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Blinky The Baphomet Says,  "None of this bothers me. I'm actually a Frisbeetarian. We believe when you die you come back as a flying plastic disk." 

MYTH: Satanists are atheists because they don't believe in God or The Devil. No, Satanists are Satanists and atheists are atheists...they're not the same. Theistic Satanists have simply reversed the roled for God and The Devil, and so their "god" is the Devil. Even so called "atheistic" Satanists don't meet the litmus test for true atheism. A true atheist would eschew all mysticism and "magic". Even LaVey himself didn't meet this definition.  Defectors from LaVey's group who went on to start their own groups say he was ambigious as to wether Satan was real or not. Clearly LaVey was superstitious and though magic was real. LaVeyian Satanism is really nothing more than a personality cult devoted to the late Anton LaVey.

MYTH: Religion and happiness automatically exclude each other. LaVey paints a one-dimensional picture of religion as solely being a bleak life of asceticism and denial, with never any happiness, pleasure or joy. Apparently only people who crave misery become Christians, according to LaVey! Accepting this myth is actually the first step to becoming a Satanist. 

    LaVey had a very bigoted and narrow-minded view of religion, and failed to see the many positive aspects religious institutions create (e.g., hospitals, orphanages, universities, disaster relief, great works of art, etc.,). Psychologist Anthony Moriarty notes concerning LaVey's role reversal, "Through the manipulation of psychological factors, LaVey exploits the powerful learning process of negative reinforcement to his advantage. In effect, if the reader is not persuaded by the merits of Satanism, he or she will find in it a consolation from escaping the intolerable alternative - - religion as described by LaVey." LaVey builds up a straw man...bleak religion where everyone is miserable...then tears it down, winning converts to his religion.

    The truth is, Christians can have very happy productive and fulfilling lives (just as atheists can) - - sometimes because they're Christians, not in spite of it. While I'm an atheist now, I know many happy, succesful Christians. It  isn't a stumbling block to a happy life. 

MYTH: Satanists are the "Alien Elite". The term "Alien Elite" would describe a small group of people in a foriegn territory who are vastly outnumbered by the people they rule. A prime example of this woud be how India was ruled by a handful of English bureaucrats during the British Colonial Period. Satanists are indeed few in number, but they don't actually control large groups of people, foreign or otherwise.

MYTH: Man is naturally violent, and therefore, being violent is natural. This advice appeals to juvenile delinquent teens, anti-social misfit types, and psychotics - - all who want to lash out at the world. It's no surprise then that LaVey was a wife beater and part time pimp that abused his own animals! LaVey says Satanists should lash out at anyone who gives them a problem.

    Rather than see aggression as a result of frustration and resolve the root cause of the frustration, LaVey instead encourages readers to act upon it. Frustrated young people learn a dangerous lesson: hostility is normal and should be acted upon. LaVey is teaching people "hostility and helplessness", rather than giving them a reason to work out their problems. If you follow LaVey's advice, you'll eventually wind up in jail. LaVey's own grandson, Stanton, is a good example of what living the Satanist philosophy does to a person. By his own admission, he's been in an out of jail a good portion of his life, and even spent his 21st birthday behind bars!

    The fact of the matter is, man is not born violent, but learns it. Man enters the world with cooperative tendencies and has to be taught violent ones. Psychologist Anthony Moriarity in his book The Psychology of Adolescent Satanism: A Guide for Parents, Counselors, Clergy, and Teachers sites studies done by anthropologists to back this up, namely Monatgu (1950) Bandura(1973) Baron (1985) It makes sense if you think about it, because children raised in violent homes often grow up to be violent themselves, whereas children from non-violent homes usually do not. Since it's actually unnatural to be violent, Satanism is therefore unnatural too!

MYTH Satanism teaches you to fight back and be strong, while Christianity teaches you to be a doormat.  Young people especially  (and ones who don't fit in with others in particular) are lured by this myth. Young people want to be strong, and since LaVey tells them "white light" religions like Christianity will make them weak, he makes it appear there is no choice but Satanism if they want to be strong.

    Christianity in fact, often times gives people inner strength, and bravery. For instance, it takes guts to hide Jews in your house from the Nazis like Corrie Ten Boom and her family did. From the point of physical self-defense, only a small fraction of Christians think Jesus meant to  allow themselves to be beaten and not defend themselves. There are even Christian martial arts associations and Christian strong man groups!

    Christianity teaches things should be done in balance and in proper perspective. Like proverbs says, there's a time to sow, a time to reap, a time to gather stones, and a time not to, a time to make war, a time to make peace. Even Jesus chased the money changers out of the Temple with a cat-o-nine tails on two separate occasions, showing there was a time to use physical violence if for the right reason. The money changers were crooks who cheated people. What Jesus meant when he said to turn the other cheek was to not hold grudges and feel a need to strike back at every offense, but to forgive. 

    Furthermore, Satanists are not strong individuals who "stand on their own two feet" anyway. They all belong to a personality cult centered around Anton LaVey, and are actually quite weak from that stand point. Labeling themselves as Satanists only makes people not take them seriously, rather than have an actual advantage, and only weakening their overall personal image.

MYTH Satanism will make you powerful. This myth appeals to people who feel powerless in their own lives. For some people, dressing in black and wearing a baphomet when they go to the mall to scare people, perhaps gives them a false sense of power from the fear they generate. All they're really doing is participating in anti-social behavior.

    Some Satanists do believe the spells in the Satanic Bible least at first until they try them enough times to realize they don't. While LaVey claims his occult system is unique, the promise of quick and undeserved suprnatural power is something every occult system promises, bar none. What Satanists don't realize is this appeal for power is a symptom of masking the helplessness in their own lives. Satanism is simply a way of running away from their problems instead of trying to solve them.

