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      JACQUES DEMOLAY (1244-1314) The last leader of The Knights Templar. There has been a mountain of myth that has grown up about the Templars by both admirers and detractors alike. The Templars were an order of monks that defended Jerusalem before being driven out by Saladin. The Templars seemed to have escaped practically unharmed, suggesting they had cut a deal with Saladin. Legends have grown over the years about the Templars, including  finding a treasure buried under the Temple in Jerusalem, finding the Ark of the Covenant only to bury it under a Church in Scotland for some reason, discovering some deep dark secret (such as Christ being married), and blackmailing the Roman Catholic Church with it are just a few of the myths. Supposedly the Freemasons have retained the mysterious secrets of the Templars, but more than likely this is just unfounded legends and fake rituals written over the centuries to inject some mystery into boring lives.

    What we do know about the Templars, is that they did have some wealth, but not the vast amounts writers today attribute to them.   The idea that the Templars were the equivalent to billionaires is ludicrous! The Templars became skillful and shrewd traders with their Arab neighbors, which is how they made their wealth. There’s really no mystery to it.

   After the fall of Jerusalem, Jacques DeMolay and the Templars returned to France in disgrace. During this time the Roman Catholic Church had moved it’s headquarters to France, under a Pope who is known in history as the “Anti-Pope”.  Since Jerusalem had fallen into Muslim hands, and would remain so until the British Empire acquired it briefly after WWI, there was no real reason for the Templar Order to continue. King Philip wanted to merge the Templars with the Hospitalers, which would have put them under his control. Demolay, not wanting to cede his authority, balked at this idea and refused to do so. There were many rumors circulating around France the Templars had become heretics, and the charges may not have been completely unfounded.    Among the charges leveled against the Templars was that they engaged in homosexual acts. Historians have concluded that this charge was probably true, considering it sometimes happens when members of the same sex must live together for very extended periods of time ( cite ref, from R.H. Robbins). DeMolay confessed to engaging in homosexuality as well, but it is most unlikely that it was done as part of a “sex magic” ritual as modern day occult groups would have us believe.

    Before DeMolay was arrested on charges of heresy, his spies tipped him off, and he then immediately burned a large pile of documents. If this account is true, it shows he must have had something to hide...but one will ever know what exactly that might have been. Under torture, DeMolay confessed to heresy, and later publically admitted it. Later DeMolay  recanted his confession however, angering the King. Since people have been known to confess to anything under torture, it’s impossible to know which version of Demolay’s confession to believe. At any rate, it can be certain they weren't Devil worshipers of any sort!

    Among the things the Templars confessed to was worshiping something called “Baphomet”. But what Baphomet was is a mystery. Some said it was a black cat, others said it was a human skull with the number 314 painted on it.   Freemasons have a secret initiation (and blasphemous) ritual that takes place upon entrance into the 33rd degree in Scottish Rite, and the 10th degree of York Rite in which wine is drunk from a human skull,   and apparently this is inspired by the Templar legend of skull worship. What we know for certain is that Baphomet was not the goat head inside the pentagram with Hebrew letters on each point spelling out “Leviathan”. This was an invention of occult writers of the 19th century. You may also see a “crusaders cross” called Baphomet, but this too is wishful thinking.

    Scholars have discovered Baphomet is actually a linguistic corruption of “Mohammed”, and believe the  Templars had become clandestine Muslims. This theory would certainly explain a lot, including why the Templars escaped Saladin unscathed. Bedouin Muslims seem to have  tolerance for homosexual sex (although lesbians are killed on the spot), which possibly could be a  reason the Templars would want to have become Muslims, if accounts of their homosexuality are true.  Many of the Templars fled to Muslim controlled Spanish Cordova, which would suggest they were indeed Muslims, and perhaps that is the solution to the enigma. The great and mysterious secret of the Templars may have been that they shared the same religion as the 9-11 hijackers! It’s also possible they escaped to Cordova thinking that could blend in with the Muslims, having knowledge of their language and customs.   At any rate, DeMolay was not the possessor of some mysterious occult secret, and people belonging to modern day “Templar” orders (such as the O.T.O) have no direct connection to the original order at all.

