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by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom






One favorite rant I often hear from Wiccans and Neopagans and my fellow atheists is that "Hitler was a Christian!", and thus all Christians should be lumped together with him (which is the kind of reasoning bigots use). I have even heard this lie repeated byChristian ministers who should know better! 

  A variation of this idea was that Hitler was a Catholic, and the Holocaust was yet another "pogrom" that Hitlercarried 
out by order of the Vatican (!). People who believe this stuff should be careful the squirrels don't bury them. While it is true that Hitler was baptized a Roman Catholic as an infant and even claimed he considered the priesthood as a young man, but this does not mean he held these beliefs all his life. If you count Hitler being a Christian in his youth, then you would have to count most Wiccans, Satanists, Scientologists, etc., asChristians since many of them come fromChristian backgrounds as well. 

  Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria, and was indeed baptized a Roman Catholic as a baby, but as he got older, he abandoned his Christian faith. But so that he could win the German people to his way of thinking, he kept up the pretense of being a Christian when he became "Der Fuhrer".

Despite the belief by many pagans and even many Christians alike, Hitler was NOT a Christian. Hitler despised Jews and anything remotely Jewish and so naturally he despised Christianity. Hitler once said in a speech that "Christianity is the greatest trick the Jews every played on humanity". Does this sound like something a Christian would say??? Even though there are some neo-Nazi groups that claim to be "Christian" it doesn't make them so. You can claim to be a bullfrog and even go so far to paint yourself green, but it doesn't make you a bullfrog. In fact, had such "Nazi-Christian" groups existed in Hitler's Germany they would have surely been liquidated after the war. There was to only be one religion in the new Germany had Hitler won, and that religion would have been a state-run version of  the Neopagan religion called Odinism. 

  There are statements Hitler made that could lead one to the conclusion Hitler was a Christian, but only if you're Naive. For instance, in Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote:

"Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." (Mein Kampf Pg 33, English Translation)

"The National Government will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation was built up. They regard Christianity as the foundation of ournational morality and the family as a basis of national life." (Hitler to the German People: Feb. 1 1933).

So Hitler not only tried to make himself sound like a Christian, and even tried to make anti-Semitism sound like a Christian cause. When reading suchstatements, people must use common sense (if you don’t possess any, please get some). First of all, Mein Kampf was not meant to be a book of factualstatements, but instead meant to be a sort of sales brochure for evil. After all, Hitler never said "I plan to kill all the Jews in the whole world and get Germany in another world war! I will also kill anyone I don’t like, including Freemasons, handicapped people, Trade Unionists, or Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ll make soap and dog food out of them in concentration camps. After that, I will eliminate Christianity altogether and replace it with a nationalistic Neopagan religion. Whoever defies me will be killed!". 

   But these are exactly the things he was planning while he was writing Mien Kampf. He couldn't tell people all his crazy schemes or what he really thought or he never would have come to power. Common sense can detect this is true.

Hitler’s Views on Christianity: The Facts

Let's look at a few things before you decide Hitler was a Christian. Here are some quotes which show what Hitler really thought of Christianity from the people that were in his inner circle:

"Christianity is an invention of sick brains...The war will be over one day. I shall then consider that my life's final task will be to solve the religious problem." [Hitler’s Table Talk, p. 142-4]

"Christianity is the biggest lie the Jews ever told humanity"

-- Adolf Hitler, 13 December 1941.

"So it's not opportune to hurl ourselves now into a struggle with the Churches. The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death," -- Adolf Hitler, 14 October 1941.

"When National Socialism has ruled long enough, it will no longer be possible to conceive of a form of life different from ours. In the long run, NationalSocialism and religion will no longer be able to exist together…The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity's illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew. The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world by Christianity." [Hitler's Table Talk, p. 6-7]

"Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure." [p. 51]

"Christianity, of course, has reached the peak of absurdity in this respect. And that's why one day its structure will collapse. Science has already impregnated humanity. Consequently, the more Christianity clings to its dogmas, the quicker it will decline."[Hitler's Table Talk, pp 58-62]

"Hitler usually concluded this historical speculation by remarking 'You see, it's been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn't we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?'" [Speer, Albert, Inside the Third Reich, Bonanza Books, New York, p. 96]

"The reason why the ancient world was so pure, light and serene was that it knew nothing of the two great scourges: the pox and Christianity." [Hitler's Table Talk, p. 75]

