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Over the years, the website has gotten a LOT of hate mail. One day I decided, "Hey, why not share some of these delightful emails with everyone? OK then!Here they are complete with spelling/grammatical errors, "hexes", and profanity.   


OK then, let's get started....

Someone  claiming to be a  Wiccan  "High  Priestess"  sent me several of these rambling  hysterical emails, some of the highlights were...

"How can you say these lies??? What gives you the right??? You need to give Wiccans equal time!"

"You have betrayed the goddess! How dare you!"


Well, that was about 10 years ago, and my tongue is the same length. I guess she thinks I type all these things with my tongue or something. Actually, I use my hands. Now if I could type with my tongue...I'd be a real hoot at parties! She never would mention what part were "lies", though. Go figure. 

From Shirley Townsend, we get this epistle:

"I just want to commend you on the impressive dedication to freedom of speech. I admire that, particularly in an age when many people are afraid to speak out for fear of recrimination. It is with this in mind that I voice my opinion here. Having perused your site I became intrigued by the complete lack of factual information. Whilst many of the statements made hold some water, historically speaking, many of the statements were so far inaccurate as to be highly amusing and not a little bit scary. Does freedom of speech include bigotry and the bastardisation of religious and theological histories to the point of hate mongering? I ask only as I am curious as to the limits of this fine tenant."

And of course, she didn't mention what exactly was a "lack of factual information". They never do. Like I said, argure with Ronald Hutton, Adian Kelley, James Randi, people who actually knew Anton LaVey...oh, and a thing called COMMON SENSE if you don't like what's on here! There's no such thing as magic!Welcome to the 21st century! Although, I compliment her on her use of the word "whilst". 

And then a Josh Bower sent several frothing emails, here's a highlight from the first...

"Aww, look, a website by retards, for retards. It was cute. I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself. Total bullshit, but hey, waste your bandwidth however you want. And all that threatening shit about logging my IP...want my address too nitwit? You really are a tool. ...And I *CAN* throw a curse on your pitiful little website. It's called a DDoS you stupid fuck. I choose not to because I figure my friends need a good laugh at your drivel.

Enjoy your pitiful little life. I sincerely hope you are getting more satisfaction out of it than you will out of your "afterlife", since you'll be nothing but wormfood."

Um, right. I'm a "retard" because I don't believe in magic spells...and even you don't really believe in them since you have to resort to threats of cyber attack. LOL!  Yeah, me, James Randi, Steven Hawking, and Bill Gates will let you into our retard club someday...NOT. Josh is into bowhunting too..just the kind of hobby an angry, stupid, superstitious Neanderthal needs...not that I'm saying Josh is one, of course! 

Next, let's look at an email sent by the grammatically challenged Alberto Quintos 

"hello. as you put in your webpage, i don't intend to proselite, but your quotes are at least out of context and without accurancy, that's what i call contextual misplacing. there is a book of hutton, one book doesn't make a good proof of anything. your quote about my life is a solipsism, but ok i expected that in a xtian. usually your folks are inclined to do that, to misguide unaware ones of the subject. you can say that wicca is a fraud, as i say that xtian is a fraud and we have our reasons, arguing over it will not solve anything. your page is something more a joke than a rational source, it is not different from fundamentalists xtians. may you have really investigate, may you was really a wicca. the good point is that there is many ex-xtians, but of course none of them make a hatred and bogtry page with such lack of contextual misplacing as your. you can have your bastard jesus, i worship Aradia and Cernunos. "
Wow, imagine if the superstitious little troll could actually read English! He'd really hate the website! While I don't know about the lineage of the historic Jesus of Nazareth, it really doesn't matter anyway as far as the website is concerned. Later I removed a guest book from the website (some 8 years ago) and he took credit for that...claiming it was a "hoax" he threw on me. LOL! You can't write this stuff! 

Next, a cheery letter from a Mr. Jeffery Bunding...

"Hey whose the real loser, those that you try to  debunk  because you simply don't understand or accept their teachings. Fuck you and your athiestic bullshit brainwashing scam and Hail Lucifer! You want to know  what I think about your website? At least some people have the guts to face things about themselves than say others are wrong but NEVER themselves.  BTW You say I should ditch Satanism and embrace your stupidity because Anton Lavey was wrong and everything about Satanism is false just because Anton Lavey was? You really don't know shit mother fucker. Satanism has  been around far longer than your pathetic self, longer  than Anton Lavey and longer than even christianity. 