JOHN DEE (1527-1608) John Dee  invented Enochian "Magick" and tried unsuccessfully to get the spirits to bring him money. Enochian magic would be picked up by later occultists, such as the Golden Dawn bunch, Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, and even Satanist Anton LaVey dabbled in it. Dee told Princess Elizabeth she would someday become the Queen, which was a prediction that was certainly possible, considering she was royalty, even though she was an unwilling guest of the Tower of London at the time. It’s unknown how many other nobles he might have also told a similar prediction about gaining the throne, figuring one of them would pay off. After Elizabeth gained the throne, he became the Queen’s advisor, even though Elizabeth is said not to have approved of his occultic methods.

    Dee made claims that he made contact with “angels” that taught him the language spoken by Enoch to God, which he called “Enochian”. But the language Dee “discovered” is simply a corrupted form of Hebrew, which no doubt was his own creation. The Enochian script is derived from Roman characters, oddly enough, which wouldn't have existed during Enoch's time. But Roman characters were what English speaking people wrote English with in Dee's time (just as they do today). It would have been easy enough for Dee to have simply invented such a language, and this is more plausible than thinking angels revealed  it to him. Since Dee was employed as a spy for England at one point, it may even be the so-called “magical” language is really just a spy’s cipher that Dee later tried to pass off as an “angelic language”.

   Even though followers of Enochian magic claim it is to be used for the highest of spiritual purposes, Dee himself was said to use it mostly to try to find buried treasure.  People who got involved in the occult often did so to find buried treasure as I’ve noted, and Dee was certainly no different.  One favorite spirit of Dee’s supposedly called itself “Amy”, and was said to resemble a child carrying a lantern. Dee hoped that this spirit would locate buried treasure for him, or obtain money for him somehow.  It never worked, of course.

    One day the spirit informed Dee and Kelly that the Enochian spirits that, rather than wanting to bring mankind enlightenment, they wanted to bring about the destruction of mankind!  Yet Dee still wanted Kelly to keep invoking the spirits. To this day, people who practice Enochian magick believe that someday, someone will come up with the right combination and unleash the Enochian "angels" that will bring about the apocalypse. Common sense would derive from this that the Enochian angels are actually demons who seek to harm mankind!

   Dee’s fortune did not last. He spent the final years of his life stripped of his honors and income and was forced to live incommunicado. He died in extreme poverty at the age of 81.   If the inventor of Enochian magic couldn't make it work for him, what chance does anyone else have?

EDWARD KELLEY (1555-1597) a.k.a Edward Talbot  He was an assistant to Dee during his Enochian experiments, which later occultists became so enamored over. Aleister Crowley even claimed he was the reincarnation of Kelley. Kelley had a shady past long before he met Dee. He had both is ears cut off as punishment for counterfeiting, which is why he always wore a hat to conceal the fact.   He conned several people into thinking he could change lead into gold...a common scam for alchemists of the time. He became Dee’s assistant and seemed to have played a con on Dee at least part of the time they were together. Kelley tricked Dee into wife swapping, claiming the spirits had insisted upon it.   Kelley got the better end of the swap, as Dee’s wife was 20 years younger than Kelley’ it’s not hard to see the real motive behind that  “Angelic revelation”.

    Kelley warned Dee the “angels” they were talking to were really demons, and that angles had told him their goal was to destroy humanity!   Some of the things Kelly and Dee claimed the angels revealed to them seemed to echo Gnostic heresy of earlier times, so assuming Kelly’s alarm was for real, it was justified. For example, according to Kelly the “angels” told them Jesus wasn’t God and no prayers should be made to him, and there was no Holy Ghost.  The “angels”  told them the story of Adam and Eve was nonsense, and that there had always been the same number of human beings throughout time, neither more nor less, which is a scientific impossibility!

    Kelley eventually abandoned Dee's magical practices, in 1589 because he found a new pigeon, Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, who employed him to make gold through alchemy. Eventually, when the Emperor realized Kelly was conning him, Kelly fled. Kelley/Talbot died at the age of 47 from an injury sustained while trying to escape from prison after being incarcerated for his old hobby of counterfeiting. Kelley tried to lower himself out of a third story window with a makeshift rope, but the rope wasn’t long enough. He tried to drop the rest of the way down to the ground, and only succeeded in breaking his leg. The wound led to his death several days later, which must have been excruciating.

   If even Kelly thought the Enochian magic was Demonic and would destroy humanity, why is anyone stupid enough to try it??? Are you?   Kelley didn’t wind up rich or powerful, didn’t have magic powers, nor does anyone else who practices Enochian “magic”.