"The Jew who fraudulently introduced Christianity into the ancient world----in order to ruin it----re-opened the same breach in modern times, taking as his pretext the social question. Just as Saul became St. Paul, Mardochai has become Karl Marx." [p. 314]

People who want to paint Hitler as a Christian (including some Neo-Nazis) state the above claims come mainly from the" recollections" of his followers and therefore may not be true, and then brainlessly fall back on quotes from Mien Kampf to paint Hitler as a Christian. But as we see, there are too many of these "recollections"(and from people who were closest to him no less) for it to not accurately reflect what Hitler thought about the Christians. Who would better know what Hitler really thought than the people closest around him? This may come as a shock for the more naive readers, but Adolph Hitler was not well known for his truth telling abilities! Mein Kampf is a book of lies. Are we also to believe the other things written in Mein Kampf, including German racial superiority, and an international conspiracy of Jews taking over the world? Hitler, like any dictator, lied to suit the situation as he saw fit.

Germany’s population followed the Christian religion, and Hitler knew that he needed the support of Christians, or else he would not be supported as the undisputed leader of Germany. Hitler merely claimed to be a Christian solely for political purposes. Albert Speer, the architect and weapons procurer for the Third Reich reveals why Hitler did not immediately gas Christians in the death camps. Albert Speer noted in his memoirs, " Around 1937, when Hitler heard the at the instigation of the party and the SS vast numbers of his followers had left the church because it was obstinately opposing his plans, he nevertheless ordered his chief associates Goering and Goebbels, to remain members of the church. He too would remain a member of the Catholic Church, he said, although he had no real attachment to it. And in fact he remained in the church until his suicide." [ Inside The Third Reich by Albert Speer Pg. 146]

A person claiming they have "no real attachment" to the church is not a Christian! A person who uses church membership to further aims of world domination is not a Christian! Just going to church does not make one a Christian, going into a chicken coop does not make one a chicken! The enemies of the Christian religion try to paint Hitler as a Christian to detract from it. When Christians see such claims, we must fight back through the courts. We cannot allow these lies to continue.

Far from embracing Christianity, the Nazi’s, in fact, instituted a policy known as "Kircenkampf" (literally meaning "against the Church"), which was a campaign against the churches, both Roman Catholic AND protestant. The plan was to gradually eliminate Christianity and replace it with Odinism! The plan was not publicly announced, but the signs of it were obvious, and certainly Hitler’s inner circle knew of Kircenkampf. For some Nazis, Kircenkampf wasn’t going fast enough. Martin Bormann was one such Nazi who would have loved to have eliminated Christianity before the war ended.

"In Bormann’s mind, the Kirchenkampf, the campaign against the churches, was useful for reactivating party ideology which had been lying dormant. He was the driving force behind this campaign, as was made time and time again made plain around our round table. Hitler was hesitant, but only because he would rather postpone this problem to a more favorable time. Here in Berlin, surrounded by male cohorts, he spoke more coarsely and bluntly than he ever did in the midst of his Obersalzberg entourage. ‘Once I have settled my other problems,’ he occasionally declared, ‘I’ll have my reckoning with the church. I’ll have it reeling on the ropes." [Inside the Third Riech by Albert Speer pg 147]

Clearly Hitler and the Nazi high command wanted to eliminate all Christian Churches. It was not really a question of "if" but "when". Neopagans like Bormann wanted it done immediately, but Hitler wanted to wait until he had won World War II, and then with the world conquered. Hitler knew he needed people to fight for him, and he had to pay lip service to the church until his aims were met, and then he could destroy it. Hitler’s hatred for Judaism and all things Jewish was all consuming, so the tyrant, any Christian church was just another form of Judaism.


New Evidence Discovered

In 2001 new documents from the Nuremberg trials were declassified and released to the public by Rutgers Law School that do indeed confirm Hitler was going to eradicate Christianity after the war had he won. The documents including original handwritten notes, appear on the web site of the Rutgers University School of Law in New Jersey in the United States. General William J Donovan, an investigator at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg after World War II compiled The 148 volumes of material. According to Julie Seltzer Mandel in an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, "A lot of people will say, 'I didn't realize that they were trying to convert Christians to a Nazi philosophy...[the Nazis] wanted to eliminate Jews altogether, but they were also looking to eliminate Christianity."

