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 What does the term "alien elite" mean anyway? Satanists seem to like to throw the term around to describe themselves...although it appears to be just wishful thinking. The actual definition of "alien elite" would be "A dominant minority, usually referring to recent immigrants; a group that has overwhelming political, economic or cultural dominance in a country or region despite representing a small fraction of the overall population (a demographic minority). The term is most commonly used to refer to an ethnic group which is defined along racial, national, religious or cultural lines and that holds a disproportionate amount of power."

 Hmmm...that doesn't sound like Satanists at all!  "Alien elite" would be more like the British bureaucrats who ruled India during the colonial period, or Spanish Conquistadors who conquered the Native Americans.  Satanists are simply just part of a fringe movement, and that's all Satanism will ever be. It's about like someone on food-stamps saying they are billionaires! 


     Were people like Rasputin, Keenan Wymn, Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne, Ayn Rand, Grouch Marx,  Tina Louise, Sam Kinnison, Tiny Tim, and Mia Farrow Satanists as LaVey and others have claimed? Nope!

KENNETH ANGER An Avante Garde film maker known for his "silent" movies that have homoerotic and occult themes and author of Hollywood Babylon. While Anger admits he knew Anton LaVey, and that his boyfriend Bobby Bosealiel was a member of the Church of Satan (and also later a Manson Family killer), Anger flatly denies being a Satanist. He identifies himslef as a "Pagan" instead.

ALICE COOPER Sure, he sports a weird Halowe'en-y kind of image to sell records...but he was never a Satanist, and in fact he's a Christian !

"I was pretty much convinced all my life that there was just one God and there was Jesus Christ and there was the Devil....You couldn't believe in God without believing in the Devil. I always tell bands that the most dangerous thing you can do is to believe in the concept of the Devil or the concept of God,because you're not giving them full credit. When you believe in God,you've got to believe in the all-powerful God. He's not just God, He's the all-powerful God and He has total control over everyone's life. The Devil, on the other hand, is a real character that's trying his hardest to tear your life apart. If you believe that this is just mythology,you're a prime target because you know that's exactly what Satan wants:To be a myth. But he's not a myth, of this I'm totally convinced. More than anything in the world, I'm convinced of that." (he said in a interview.)"

KEENAN WYYN He was the son of legendary Vaudevillian Ed Wynn, and starred in many Canadian Mounted pictures (the cartoon character Dudley Dooright is inspired by his movies), probably best known for his role as Digger Barnes on the CBS TV show Dallas. He appeared in the box office bomb and LaVey Church of Satan infomercial The Devil's Rain (yes, a box office bomb!)and an episode of MacMillian and Wife with a Satanist story line, and may have possibly met LaVey, since they worked on a movie together. Although Blanche Barton wrote in her book The Church of Satan that Wynn was a member, the claim was made years after Wynn’s death and so he was obviously unable to confirm or deny it. However, his daughter Tracy Wynn denies her father was ever a Satanist, and says he was in fact a Roman Catholic.

“[He} was given extreme unction by the late Father Elwood 'Bud' Kaiser, the creator and producer of the long-running TV series Insight which explored all aspects of spirituality and Christianity -- from a Catholic perspective, Again, hardly the domain of a satanist.” (email from Tracy Wynn to me dated 12-10-09)

 He participated  in charitable work (a Satanic no-no), particularly with the Sertoma Club. So Keenan Wyyn was not a Satanist. Period. 

TINA LOUISE Star of God's Little Acre. Most famous for her role as  Ginger on Gilligan's Island, even though she doesn't want to admit it (sorry Tina!). Rumors spread over the 'Net that Tina was a Church of Satan member and had appeared in a girlie  magazine in the 1950's dressed in a devil suit. Truth is, Louise was not the model in said girlie magazine, nor ever a CoS member. She is in fact Jewish and for the past several years has done charitable work for Learning Leaders, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing tutoring to New York City school children (charity is a Satanic no-no) with a children's literacy group. Tina Louise was never a Satanist. Period.

