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Holocaust Denial & The Big Lie

The doors of the gas chambers which used engine exhaust would not stand the pressure of the gas accumulating inside and would burst.

Actually, this might have been a problem, as a letter about the "gassing vans" (from Willy Just to SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Walter Rauff, 5 June 1942; see Nazism: A History in Documents and Eye Witness Accounts, 1941-1945" vol. 2, document 913) contains the following excerpt:

"RE: Technical alterations to the special vehicles already in operation and those in production.

Since December 1941, for example, 97,000 have been processed using three vans without any faults developing in the vehicles. The well-known explosion in Kulmhof (Chelmno) must be treated as a special case. It was caused by faulty practice. Special instructions have been given to the relevant offices in order to avoid such accidents".

It might be that the letter refers to an explosion caused by the buildup of gas; however, it does note that technical alterations were made to take care of this problem. A technological superpower that built submarines and rockets could easily handle such a problem (for instance, by using valves to release some of the gas if the pressure became too high).

There were not enough Jews in Europe to account for the number of 6 million victims.

Nude Jewish women in Auswitz lining up to be executed...some are holding their babies

This claim is ridiculous, as attested to by all population statistics of that time, including the numbers of Jews appearing in many original Nazi documents... for instance:

Extracts from the minutes of the Wannsee conference, January 20 1942, regarding the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" [Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals - Washington, U.S Govt. Print. Off., 1949-1953., Vol. XIII, p. 210]

II. At the beginning of the meeting the Chief of the Security Police and the SD, SS Lieutenant General Heydrich, reported his appointment by the Reich Marshal [Goering] to service as Commissioner for the preparation of the Final Solution of the European Jewish Problem.... In the course of this final solution of the European Jewish Problem, approximately 11 million Jews are involved. They are distributed among individual countries as follows:
A. Original Reich Territory [Altreich] 131,800
Austria 43,700
Eastern territories 420,000
Government General [Nazi occupied Poland] 2,284,000
The Netherlands 160,800
Rumania, including Bessarabia 342,000
Hungary 742,800
USSR 5,000,000
White Russia, excluding Bialystok 446,484
[Many countries deleted for brevity]
TOTAL over 11,000,000

Under proper direction the Jews should now in the course of the Final Solution be brought to the East in a suitable way for use as labor. In big labor gangs, with separation of the sexes, the Jews capable of work are brought to these areas and employed in road building, in which task undoubtedly a great part will fall out through natural diminution.

Children Prisoners at AuschwitzThe remnant that finally is able to survive all this - since this is undoubtedly the part witth the strongest resistance - must be treated accordingly since these people, representing a natural selection, are to be regarded as the germ cell of a new Jewish development. (See the experience of history).

In the program of the practical execution of the Final Solution, Europe is combed through from the West to the East.

The claims often made by Holocaust deniers about emigration of Jews after the war are preposterous. For instance, there were 370,000 Jews in Palestine in 1937, and 600,000 in 1948. The numbers arrived at by the Anglo-American committee for studying the Holocaust are the following:

(Conclusions of the Anglo-American committee for studying the Nazi genocide inflicted on the Jews of Europe, with exact breakdown, country by country.)

Numbers of missing Jews (post-war minus pre-war):
Germany 195,000
Austria 53,000
Czechoslovakia 255,000
Denmark 1,500
France 140,000
Belgium 57,000
Luxembourg 3,000
Norway 1,000
Holland 120,000
Italy 20,000
Yugoslavia 64,000
Greece 64,000
Bulgaria 5,000
Rumania 530,000
Hungary 200,000
Poland 3,271,000
USSR 1,050,000
Less dispersed refugees (308,000)
Total number of Jews that were exterminated 5,721,500

Some estimates are lower, and some are higher, but these are the magnitudes in question. Recent evidence shows that the number of ex-USSR victims was actually underestimated.

About 6 million non-Jewish civilians were killed by the Nazis - mostly in Poland and Yugoslavia.

There are no documents about gas chambers or mass murder of Jews and others, and no evidence there was a plan to carry out mass extermination.

This is the most absurd claim Holocaust deniers make - there are numerous such documents. A small sample is gathered in our file of "original Nazi documents".

The Anne Frank diary is a hoax which was written by someone else.

For an excellent treatment of this subject, see "Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory", by Deborah Lipstadt, published by the Free Press, ISBN 0-02-919235-8.

In 1981, the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation submitted Anne Frank's handwritten diaries to the Dutch State Forensic Science Laboratory of the Ministry of Justice to determine their authenticity. The State Forensic Science Laboratory examined the materials used-the ink, paper, glue, etc.-and the handwriting and issued a report of some 270 pages.