Well, looks like Jeff needs to keep reading the Dale Carnegie book or something. Obviously Satanism has made Jeffery the happy, tolerant, well adjusted person he is, so why change??? I totally see his point. Hopefully he learned to stop breaking the lithium tablets in half, too. 

Then there's this one from a Derrick Spear titled "Great Site" 

Your site is the biggest piece of shit I've seen in a while.  Who the fuck do you think you are saying those kinds of things about respectable people people?      So you claim people have sent curses and nothing happened...well that's bc people that actually know what they are doing don't brag about it.  All this coming from someone claiming to have been involved in the occult, if you were you would know better!!!

LOL! I do Know better, Derrick. I know there's no such things as magic spells. Deal with it. Oh, and I guess you "really know" which is why you don't "brag about it"? LOL! Right. Derrick sent that 7 years ago, and we're still here. Hmmm...maybe Derrick isn't one of the occultists who "actually know what they're doing" after all! BTW, titling a flaming email "Great Site" was sheer brilliance! 

And someone calling themselves "bearsmajick666" sent an email titled "WOW!"

WOW!!!!! You are one bitter person!

Yeah, I guess the Amazing Randi gets called that a lot too from "Psychics". Whatever. I'll stick to science.

I don't get mad at all the haters. I just turn the other cheek. In fact, here is that other cheek (OK, it's not mine, but it will do). Feel free to kiss it!

Funny picture partially revealing girl getting "USMINC.ORG" tatooed on her buttock.

Not all of the emails I recieve are what I would call "Hate Mail". Some of it comes from people who are just plain weird or crazy. I recieved one from someone in South Africa asking if he could join the Illuminati. It simply read:

"Hi. culd you plese  tell me how i can join the illuminati? I am willing to pay."

Then I get the Tin Foil Hat types, who want me to join their cause, like this one from someone in the UK:

"The Ziotalmudic-satanists perform blood rituals as a way to coerce the macrobes/qlippoth/Archons or whatever to perform tasks or give them knowledge and power. in Egyptian times they even bargained with these socalled eggregores/thoughtform complexes for power, and even threatened to stop worshipping certain 'gods' to get things done from these 'gods' .

Who is in control now? The Talmudic Zoharists magicians or the so called 'gods' (false eggregores). Like the Ori in Stargate sg1 that need worship to gain energy and power. The legendary John Dee invented Enochian Magick to communicate with the macrobes/qlippoth/Abyss etc. the talmudic-satanists believe that the macrobes (inorganic entities) are the beings that are said to rule over our solar system and its planets

You Know Who/What was occultly invoked on 911?

Yup that is right: The Dweller of the Abyss!!! see Revelation 9:11

Um...OK then.  Geeze.

Then I get the more Fruedian ones, like this one from Austrailia:

"I'm into the occult, and I know these systems of learning all contradict themselves. Just like the Greek philosophers which Christianity stole from... you cower behind have proven there is no God or anything for us beyond this pathetic excuse of perfect divine creation we call earth. So, your just as much a hypocritical fraud as the secret societies. Reality is fuckin boring, I hope the occultist/religious crimes against these ape humans persist. Maybe one day your logical scientific empiricism will push me over to the point where I will rape and murder, cause there is no afterlife. "

And I'm sure Austrialian police authorities will realize it too when they arrested him someday, no doubt. 

Keep in mind, those are just the people brave enough to email me! I imagine there are 10 times that many more that hate me, casing their spells and curses, that never email to let me know.

The most annoying ones of all by far, are the ones that simply don't get what this website is these types:


     You seem very knowledgeable regarding the occult. And if I understood correctly, you found out that Wicca is fake. If that is the case, could you please tell me what "practices" or "belief systems" I could try in order to learn real magic?

      I appreciate any reply. Thanks.

 (Facepalm) Sigh.

I guess now that some of you feel sorry for me, it would be a good time to ask for donations, wouldn't it? Yes, please, by all means, send donations. If you could make a recurring donation of just $5 a month, it would help me keep getting the message out that there's no such thing as magic spells. 


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