CATHERINE DESHAYES a.k.a Madame LaViosin (1640?-1680)A Satanist who headed a cult of Devil worshipers that celebrated the Black Mass. LaViosin’s use of a nude girl as an altar was practiced by later Satanists groups, including Anton LaVey’s original Church of Satan. The chicken or egg question is, was LaViosin the first to celebrate actual Black Masses inspired by earlier but untrue legends, or did some sort of abominations actually take place in the centuries prior to her cult, providing an actual basis for the stories? At any rate, LaViosin’s case is well documented...perhaps the best documented witch trial ever...and such rituals did take place, and the parties involved were not innocent of their crimes.

    LaViosin was a witch and fortune teller who also ran an “abortion clinic” of sorts and sold poisons. She would take the fetuses of unborn babies and unwanted infants and slit their throats in Black Masses. Her clients who bought poison were usually nobility, often women. The Paris Police broke up her poison ring which reached all the way to England. They were tipped off by two Roman Catholic priests who had received several confessions of French noble ladies who confessed to trying to poison their husbands. The stories were almost always the same; a noble woman would poison her husband’s shirts, causing him to break out. His wife would then give him an ointment for the rash...which was more poison. Sometimes the husbands figured out what was happening, and fled to monasteries for safety, but some were not as fortunate.

    Priests are obliged to keep confessions secret, because Priests are bound by what is known as the “seal of the confession” so their Bishop told the two Priests involved to give the police just enough information to begin searching without actually naming names of confessors. This information began an investigation that ultimately  lead police to LaViosin. When the police raided LaViosin’s house, they knew something was strange about her family immediately because they all slept in the same bed.  Police discovered a hidden chamber in the house that led to a room draped completely in black with black candles, and an altar covered with a mattress. Also discovered were several books on black magic and astrology owned by LaViosin. 367 people were arrested in all, and 74 people were sentenced. Many French nobles fled to England and other countries to avoid arrest, and the scandal rocked French high society.

      A debauched priest named Gibourg created communion wafers from flour and blood from the sacrificed infants. These were then used in the Black Masses against King Louis XIV. The King’s mistress had employed LaViosin to use Satanic black magic to kill the King, which didn’t work. When this failed to work, she planned to poison him, but the plot was uncovered before she could carry it out.

    LaViosin and several debauched Priests who had converted to Satanism conducted Black Masses with placentas and fetuses of the aborted babies provided by LaViosin’s abortion business, as well as living unwanted ones, over the naked bodies of young girls as altars. During the Masses, the demons Astoroth and Asmodeus were “invoked” for assistance. LaVisoin later confessed to police that over the years she had cremated some of the remains of the fetuses and babies in her furnace, and some she buried some in her garden. This was confirmed when authorities unearthed thousands of bones of infants on her property. An exact body count of the child murders and poisonings was impossible to tell, but must have been quite high.

   To avoid a public scandal, King Louis the 14th ordered the trial to be conducted in a sealed court ( a star chamber). LaViosin and her gang were all arrested, tried, and convicted for their crimes. The Government of France then created laws against fortune telling, sorcery, and poison to help assure successor cults didn’t arise. Years later the King ordered all records of the trial to be burned, but a few copies accidentally (or intentionally) weren’t destroyed and survive even today. Even though LaVisoin practiced human sacrifices, which some occultists consider to be the ultimate act for attaining power (it was widely practiced by the Pagans of old), it still did her no good. The Devil never gives complete success to those who follow him.  LaViosin was burned at the stake in 1680. [The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology by R.H. Robbins]

CONTE ALESSANDRO CAGLIOSTRO (1743?-1795) Mentioned in the dedication of the 1st Edition of the Satanic Bible. Cagliostro founded now extinct Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry and claimed to have had occult powers. He was an inspiration for future occultists like H.P. Blavatsky and Goethe, among others. Born of a peasant family named Balsamo, Cagliostro claimed to be a count, a Hermetic magician, an alchemist, and a Gypsy. Historian Thomas Carlyle called him the “Prince of Quacks.” Goethe was so impressed with Cagliostro at first, he traveled to Palermo to meet his family. How disappointed he must have been when “Count” Cagliostro’s family turned out to be peasants who lived in a one room house! He managed to write positive things about the encounter at first, but must have changed his mind later about Cagliostro, because in Goethe’s play The Grand Copht, he portrays Cagliostro as a charlatan.