"The report of the State Forensic Science Laboratory has convincingly demonstrated that both versions of the diary of Anne Frank were written by her in the years 1942 to 1944. The allegations that the diary was the work of someone else (after the war or otherwise) are thus conclusively refuted." Furthermore, that "despite corrections and omissions.. _The_Diary_of_Anne_Frank_ [i.e., the published version of the diaries] does indeed contain `the essence' of Anne's writings, and that there are no grounds on which the term `forgery' can be applied to the work of the editors or publishers of the book."

1. Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank: The Critical Edition, Prepared by the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation, edited by David Barnouw and Gerrold Van Der Stroom, (New York, Doubleday, 1989) p. 166.

Anne Frank's Stepsister Recounts Life After Aushwitz

Leuchter's claims during his Zundel testimony, and the reality of his perjury.

In his article of January 11, (Spotlight, "Major Historical Fact Uncovered," January 11, 1993), Foner discusses the Canadian trial of Ernst Zundel, and tells us...

Zundel went looking for an expert on executions, particularly gassings. He found Leuchter, who specializes in the design and fabrication of execution hardware used in prisons throughout the United States. (Foner, 3)

Although Leuchter is touted by Neo-Nazi publications and Holocaust deniers as an "expert," Mr. Leuchter's own testimony at the Zundel trial made it clear that he was neither an expert nor a credible witness.

The following is taken from Leuchter's testimony at the Zundel trial (Douglas Christie, Zundel's attorney is the questioner) - following the testimony are verbatim quotes from two American prison officials, which were obtained after Leuchter's testimony at the trial. We believe you will have no difficulty in determining the value of Mr. Leuchter's credentials after considering both:

Q: And what is your relationship with the operation of those facilities [i.e. gas chambers] in those two States [California and North Carolina]?

A: We consulted with both States, California primarily on a heart
 monitoring system to replace the older type mechanical diagraph stethoscope that's presently in use. We will be shipping to them shortly and installing a new heart monitor for both chairs in their gas chamber.

Q: You are consulted by the State, I understand?

A: Yes, Juan Vasquez.

Q: I see. And in North Carolina?

A: North Carolina. My discussions and work was with one Nathan Reise, and he had some work done by their maintenance personnel on their gas chamber two years ago, and they had a problem with the gasket on a door leaking. At which point, we discussed it with him and recommended remedial procedures to change the gas chamber.

Q: And he consults you in regard to those matters?

A: He does.

What do those two facilities have to say about the matter? First, the warden at San Quentin (California) responds:

"I can inform you, however, that San Quentin has not contracted with Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. for the installation of a heart monitoring system or for any other work."

Signed: DANIEL B. Vasquez, Warden (California)

Next, we offer the comments from North Carolina prison officials:

"I discussed your request with Mr. Nathan A. RICE, Former Warden, and he stated that he vaguely recalled a telephone conversation between him and a gentleman professing to be an expert on execution chambers. Mr. Rice further states that the gentleman called him for the purpose of selling a lethal injection machine...

Also, our records do not support that Mr. Leuchter performed either consulting or any service...I can attest that the planning and work was performed by the Department of Correction Engineering Section and our institution maintenance department."

Signed: Gary T. Dixon, Warden (North Carolina)

We discover, then, that neither California nor North Carolina have consulted with Leuchter regarding their gas chambers. Leuchter was incapable of even getting the names of the wardens right, and clearly lying about his "professional" relationships with them.

The only other state with which Leuchter has alleged consulted regarding gas chambers is Missouri. Yet, even thought Leuchter has allegedly "designed" a gas chamber for the state, we have to take his word for it since that gas chamber was never built nor installed and, in fact, Missouri does not have an operational gas chamber to this day even though Leuchter had allegedly designed one for them over 4 years ago. We would like to hear from anyone who has contacted authorities in the State of Missouri regarding this matter.

Research Materials & Sources

Vera Laska provided an extensive list of assets for those interested in Holocaust research, which was included in the Auschwitz FAQ. I recommend it as an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to do serious research into the Reinhard camps.
In addition, you may obtain our 8-part Holocaust bibliography by sending a message to, and simply putting the word BIBLIO in the Subject: field of your message. All eight parts will be mailed to you immediately.

Recommended Reading

Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, by Deborah Lipstadt, published by the Free Press, ISBN 0-02-919235-8.

Truth Prevails: Demolishing Holocaust Denial, published by the Beate Klarsfeld foundation and Holocaust Survivors and Friends. ISBN 1-879437-00-7.

For a thorough survey of the Holocaust, see Raul Hilberg's "Destruction of the European Jews".

An excellent book about Auschwitz is Pressac, J.C. Auschwitz: Techniqueand Operation of the Gas Chambers. New York: Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, 1989


Krema: a unit containing a homicidal gas chamber and furnaces for disposing of the bodies. Auschwitz had five such installations.

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You can obtain a copy from the US gov't through the following sources:

National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161

Photoduplication Service
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C. 20540

Use the report number(#st 79-10001) and the document number (NTISUBE28002) to speed service along. The document # is particularly important.

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Testimony of U.S. Soldiers Who Liberated The Camps

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