TINY TIM As noted already, the last of the Vaudevillians. He made a big splash in the 1960's with his mondo ukelele act. His marriage to Miss Vicky on The Tonight Show was the highest rated show in history for decades. Even though Anton LaVey thought his style of music was "Satanic", in reality Tiny Tim was a Christian who read his Bible everyday, and was actually quite conservative in many ways! He was never a Satanist and would have been repulsed by the idea. Tiny Tim was always a Christian and never a Satanist.

MIA FARROW Star of several films, including Rosemary's Baby. She was never a CO$ member, and never even met LaVey (because he didn't appear as the Devil in Rosemary's Baby as he claimed. A dancer from central casting played the part of the Devil. ). She identifies herself as a  Roman Catholic. Mia Farrow was never a Satanist. Period.

SAM KINISON There were rumors that he led a group of Satanist comedians, performing rituals atop a swanky hotel rooftop. Even though Kinison fell from grace, he was never a Satanist according to surviving friends and family members, who deny the rumor. His brother Bill Kinison who often toured with Sam says :

 "Sam was as far from a Satanist as you could get."[email from Bill Kinison to me dated 5-29-08]

 Sam Kinison was never a Satanist. Period.

OZZY OSBOURNE Liked to sport a Satanic image to sell records, as did many rock singers in the 70's and 80's, but always denied being a Satanist. ``All I really do is have Halloween every night I'm on stage,'' he once said in an interview. Although not particularly religious, in a TV interview, he admitted while in New York he prayed in a Christian church on 9-11-01.The rock star also said he condemns drug use.  ``It's bad because you're living in a total fantasy world,'' he said. ``When you think you're right, you're wrong and when you think you're wrong, you can't make the right decision. I'm under psychiatric help for what drugs have done to me and it's a sad existence.''

 Ozzy Osbourne was never a Satanist. Period.

GENE SIMMONS the Bassist for KISS denies being a Satanist, and like Osbourne KISS used the image to sell records. Simmons is actually Jewish and very pro-Israel, and is not a Satanist. Gene Simmons was never a Satanist. Period.

PAUL STANLEY Guitarist for KISS. He's also Jewish and was never a Satanist. Period.

ACE FREHLEY the legendary guitarist for KISS was never a Satanist. In an interview with a Swedish rock magazine, Ace recounted his Lutheran upbringing, and said he still considered himself a Christian.  Frehley admits to past mistakes, including at one point leading police on a high speed car chase, and reports that he is happier now than he has been in a long time. On sobriety, he muses, "I should have done this a lot sooner." His advice to fans who might be addicted as well is "Hey, you know, maybe by my example, maybe if you're thinking about turning your life around, I did it. Maybe you can do it." After overcoming a bout with drug addiction, Ace sang about his escape in the song Trouble Walkin' :

"If the devil wants to play his card game now/ He's gonna play without an ACE in his deck."

Ace Frehely considers himself a Christian and was never a Satanist. Period.

GROUCHO MARX  Was rumored to have been a member of the Church of Satan. Although he lived to see the occult craze of the 60's and 70's, he did not participate. He was in fact Jewish, as were his brothers, and never met LaVey, nor was he a Satanist.

W.C. FIELDS A vaudeville comedian who had a successful career in the movies and radio. Sometimes you'll actually see pictures of LaVey and Fields photoshopped together, implying Fields was a Satanist. He was not.
He was never a Satanist and died some 20 years before CoS's founding. Feilds was a life long atheist who made a death bed conversion to Christianity. While reading the Bible on his deathbed he joked with a friend that he was "Just checking for loopholes", however his family confirmed he did accept Jesus as his savior before he died. Period.

AYN RAND Was an atheist and didn't believe in anything mystical. She never knew LaVey and never had correspondence with him as he and many CO$ members claimed. Her book Atlas Shrugged was plagiarized by LaVey as part of the Nine Satanic Statements in the Satanic Bible. If she was even aware of LaVey she would have dismissed him as a nut.