The first installment, entitled "The Nazi Master Plan; The Persecution of Christian Churches", describes how the Nazis planned to replace Christianity with a religion based on racial superiority and the worship of Germanic gods like Thor and Odin. The report, prepared by the O.S.S. ( the forerunner of the CIA) states: "Important leaders of the National Socialist party would have liked... complete extirpation of Christianity and the substitution of a purely racial religion...The best evidence now available as to the existence of an anti-Church plan is to be found in the systematic nature of the persecution itself...Different steps in that persecution, such as the campaign for the suppression of denominational and youth organizations, the campaign against denominational schools, the defamation campaign against the clergy, started on the same day in the whole area of the Reich...and were supported by the entire regimented press, by Nazi Party meetings, by traveling party speakers"

Eradicating Christianity is definitely not the actions of a Christian! In fact, Hitler was not a Christian at all, and I think that point is clear now (except to those who want to cling to conspiracy theories). Hitler's hatred of Jews was all consuming. He saw Christianity as just another "Jewish cult". It is true that he considered Jews a "race" rather than a religion, but his hatred for Christians seemed only slightly less. But unlike something genetic, a person's religion can be changed. So the Nazis would have used great coercion to stop the Christian faith, and would have executed the remainder who refused. Thank God Hitler lost I am not sitting here writing this as an Odinist. Wait a second, why would I be writing this as an Odinist?

I guess I wouldn’t be !

And thank God for brave men like my late father, a PFC in the 3rd Army Rangers, who fought against the Nazi Pagan devils. They knew the Holocaust really happened because they saw it.  


ADOLPH HITLER (1889-1945) Hitler’s name doesn’t spring to mind when one thinks of an occultist,  but some occultists consider him to have had occult powers, so I'll mention him. Hitler might have been an Odinist (worshiper of false Viking gods like Thor, Odin, and Freya), or possibly just an atheist who dabbled in the occult, but at any rate, he obviously wasn’t a Christian.  Some occultists consider him an "ascended master" or even an "avatar" (incarnated god). Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews and eventually replace Christianity with Germanic paganism, and this much is certain.

    Whatever Hitler’s religious beliefs were, we can certainly rule out his being a Christian. In 1996 documents from the Nuremberg Trial were discovered detailing the Nazi’s systematic persecution of Christian Churches and Hilter’s plans to eliminate Christianity altogether after WWII. An American General detailed the accounts given to him by former Nazi leaders of Hitler’s “Kirchenkampf” plans which comprise no less than 150 volumes of Nuremberg Trial documents alone! Even though Hitler may have written and said things at times to make him sound Christian, such as things he said in Mein Kampf, it should be remembered Mien Kampf is political propaganda and not to be taken at face value. Mein Kampf also doesn’t mention Hitler’s plans for the Holocaust, either. Ruteger’s Journal of Religion and Law has made those Nuremberg documents available to read online (need URL).

    There have been may spurious accounts about Hitler and the Nazis, the occult being one subject. A book published in 1973 called The Spear of Destiny claimed Hitler was a Satanist obsessed with a legendary spear thought to have pierced the side of Christ.  It also claims Hitler was a blood drinking Satanist who traveled to India and joined the cult of Kali. These, and many other bizarre stories are untrue. But there is no doubt that Hitler, Hess and Himmler were all involved in the occult to varying degrees, nonetheless.

    There are many claims that Hitler belonged to various occult societies that combined racism and right wing politics with ritual magic. It’s possible some of the groups claimed to be interested in the occult as a smokescreen to hide their political aims. Besides the Thule, one group that Hitler also supposedly belonged to was called the New Order of Templars. The society was created by Georg  Liebenfels in 1909, and combined the legends of the Templars with Aryan supremacy. There is at least one verified record of Hitler visiting Liebenfels, and it could certainly be there was a working relationship between the two. Liebenfels wrote to a disciple in a letter in 1932 “Hitler is one of our pupils.” and promised that through Hitler they would “make the whole world tremble”. They did, but the end results were probably not as he and Hitler would have hoped.

     A Look magazine issue of 1940 mentions Hitler had his own observatory and practiced astrology, although Hitler said it was merely just for fun. The words “Hitler” and “fun” don’t exactly go together, and realizing some of the people trafficked with, it was probably more than for amusement purposes. Hitler’s superstition became so well known, that even The Three Stooges made a short that same year that mocked Hitler’s belief in astrology (and also mocked Hitler himself, of course! Soitenly!).  When British Intelligence discovered Hitler’s interest in star gazing, they hired an astrologer named Pohl to try to figure out what Hitler’s astrologers were telling him. When asked about a British invasion, Pohl told Churchill he personally had known all the astrologers advising Hitler, and that they all had advised him against it. He was apparently right, since no dreaded invasion of Britain ever took place.