    Unmanageable as a child, Cagliostro’s  family sent him to a seminary for education. One day he read the Gospels and replaced the names of Biblical figures with the names of local prostitutes, causing him to be expelled.  In Palermo he traveled with a gang of robbers. He used his talent for forgery to make theater tickets, a falsified will, and anything else he could profit from. He even robbed his own uncle and was accused of a murder. He conned the gullible and greedy by pretending that he was able to locate gold and buried treasure with magic, showing clients the sites where he said it was buried. When the gullible nobles went to dig up the treasure at the prescribed site, they instead found Cagliostro’s henchmen waiting for them dressed in devil costumes, who then proceeded to mug the nobles. Cagliostro would later tell the nobles that actual demons had robbed them, and also taken the treasure! This ruse landed him in prison on at least one occasion. At times Cagliostro was none too stable, and did the most embarrassing things, like putting a teacup on his erect penis and telling women "This is the only Bishop you will bow to!"  

    Cagliostro was initiated into Freemasonry in London in 1776 and decided to start his own version. He claimed he found a manuscript in a bookstall that gave instructions for Egyptian Rite Masonry.  Cagliostro told his followers he was thousands of years old, and was the Old Testament prophet Elijah, which were of course all lies.  Egyptian Rite Masonry wasn’t really Egyptian at all, and was the creation of Cagliostro. He went about Europe setting up lodges which all sent payments to himself personally.

    Cagliostro held seances before they were called seances. Using a child as a medium (which he called a “pupille” or a “colombe”), Cagliostro claimed he could summon spirits to answer questions of wealthy patrons. In other words, he invented the medium scam that would be used in the next century. Cagliostro told the children how to act and what to say prior to the seance, and bribed them with candy. A few times the children actually told the patrons about Cagliostro’s coaching and  bribery!

    Cagliostro is said to have “pimped out” his own wife at times. Once she tried to ditch Cagliostro for a wealthy noble, and in retaliation Cagliostro had her thrown in prison for a year for adultery. Another time he blackmailed a man whom he had caught in bed with his wife, most likely a pre-arranged set up.

   Cagliostro managed to worm his way into Louis XVI’s court. He hatched a scheme to purchase an expensive necklace and charge it to Marie Antoinette. The French Royals found out about the attempted swindle, and Cagliostro and his gang went to prison in the Bastille. He was released after one year, but couldn’t stay out of trouble, and was imprisoned again in Italy. He died in St. Leo’s prison in 1795, despite claiming he had the elixir of eternal youth.

SIR FRANCES DASHWOOD Dashwood founded the infamous “Hellfire Club” in 1745. He was an inspiration to future occultists, such as Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, and no doubt to some degree, Gerald Gardner. Those Wiccans who think Wicca is an ancient religion think Dashwood might have been a Wiccan himself (he wasn’t, though since Wicca was invented around 1950.). Even though most people classify him as a Satanist, more than likely Dashwood was an atheist who did blasphemous things for shock value, just as many Satanists do today. Dashwood was a wealthy libertine who, like Crowley later, was able to get away with many things he did because of his rank in British society. King George I had passed a law to prevent Hellfire-type clubs in 1721, but this didn’t discourage the more perverted types of English nobility. The Hellfire Club (also called “The Monks of Medmenham Abbey”) performed blasphemous rites, but the main interest was always the orgies, not magic.

    It can’t be said no one suffered from the activities of Dashwood’s gatherings. Pedophillia was a common indulgence at Dashwood’s parties. Children were bought from the slums of London outright and used as sex slaves.  Prostitutes dressed as nuns serviced the club’s patrons. Prostitution, unlike what you may have seen in the movie Pretty Woman, is a crime against women. Women involved in prostitution were forced into it because they had no alternative, and certainly didn’t enjoy such a lifestyle. The only thing they could look forward to was an early death from disease or murder. Incest, a taboo in every culture,  was also typical among the group. Daughters being molested by their fathers was a common practice of the Hellfire Club. The members paid the price for their debauchery in the form of venereal diseases, naturally.