 The So Called "Philosophy" of LaVeyian (and basically every other kind) Satanism

The Satanic Bible's "philosophy" could basically be summed up as selfishness and hedonism...hardly earth shakingly original for the 1960's when it was published! People were being selfish hedonists all over the place back then. In fact, it could be said Hugh Hefner (an atheist) created this much of Satanic "philosophy" a decade before LaVey.  But how many Satanists are fun loving swingers? Not very many. Here's a good example:

 "I've been forced to give up coffee - the acid was responsible for a minor ulcer and I can no longer take any chances with my health. This was my solitary vice - now it is gone. I do not drink, do not smoke, do not use recreational drugs and have nothing remotely resembling a sex life!"  -- John "Lord Egan" Allee of The First Church of Satan

 Honestly, what would someone like that lose by giving up Satanism? Well, for one thing, they might get rid of a lot of anger and rage. By and large, Satanists are misanthropic and anti-social. Psychologist Anthony Moriarty has discovered young Satanists (and presumably older ones, what few there are) fall into four categories:

1. The Psychopath These are the Richard Ramierez and Richard Kasso types. They are cruel, demeaning, and violent, and suffer from Sadistic Personality Disorder. They were usually abused as children and feel close to no one. They enter into Satanism already as mentally unstable people and instead of getting better use Satanism to justify their criminal behavior and sadistic impulses.

2. The Angry Misfit They are sulky, critical of others, irritable and argumentative. They sometimes suffer from oppositional defiance disorder. They have a hard time making friends and lasting relationships, so for them Satanism is a way to feel like they have a place to belong.

3. The Pseudo Intellectual This type has a grandiose feeling of superiority and a need for power. The may suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Perhaps the most harmless of this bunch, because they aren't as violent or aggressive. They feel a need to flaunt their superior knowledge of the occult and Satanism (even though they can't make it work either!). They usually spend time arguing online in BBs and NGs about the occult. Satanism gives them a sense of intellectual superiority, when they actually don't have one. In fact, Dr. Moriarty says this type will usually be weak in the area of reasoning skills.

4. The Suicidal Impulsive Satanist This type of person seeks attention by doing crazier and crazier things until they reach the limit and kill themselves, having no other way to get attention. For them Satanism gives them a rationalization for their thinking. This type of person feels a lack of control in their environment, and so compensate by toying with control of their very lives. 


What About Second and Third Generation Satanists?

 In the 1960's Anton LaVey envisioned a coming Satanic Age where Christ would be " a well known folk myth" by the year 2000, and Satanism the dominant un-religion of the land, according to the time-line laid out in The Satanic Rituals, pg 53.

 But rather than becoming a myth, Christianity is still here, and Satanism is merely a fringe movement...and always will be.

 LaVey once wrote "Now it is the higher man's role to produce the children of the future. Quality is more important than quality. One cherished child who can create will be worth more than ten who can produce, or fifty who can believe!" (The Satanic Rituals, pg 12)

 But what exactly have the children of Satanism created? It's been over 40 years since the Church of Satan was founded, yet they have little to show for their their own standards or anyone else's.

 Zeena LaVey, the daughter of Anton and Diane LaVey, gave birth to Stanton LaVey, to date the only grandchild of the late Anton LaVey. Zeena was only 14 years old when she gave birth to Stanton, and critics of the Church of Satan are quick to point out this makes the man who impregnated her a pedophile.  The father of Stanton is unknown, but it has always been said it was an adult member of the Church of Satan. One early rumor said it was a lawyer, but Zeena claims it was her current common law husband, Nicholas Schreck, former punk rock musician, a Satanist and follower of serial killer Charles Manson.