    The Nazis attitude toward astrologers was ambivalent. On the one hand, they outlawed fortunetellers and astrologers, but quietly employed some of them for official party business. Hitler hired an astrologer and hypnotist named Hume to teach him about mass psychology and hypnosis. It’s believed Hume taught him the strange hand gestures that you often see used by Hitler during speeches in newsreels. Hume opened a seance parlor called “Castle of The Occult”. He had the room bugged with microphones to pick up conversations before the seances to fool people into thinking he had occult powers. He seemed to have predicted the Reischtag fire, perhaps because he played some part in it, or because the Nazis had told him about it, or he picked up plans for it during a bugged conversation. He was murdered 6 weeks later by the Berlin police, no one knows for sure why, but it’s generally thought the Reischtag fire had something to do with it. It  may have been because his Jewish parentage finally came to light, or perhaps his microphones had been discovered, or it may have been because the Berlin Chief of Police was indebted to him for a large amount of money. At any rate, Hitler’s astrologer didn’t see it coming!  

      The Nazis belief in astrology was so strong they were even willing to risk a U-Boat and it’s crew for a simple dime store farmer’s almanac. In 1942, German spies were sent by U-Boat to North Carolina to buy a copy of  The Old Farmer’s Almanac, believing it had the most accurate weather forecasts in the world (even though this has been proven not to be the case in scientic studies) They were promptly captured in the attempt of trying to buy a copy. Uncle Sam banned publication of all such almanacs until the end of WWII to discourage future attempts.

   Occultism and quack science seem to go hand in hand, and not surprisingly quack sciences flourished under Hitler. Hoebinger was a mechanic who created a theory of “Fire and Ice” to explain the creation of the universe. His theory was that the moon was made of ice, and that planets were created when huge globes of ice collided with the sun. The current moon is the fourth such ice globe to be the earth’s satellite, and would plunge to earth in 1000 years, creating another deluge. This is supposedly why Hitler said the Third Reich would last 1000 years. Scientists were forced to accept this bizarre and unscientific Fire and Ice theory which Hitler favored as an alternative to what he called “Jewish science”. Hilter liked Hoebinnger so much, that Hoebinnger is the only person known to have told Hilter to shut up while he was talking...and live!  Hoebinnger died in 1933, but a group of psudeo-scientists he assembled while alive continued to advise the Nazis. “The Hoebinngers” as they were known wrongly predicted a mild winter for Russia in 1942 which resulted in disaster for Germany when their troops experienced a sub-arctic nightmare. The winter was so cold gun powder wouldn’t ignite. Hoebinnger believed the earth was merely a hollow globe and the Nazis experimented on a crazy scheme to create a radar system based on the idea. It failed to work, since the earth isn’t hollow.

    During WWII, the Germans became perplexed as to why the British were so good at finding and destroying their U-Boats and ships. They somehow drew the bizarre conclusion that the British were using psychics with pendulums swinging over maps (used sort of like divining rods) to do this. It didn’t occur to them, thank goodness for the world, that the British had  in fact captured a German code machine (called an Enigma machine). The pendulum diviners were employed  with Hitler’s approval, but did absolutely  nothing to help locate British ships.

Hitler started out at the beginning of WW2 with the world's largest army while America had the 16th largest. His ally Japan, a nation of adherents to the Shinto religion who are goddess worshipers (not unlike Wiccans)decimated America's navy with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Although Mussolini was an atheist who only paid lip service to the Vatican to keep up appearances, the Fascists had occultist supporters like the Baron Julius Cesare and Andrea Evola, who wanted Italy to return to Roman paganism. Spain was yet another powerful ally to Hitler. Germany was way ahead in atomic bomb research at the beginning of the war.

    In theory, Hitler should have won WW2 based on his resources, and in fact Germany was winning the war in the beginning.. But instead of course, Germany lost WW2, with Hitler biting on a cyanide capsule while simultaneously pulling the trigger of gun pointed at his head. Germany, Italy, and Japan lay in ruins. Spain had backed out of WWII declaring itself neutral and depriving Hitler of any help it might bring. Hitler’s name is the most reviled in history. So much for Odin! The occult didn’t help the evil Hitler, nor will it help anyone else. As a final act, Hitler committed suicide on April 30th...the Neopagan holiday of Walpurgisnacht. Some people speculate this date was chosen due to some kind of occult belief. Could Hitler have offered himself as a sort of human sacrifice to Germanic Pagan gods as a last desperate attempt to win the war? If so, this last magical act also failed.

