destroy humanity, why is anyone stupid enough to try it??? Are you?   Kelley didn’t wind up rich or powerful, didn’t have magic powers, nor does anyone else who practices Enochian “magic”.
The cosmological system received by Dee and Kelly bears numerous resemblances to older Gnostic systems. Two late Gnostic works, the "Books of Ieou," were (falsely) attributed to the Biblical patriarch Enoch. The system of 30 Aethyrs developed by Dee and Kelly resemble a Gnostic aeonology. There are numerous other examples, one of the most striking is the following passage, obtained by Dee and Kelly on May 23, 1587:

"I am the daughter of Fortitude, and ravished every hour, from my youth. For behold, I am Understanding, and Science dwelleth in me; and the heavens oppress me. They covet and desire me with infinite appetite; few or none that are earthly have embraced me, for I am shadowed with the Circle of the Stone, and covered with the morning Clouds. My feet are swifter than the winds, and my hands are sweeter than the morning dew."


Rather than being a "revelation", the Enochian system seems to be nothing but a re-hash of the old Gnostic heresy. It's creators were a greedy, naieve man, and a con artist. If Dee and Kelley did manage to come into contact with some kind of spiritual force, it certainly doesn't sound like they conjured angels. Both Dee and Kelley suffered miserable fates, and they don't seem to have performed any miracles.

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