 Stanton spent his early years in the home that had served as the Church of Satan up until 1975, the LaVey home on California Street in San Francisco. Stanton claims he received "all the love a boy could hope for" during this time.  However, with the claims of Anton's violent behavior and spousal abuse by family members, it could be Stanton has a selective memory. He also says "If it wasn't for those first years, I'd be dead by now, one way or another." That doesn't seem to say much for his parents.

 Zeena had a falling out with her father and wasn't on speaking terms with him for the last 7 years or so of his life. Likewise Stanton had a falling out with his parents. "Zeena had warned me years earlier that, should I ever make contact with my grandfather, she would disown me, which she did when I was 17, for telling her that [Schreck] was on my 'list' - or maybe it had something to do with the three months of back rent I stole from them the last time I saw them."

 Stanton's young life almost came to an end when his mother Zeena almost killed him. Stanton recalls one night Zeena rose from the coffin she slept in (how normal is that???), and tried to stab him to death.  "Zeena grabbed her dagger and was coming at me in this zombie trance, telling me she's going to kill me once and for all as she always wanted to. I barricaded myself in my room and watched The Honeymooners all night long until the sun came up." This must be what Stanton meant when he said he'd have been dead one way or another if nto for living with his grandparents.

 Zeena met Schreck during a white supremacist rally to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the "sacrifice" of Sharon Tate by Charles Manson ( normal is that???).  Zeena, Stanton and Shrek went to Austria where they basically abandoned 14 year old Stanton in country where he didn't speak the language and with no money.

 Stanton spent most of his life in and out of jail. He spent his 21st birthday in jail, and his birthday cake was a honey-bun a fellow cellmate gave to him. That's hardly the way most people want to spend their birthday (or any other day). "Mugging people, selling drugs, robbing houses and vandalizing was what I did from the age of 16 to 20.", says Stanton. Being a street criminal isn't what most people would consider "elite".

 Stanton lived for a time with Satanist and fetish porn model Szandora. Szandora says she was expelled from High School for cutting a boy's arm with a razor and insists "he asked me to", as though indulging someone in their sociopathic behavior somehow justified it.

 While Anton LaVey alsways tried to separate himself and his organization from "nuts" like Charles Manson, what is one to make of LaVey's own family?

 Daughter Zeena married a Manson follower. Zeena almost became a killer Satanist herself had Stanton managed to not escape. Stanton himself sounds as though he may join the ranks of people like Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramiez from the sound of things. "I want to go on a killing spree every day, from the moment I wake up, and it doesn't stop until I fitfully fall back to sleep at the end of the day," claims Stanton.  But really, what chance did the LaVey progeny have? Their father was -- by their own descriptions-- a wife beater, a liar, a pimp, and even the participant in a "cannibal feast" by his own admission!

 If the LaVey's are your role models, to put it bluntly, you need to grow up! There are plenty of people who live violent lives, neglect their kids, and spend their days in and out of jail. There is nothing "elite" about them, alien or otherwise. The LaVey's are a third generation dysfunctional family, and anyone who patterns their life after Anton's "philosophy" will wind up likewise.  


 Zeena's "Unfather" Letter

Bizzare Magazine online  interview with Stanton LaVey

The Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey

Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton

Uncommon sense (formerly known as "common sense") will tell you that sometimes, things are EXACTLY as they seem. Witchcraft, black magic, the devil and demons are considered evil by the world's population, and they are right. LaVey made a little money the first few years of the Church of Satan, but the money quickly dried up. Once in a blue moon, a rock star might drop by for some publicity, as Jane Mansfield had done many years before. LaVey's followers were loners, misfits, sociopaths, and the occasional serial killer. None would be considered "elite". They were merely delusional, believing they were great and powerful people. But reality proves otherwise.


 Think about it: Anton LaVey could not make Satanism work for himself. He died bankrupt in a broken down house his parents had given him. He was hardly a wordly success. No one takes Anton LaVey seriously, other than anti-social misfits and juvenile delinquents. If he couldn't make it work, what chance would you (or anyone else) have of making it work?                                                                     


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