Adolph Hitler; a failure and the most despised man to have ever lived.

HEINRICH HIMMLER Occultist chicken farmer who became an infamous mass murderer. Himmler was an early member of the Nazi Party who rose in rank to become the second in command of Hitler’s Reich. He was a devout student of the occult, in particular of Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy, as well as astrology, spiritualism, and herbalism. Himmler headed the Nazi shock troops known as the SS during the Nazi regime. Himmler was obsessed at finding the occult origins of the “Aryan race”, and created a department called the Annenahbe to investigate and catalog every piece of folklore and superstition on the German speaking people. Himmler had 63 million dollars spent to restore the Welwelsburg outrageous sum of money...just because he thought it was built on the site of a pre-Christian Saxon fort. It became the headquarters for the SS, and a Mecca of sorts for a future Germanic Neopagan/occult religion (some occult nuts even make visits there even today).  The SS headquarters was a literal temple to German racism, and contained a library of an estimated 10,000 books of the occult, folklore, and anything having to do with Germany.

    Himmler claimed he talked to the ghost of Henry the Folwer each night, who would appear at his bed. On the 1000th anniversary of Henry the Folwer’s birth, Himmler had Fowler’s remains re-enterred with much pomp and ceremony. Himmler also claimed to be the reincarnation of Henry the Folwer. It’s a head scratcher to wonder how he thought he was able to talk to his own ghost.

Himmler despised the Jesuits (since they were Christians) but oddly enough patterned the SS after them in some ways. Himmler intended to replace Christianity with Germanic Neopaganism with SS officers to act as sort of like High Priests for this new Neopagan religion. SS officers were even to preside over weddings. Hitler once remarked “After I die Himmler will probably make me into some kind of SS Saint. Can you believe it? Ridiculous! We should have just stayed with the Christians. At least they had a sense of order.” [emphasis mine to show Hitler and the Nazis had abandoned Christianity] 

    Himmler’s bizarre occult beliefs became the basis for many Nazi policies. SS officers were encouraged to copulate with women in German cemeteries in hopes the ghosts of German soldiers would be reincarnated into the babies from said unions. A German occultist named Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946) said he could psychically trace a German’s family tree back 280,000 years by psychic means, and that the Earth once had four moons and three suns. Wiligut claimed his own family line started when the gods of the sea mated with the gods of the air. Himmler immediately made this crackpot an SS Colonel! In 1938 Colonel Wiligut was forced  to retire after it came to light he had once been committed to an insane asylum in 1924 after he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic! Surviving records indicate Himmler dispatched SS personnel to investigate such superstitious things as why crows linger at funerals than other birds (no one could find out, since they actually don’t).

   When Germany’s fall was apparent, Himmler secretly tried (unsuccessfully) to negotiate a surrender deal with the allies. An aide implored him not to discuss occult subjects with his contact, a Dutch Barron. But Himmler, the original occult geek, lectured the poor man for an hour to the similarities to Germanic runes and Japanese pictographs as evidence that both Germans and Japanese were Aryans.

    When Germany fell to the Alies in 1945, Himmler tried to escape wearing a Private’s uniform but his occult powers must have been on the blink or something, because he was captured and recognized almost immediately. He committed suicide during an interrogation by biting down on a suicide capsule he concealed in his mouth. Despite the supposed occult power the Nazis had, it did nothing for them. Germany laid in ruins, and the Nazis became the most despised villains in history.

    Himmler’s son later described in the decades after the war the bizarre and Satanic things his father did, including having furniture made from human bones. Even he is perplexed by his father’s ghoulish appetites. He has not followed in his father’s footsteps, and is a Lutheran minister!

Hienrich Himmler; an occult geek and failure. One of the most reviled mass murders of history.

RUDOLPH HESS Early Nazi party member who became Deputy Fuherer. Hess is best remembered for his bizarre attempt to win Great Britain on the side of the Axis that ended in his imprisonment. 
    Hess had been  a member of the Thule Society, and was said to daily consulted astrologers and fortunetellers for advice. Hess became convinced by a psychic that Britain had to enter World War II on the Axis side for Germany to win. He thought he could convince the British to join the Axis, and flew a plane to Scotland on a mission to win them over...obviously not very likely.  Hess failed in his mission and was immediately captured by a pitchfork wielding farmer upon his arrival!