    By 1762, the membership included some of the highest ranking members of the British government; Dashwood was Chancellor of the Exchequer, John Wilkes,  Paul Whitehead, and Charles Churchill were members of Parliament, and the Earl of  Bute, was Prime Minister (but Adam Weishaupt, and Benjamin Franklin were never members as some people have suggested). Despite the wealth and connections, or rather because of it, Dashwood’s club for perverts eventually imploded.  For some reason, Wilkes and Churchill thought they could topple the Bute government and gain control of Parliament if they leaked details of the Hellfire Club’s Satanic rites and perverted sexual activities, incredibly not realizing they were all under the roof of the same glass house. The plan worked, and Bute was removed, but the scandal also predictably tainted them in the process, and also more or less ruined the lives, careers, and reputations of everyone in the Hellfire Club.

    After the Bute scandal, Dashwood tried to revive the club in caves near Wycomb Hill, but the group had already peaked, and it folded not long after. Dashwood and his “monks” all died off from age and disease over the next twenty years. After Dashwood died, he left an enormous library of pornographic works...a legacy few people would proud of !

ADAM WEISHAUPT (1748-1811) Founder of the short lived and extremely over-rated Order of the Illuminati. Many occultists claim (falsely) to be in contact with the Illuminati. Fake Anti-Christ Aleister Crowley claimed to be a member, as did fake ex-Satanist Mike Warneke. The AMORC claims it is the highest level of their bogus mail order occult school, and initiation into this level allegedly takes place out of the body on the astral plane (!). Obviously only the most self-deluded make it to that level. The conspiracy nut crowd has a much less favorable view of the Illuminati, however.
    There is a mountain of myth surrounding this now extinct order, but we can determine the truth. Weishaupt was a Bavarian law professor who started the Illuminati in 1778 (not 1776). The Illuminati actually seems to have been more concerned with politics than the occult, and Weishaupt was probably an atheist. The Masonic-like rituals it used by the order were just a smokescreen for their subversive political activities. Weishaupt hated the Jesuits, but was said to have patterned his order after them in some ways.  While the Illuminati was Masonic-like, it doesn’t appear to have been an actual branch of Freemasonry.

    The Illuminati sought to overthrow the government of Bavaria, and hoped it could eventually spread it’s revolution all over the world. Their overly ambitious goal was to end all kingdoms and all religions. But their activities were exposed in 1784, when an Illuminati courier was struck by lightning, and his secret papers came to light. Wieshaupt lost his position as a Professor and fled  Bavaria.  Weishaupt wrote a few books in exile, such as An Apology For The Illuminati, but the order was kaput.  Weishaupt  died in poverty, alone and forgotten (at least for a while). By the end of the 18th century, the Order of The Illuminatti had ceased to exist. Period. End of story.

    But of course, old legends die hard. The Illuminati has been a favorite subject of conspiracy writers from Texx Mars (who’s an Anti-Semite) to Jack Chick (who’s anti-Catholic). Exactly who is behind the Illuminati depends on the conspiracy nut who’s telling the tale. Anti-Semites say it's the Jews (the Rothschild's in particular, they’re always a favorite target of Jew haters), while others say the Roman Catholic Church, or the Freemasons (including the American founding fathers!), or the Communists, or Wiccans, or Satanists, or The Trilateral Commission, or even the Mafia, among others, and sometimes several groups are included in the conspiracy. The Illuminati is sort of like extraterrestrial aliens that pilot U.F.Os,...lots of people claim to have seen them and believe they exist, write detailed books about what they do, explain how they’ve shaped history, make claims about what their plans are for humanity...but no one can offer a shred of proof they’re real. Oh, and speaking of U.F.O.s, British soccer player turned New Ager, David Icke, says the Illuminati are actually Reptilian Aliens! Help! Call Dr. Who! Obviously all these things are bigoted and crackpot ideas created by bigots and crackpots, and should be dismissed.
     In reality, the Illuminati hasn't existed in over 200 years, and it was a total failure. There is no evidence of their existence after the 18th century, and certainly no evidence the American Founding Fathers or the Rothschilds ever belonged to it. The lluminatti was exposed early on, and thus their operations ended. If there was an Illuminati today, it's the most unsuccessful secret society of all time, since a) everyone has heard of it and b) it’s over 200 years later since it was founded and it still hasn't taken over the world! You may even come across this or that webpage claiming to be the website of the “Illuminati” created as a joke or by someone living in a dream world. They too, can be dismissed, and have no connection to Weishaupt’s short lived Illuminati other than wishful thinking. Even though the legend has gotten a lot of mileage, there is no “real” Illuminati around today. It’s the stuff of crackpots and hatemongers, just deal with it.