MYTH A person has to chose between sex or religion. There's no way to have both. Another straw man LaVey builds is that it is impossible to be a Christian and enjoy sex. What LaVey is doing is forcing young readers (who don't know as much about life or sex as they would like to think) to choose sex over religion, when they can actually have both.

    LaVey's bull is very effective on adolescents, because they're coming into their sexual identity, and when they read sexual feelings, emotions and angst, are part of being a Satanist (as though no one else had such feelings!) they feel therefore they too must be Satanists. Christians enjoy sex just as much as anyone else does.

    Like all religions, Christianity teaches sex is sacred and should be between a man and wife, and monogamous relationships prove to be better in an era of STDs. Simply thinking you can sleep with whomever and whenever you want, doesn't actually happen in reality. LaVey claims that Christianity forbids masturbation, but this is not what the Bible actually says.  Some people think that Genesis 38 prohibits masturbation, but it does not. God's displeasure with Onan in Genesis 38 is based on Onan's disobedience to the old law which required him to father a child by his dead brother's wife. It has nothing to do with masturbation. Emission of semen, however, was unclean under the law, and a man needed to make an offering for it. (See Leviticus 15.)

    It was a minor offense, comparable to accidentally soiling your undergarments. However, the law regarding clean and unclean things was repealed by God in Peter's vision, as described in Acts 10. So emission of semen became clean theoretically, just as eating of pork became clean. This idea is confirmed by Romans 14:14, where Paul says, "I know and am persuaded in the Lord that nothing is unclean in itself; but it is unclean for anyone who thinks it is unclean." Masturbation isn't listed anywhere as an "abomination," or anywhere among the various lists of prohibited sexual practices. (See Leviticus 18.) Adultery is prohibited; rape is prohibited; incest is prohibited; homosexual sex is prohibited; sex with animals is prohibited, (and all these acts are banned in all the other religions of the world as well). But masturbation is not even mentioned.

MYTH: Satanism embraces science. Obviously, science is at odds with magic, and The Satanic Bible clearly states that magic can work, even though some Satanists are now trying to pretend it doesn't say it. The Satanic Bible is based on the idea that magic can effect people's minds if done at the time of the night when they are in their "dream state", indicating the idea was derived from the theory of ESP. ESP has never actually been proven in any laboratory at any time. The military even invested millions of dollars in "remote viewing" experiments in the 80's (supposedly Michael Aquino was involved in the project) and discovered it didn't work.

    LaVey also believed heavily in the ideas of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who is dismissed by all Psychiatrists as a fraud and a quack. Even if you define Satanism as some kind of "applied psychology" (which it isn't), it could only be considered quackery. Plenty of Christians believe in Evolution and The Big Bang, and several Christian denominations have issued formal statements endorsing them (The Roman Catholic Church, The Anglican Church, The Lutheran Church, etc.). The idea that the Creation account in Genesis had to be taken literally was not the original view(click here). Luther for instance, criticized St. Augustine because he thought the Creation account was a metaphor.

MYTH: Everything new, different, and innovative is "Satanic" and original thinkers are "Natural Satanists".  What LaVey did was try to change the definition of the terms "Satanic" and "Satanism". Ironically, this is the same thing Wiccans do when they try to claim "witchcraft" is an ancient pagan religion and the word "witch" meant "wise one". In reality, these two things have nefarious meanings in every culture. LaVey, ironically, used to chide the "white witches" for doing this, when he was basically doing the same thing!

    For instance, LaVey claimed Duisenberg automobiles were "Satanic" in their design. Just because something is eye-catching or different doesn't make it Satanic. A grisly slaying is Satanic, not a cherry car. LaVey simply tried to change the meaning of a word. Likewise, people who think outside the box aren't Satanists. LaVey thought Tiny Tim was a natural Satanist because he was had the only vaudeville act in the 1960's. Tiny Tim was in fact a Christian! He read the Bible everyday, made public confessions of his faith in his later years (such as on the WTMV  Richard Shanks Show in the late 80's as just one example), was polite to everyone, and friends say he was quite serious about his religion. He would have been utterly offended for being called a Satanist, (and had he found out what LaVey wrote about him, he probably would have sued). It just goes to show you Christians can be innovators!

MYTH People will take you seriously as a Satanist. People are going to think you're a nut, weirdo, and loser when you tell them you're a Satanist. Don't expect to ever have a good paying job, be elected to office, or have normal people think you're not a flake when you tell them you're a Satanist. They're no different from Wiccans who insist on being called witches who then act all hurt and claim "persecution" when people get scared of them. If negative attention is all you want, being a Satanist will do it. If you seriously think you're going to be the "Alien Elite" you'd better do a reality check.

MYTH You can practice the occult and black magic without repercussions and become a success in life. LaVey is perhaps the best example of why this is wrong. Even he couldn't do it. LaVey embraced the dark side (regardless of whether you believe it as a "Theistic Satanist" or an "Atheistic Satanist") and died bankrupt. Aleister Crowley borrowed many elements of Satanism to create Thelema. He started out as a wealthy heir to Crowley Ale and died a junkie in a flophouse. Not only Satanists, but occultists of all stripes, Agrippa, Dee, Kelly, Cagliostro, The Fox Sisters, Mathers, Franz Bardon, Austin O. Spare, etc., all died miserable and broke in the end.  I believe it's because instead of doing things that would have improved their lives, they wasted their time being misantrhopes and casting spells that could never work. (See Famous Occultists page for more details.)

MYTH: Satanism is the only religion that teaches truth, instead of lies and hypocrisy like every other religion. As we've already examined, Satanism is nothing but lies, misinformation, and hypocrisy.  EPIC FAIL!

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