    Hitler was furious when news of Hess’s capture reached him. It’s said Hitler read a letter Hess left him, and though the contents aren’t known, Hitler immediately had all astrologers, fortune tellers , and psychics arrested in Germany after that incident, suggesting the letter was about an astrological or psychic prediction that precipitated Hess’ flight. Hess sat out the war in prison, and was later sentenced to life imprisonment during the Nuermberg War Crime Trials. Hess spent the rest of his life in Spandau Prison, and for many years was it’s only resident. He attempted suicide on several occasions, and finally succeeded in 1989 at the age of 90. From his capture in 1938 to his suicide in 1989, Hess spent more of his life imprisoned than he did free.  In his suicide note he told his wife he had pretended to be insane, hoping he could gain his release. His plan failed, and it must have been enough to drive someone mad, having to pretend for 50 years to be crazy! The occult didn’t work for Hess, and it won’t work for anyone else. 

Rudolph Hess Nazi war criminal, prisoner most of his life,  and ultimate failure who committed suicide.






Odinists: The Racist Pagans

Perhaps the most frightening branch of the Neopagan movement is Odinism (also called Asatru or Wotanism). Odinists worship the Germanic/Viking gods of pre-Christian times, like Odin, Thor, Freya, and Tiews. In other words, their religion is Viking mythology. Odinists have little use for Christians either. However they are probably much more vocal in their detest for the Christian faith than are other Neopagans.

Odinism is a reconstructionist Pagan movement. By 1000 A.D., the Kings and leaders of Scandinavia officially rejected Paganism and officially endorsed Christianity as the official religion. Because of the remoteness of some areas, it is believed not to have been abandoned as quickly as in other parts of Europe. It seems to have limped on for a while in very remote parts of Europe, but was basically extinct in Europe by 1200 A.D. Sure, a few superstitions lived on from Paganism, but the Pagan religions were gone. Odinism did not survive into modern times in tact, but bits and pieces of spells remained among superstitious folks. With Nazi Germany’s renewed interest in Paganism, there was a revival in Odinism. A few people (neo-Nazi types) were interested in Odinism after the fall of Germany. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, Odinism began to grow again in Europe and America. Like other Neopagans, Odinists invent rituals and material for spells when needed. In 1972 Iceland recognized Nordic Paganism as a legal religion.

What makes this aspect of the Neopagan movement so disturbing is that it is comprised of almost entirely of white supremacists. Not all Odinists are white supremacists, and there is (or was) at least one group that even go so far as to insist their priests perform gay marriages. It’s hard to say how many Odinists are gay or non-white, but so far I have found...none. There are some members of the Ku Klux Klan that claim Odinism as their faith, but these types usually prefer psudeo-Christian cults like "Christian Identity" (which isn’t really Christian, and an identity no rational person would want.) One of the non-racist Odinist types I made contact with lived in New Zealand, who’s Odinist name was "Nik". Nik feels that there is room for non-racists in Odinism, "Odin is also the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. Racism is illogical, therefore Odin does not approve of racism." But Nik also told me that indeed, the majority of Odinists were white supremacists, and just a handful of Odinists were non racist. In an email Nik told me "These days, I refrain from using the term ‘Odinist’ to refer to myself but I prefer the phrase ‘Odin Devotee’ as Odin is indeed the deity I feel closest too but I do not wish to be associated with those white power types." One wonders why Nik would even bother to be in a movement that is completely dominated by people he finds repulsive.

Odinist Theology

Odinism is polytheistic, and believes in many gods and goddesses. They do not believe in an all supreme being, but believe in a pantheon of gods and goddesses that are little more than glorified human beings. Their gods get drunk, get in fights, rape, pillage, and plunder. Odinist do not see themselves as subservient to their gods, but more like equals. In Asatru it is believed human beings are literally genetically related to them. The Eddas (Norse mythology) tell of a god called Rig, who went to various farmsteads and sired the human race. Odinists think they that are literally related to the gods they worship. From what I have read there are also Odinists who don’t believe the stories of the gods and goddesses were real, but that thhey have can learn from the lessons.

The Judeo-Christian God and His son Jesus are despised by Odinists. Commenting on Jesus, an Odinist I spoke with whom we will call Joseph says, "Jesus was nothing but a Jewish carpenter that got nailed to a two by four. Jesus is a myth and some people are stupid enough to believe it. The only person I can believe that was Christ is Adolf Hitler. I know he was real and he spoke the real truth. Mein Kampf is my Bible."

Hitler was no Christian. HE WAS AN ODINIST (PAGAN)! 



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