Adam Weishupt’s dream of world domination never materialized and he died an impoverished failure...and probably wasn’t even an occultist!

FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE A 19th century German philosopher perhaps best known for the saying “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”, and also coined the phrase "God is dead".He was actually an atheist, not an occultist or Satanist. But since so many occultists and Satanists seem to read Nitzche (or pretend to), I’ll mention him.  Occultist Aleister Crowley seemed to be very influenced by him, as were Anton LaVey and even Charles Manson.  Nietzsche did not believe in conventional morality, but thought man was “beyond good and evil”, and had to choose his own moral code. This is basically the way most occultists live their lives. Nietzsche believed a person should throw themselves completely into a cause without hope of personal gain or reward (according to most interpretations). Many historians think Nietzsche’s writings are why so many intellectuals joined the Nazi and Communist parties during the early 20th century. His writings of "Ubermench" (supermen) rising up from the masses certainly sound as though they could have been written by Joseph Goebels. Neitzche's writings are somewhat ambiguous at times, almost to the point of being mystical. This allows for a lot of wiggle room interpretation wise, and thus there are actually several schools of thought on how to interpret what his philosophy is about. Writings about "The Will To Power" and the rise of "Supermen" are what made him Hitler's favorite sage, and the anti-Semetic and anti-Christian tone was no doubt an added bonus. He was also said to be a favorite of Joseph Stalin, too.

    Apologists for Nietzche claim he wasn't really anti-Semetic, and that the Nazis simply took selections of his writings they liked out of context, and ignored what they didn't like. The thing is, there doesn’t seem to be much that they wouldn’t have liked! His apologists will claim things such as Nietzche allegdly dropped a publisher because the publisher was anti-Semetic, as an example (other accounts say, it was simply a dispute over money). Nietzsche is favorite of college professors, and when the fact he had been a source of inspiration for the Nazis came out, it became necessary to claim Nietzsche was not anti-Semitic, and even opposed to anti-Semitism. This is because atheistic professors just love Nietzsche’s hatred of Christians and want to keep him the classrooms. It’s really just a convenient way to promote bigotry. Hating Christians isn’t as detestable as hating Jews, but it should be.

    If  Nietzsche wasn't an anti-Semite, he sure kept some peculiar company, especially for someone who supposedly opposed anti-Semitism! One of his best friends was composer Richard Wagner, a man who never tried to hide his hatred of Jews. If the Nazi regime had been a movie, Wagner provided the soundtrack for it 50 years in advance. It would have been hard to have been Wagner's friend without having his issues with Jews and Judaism come up, because anti-Semitism and German romanticism dominated his music and his life. His sister was an anti-Semite and even left Germany with her husband for Uruguay to start an "Aryan colony" ,which still exists today. In a foreshadow of things to come, the group even adopted a swastika flag as it's symbol! In other words, the group created a proto-Nazi Germany south of the border (well, south of our border, anyway).  His other sister was also an anti-Semite, whom apologists blame for editing and arranging his posthumous writings to appear anti-Semitic. It might be presumed his sisters learned anti-Semitism and German nationalism from their parents, which would have been the same parents Professor Friedrich had. How is it that this man was surrounded by so many haters of Jews, and yet somehow remained unaffected?

   The fact Nietzsche hated Christianity is unquestionable, so is it really so unreasonable to think he hated it's parent religion? His biggest source of inspiration, Shopenhauer, was also an anti-Semite who hated Christianity. Shopenhauer wrote extensively about the will, like Nietzsche, although he did not seem to practice much will power in real life. He usually gorged himself at dinner and drank wine until he fell asleep at the dinner table, food particles still clinging in his beard. These are the type of people that wake up in various puddles of their own fluids (and those of others!).  

    Nietzsche’s idea that he could make up his own morality allowed him to frequent brothels, which is how he contracted syphilis. Some think this may have been the cause of his madness, although many of his readers like to romanticize he went insane from learning too much of life’s mysteries.  He spent his final days in an insane asylum where he spent his time screaming “I am God! I am God!” Now that you know all that, you might want to skip reading him and Shopenhauer too.

GRIGORY YEFIMOVICH NONYKH RASPUTIN (1869-1916) A Russian Orthodox Priest of the early 20th century who has been falsely accused of being an occultist by later writers. In his youth, Rasputin had been a sinner. Some writers have said his name means "debauched one", but this isn’t so, and actually means “crossroads” (honestly, who would name their kid “debauched one”, anyway?) As an adult, Rasputin had a dramatic religious conversion while visiting a monastery and became a Priest. After a pilgrimage to Jerusalem that he made entirely on foot, Rasputin returned to Russia and settled in St. Petersburg. The “mad monk” Rasputin was very popular at the court of the last Czar of Russia, because he healed the Czar's hemophiliac son through prayer.

    In 1905, the Czar’s son Nicholas (a hemophiliac), was bleeding internally and was feared to be dying. When Rasputin began praying for the Czar’s son, he (or perhaps someone else) insisted the attending physician discontinue his treatments. This alone probably saved the child’s life, because the doctor was giving the child aspirin, which unbeknownst to him was compounding his hemophilia. No one at that time knew aspirin was a blood thinner.

    Many nefarious claims have been made about Rasputin, and perhaps not all of them are undeserved, but he was not the monster with a hypnotic gaze later hack writers tried to turn him into. There were many temptations that came with his success, including alcohol and adultery, and if the Czar’s secret police can be believed (and that’s certainly a big “if”), he succumbed to them. His daughter Maria, wrote a biography of her father years after his death, and claims he was a pious man and dismisses the stories about him. Rasputin got involved in political intrigue and was in over his head. He was assassinated in 1916.

    Occultists are fascinated by Rasputin, because of his alleged healing powers, and because he managed to become a favorite of the Romanov’s. Several theories have been made as to the source of his “powers”. One theory is that Rasputin belonged to a religious sect called the Khylsty, which practiced sex rituals, but historians conclude there is no evidence to support this idea. His daughter Maria also denied her father was a member of the sect in her biography of Rasputin.

    Occultists seem to think Rasputin  had occult powers such as being able to read minds, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence of this. Sophie Buxhoeveden, a friend of the Czarina, recounts how these stories came about:
“I believe that at this time the Empress saw Rasputin occasionally, but he was chiefly to be found in the company of the two Grand Duchesses who had ‘discovered’ him, and who now reported that Rasputin was undoubtedly a "seer." This annoyed the Emperor, and, the next time he saw Rasputin, he asked him to tell him how he “saw " . "Your Majesty, I know nothing of clairvoyancy," said Rasputin.
"Then why have the Grand Duchesses asserted that you possess clairvoyant gifts?" replied the Emperor, crossly; and, when the Empress put the same question to Rasputin, she received the same reply”  Buxhoeveden seemed to think the accusation of being a “seer” was done out of political reasons to discredit Rasputin. She also noted that “The commencement of endless intrigues dates from this period, as Elidor and Germogen were afraid that Rasputin would become more important than themselves.” ( from The Life and Tragedy of Alexandra Feodorovna by Sophie Buxhoeveden, Chapter V)

    Occultists like Anton LaVey have tried to re-write history and make Rasputin into an occultist too...and even a Satanist no less.  This is because they wish they could get close to people in power as Rasputin did with the Czar. But Rasputin was not an occultist, and all the wishful thinking will not change the past and make him into one. He didn’t have occult powers, and even if he had lived sinfully, he still wasn’t a Satanist or occultist of any kind. The occult won’t give you sort of political power...or any power. Period.

“BARON”RUDOLPH SERBOTTENDORF The founder of the occult order known as the Thule Society. Serbottendorf was an anti-Semite who believed in Blavatsky’s teachings of the Aryan race.  He was a member of the Thule society in 1919 comprised of like minded Germans. The Thule disbanded in 1923 after violent attacks from communists in which some Thule members were killed. One branch of the Thule, the German Order, survived however, and eventually evolved into the Nazi Party. In fact, some historians think the Thule was really just and recruiting tool for the German Order as well as a smokescreen for their political activities, which was the real motive behind the orginization.

   After the Thule disbanded, Serbottendorf fled to Turkey, then Mexico and eventually returned to Germany 1933, probably hoping to assume some important position in the Nazi regime. But instead the Nazis acted indifferent toward him since they no longer needed him. Feeling dissed, he wrote an account of Hitler’s early days titled Bevor Hitler Kam (Before Hitler Came). In it Serbottendorf recounted “The Thule Society was the original group to whom Hitler came”, and revealed the roots of the Nazi party lay in that secret occult society. It was through the help of the Thule members...some of whom were well connected...that Hitler was able to rise to power. An astrologer who worked for the Nazis named William Wulf mentioned after the war Hitler belonged to a society of astrologers and magicians before coming to power, and this was probably a reference to the Thule Society, thus confirming Serbottendorf’s claim.

   Bevor Hitler Kam sold well enough for a second printing. The Nazis found out about the book, and were none too pleased. They had already given an “official” account of Hitler’s rise to power, and didn’t need someone airing their dirty leaderhosen in public. Copies of the book were confiscated by the Nazis, and Serbottendorf was murdered according to his publisher, no doubt by the Gestapo. A few copies of the book managed to survive, however.

    Even though Serbottendorf was murdered and the Nazis lost WWII miserably, some occultists still practice what they call “Nazi occult rituals”, many Satanists and Odinists in particular. Why would anyone want to do this, seeing how it worked out for Serbottendorf and the Nazis (let alone how evil the Nazis were)??? You don’t need magic to be a failure!

Serbottendorf ; He sought power through the occult, but in the end he wound up murdered.

ADOLPH HITLER (1889-1945) Hitler’s name doesn’t spring to mind when one thinks of an occultist,  but some occultists consider him to have had occult powers, so I'll mention him. Hitler might have been an Odinist (worshiper of false Viking gods like Thor, Odin, and Freya), or possibly just an atheist who dabbled in the occult, but at any rate, he wasn't a Satanist and certainly not a Christian!  Some occultists consider him an "ascended master" or even an "avatar" (incarnated god). Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews and eventually replace Christianity with Germanic paganism, and this much is certain.

    Whatever Hitler’s religious beliefs were, we can certainly rule out his being a Christian. In 1996 documents from the Nuremberg Trial were discovered detailing the Nazi’s systematic persecution of Christian Churches and Hilter’s plans to eliminate Christianity altogether after WWII. An American General detailed the accounts given to him by former Nazi leaders of Hitler’s “Kirchenkampf” plans which comprise no less than 150 volumes of Nuremberg Trial documents alone! Even though Hitler may have written and said things at times to make him sound Christian, such as things he said in Mein Kampf, it should be remembered Mien Kampf is political propaganda and not to be taken at face value. Mein Kampf also doesn’t mention Hitler’s plans for the Holocaust, either. Ruteger’s Journal of Religion and Law has made those Nuremberg documents available to read online.

    There have been may spurious accounts about Hitler and the Nazis, the occult being one subject. A book published in 1973 called The Spear of Destiny claimed Hitler was a Satanist obsessed with a legendary spear thought to have pierced the side of Christ.  It also claims Hitler was a blood drinking Satanist who traveled to India and joined the cult of Kali. These, and many other bizarre stories are untrue. But there is no doubt that Hitler, Hess and Himmler were all involved in the occult to varying degrees, nonetheless.

    There are many claims that Hitler belonged to various occult societies that combined racism and right wing politics with ritual magic. It’s possible some of the groups claimed to be interested in the occult as a smokescreen to hide their political aims. Besides the Thule, one group that Hitler also supposedly belonged to was called the New Order of Templars. The society was created by Georg  Liebenfels in 1909, and combined the legends of the Templars with Aryan supremacy. There is at least one verified record of Hitler visiting Liebenfels, and it could certainly be there was a working relationship between the two. Liebenfels wrote to a disciple in a letter in 1932 “Hitler is one of our pupils.” and promised that through Hitler they would “make the whole world tremble”. They did, but the end results were probably not as he and Hitler would have hoped.

     A Look magazine issue of 1940 mentions Hitler had his own observatory and practiced astrology, although Hitler said it was merely just for fun. The words “Hitler” and “fun” don’t exactly go together, and realizing some of the people trafficked with, it was probably more than for amusement purposes. Hitler’s superstition became so well known, that even The Three Stooges made a short that same year that mocked Hitler’s belief in astrology (and also mocked Hitler himself, of course! Nyuk! Nyuk Nyuk!).  When British Intelligence discovered Hitler’s interest in star gazing, they hired an astrologer named Pohl to try to figure out what Hitler’s astrologers were telling him. When asked about a British invasion, Pohl told Churchill he personally had known all the astrologers advising Hitler, and that they all had advised him against it. He was apparently right, since no dreaded invasion of Britain ever took place.

    The Nazis attitude toward astrologers was ambivalent. On the one hand, they outlawed fortunetellers and astrologers, but quietly employed some of them for official party business. Hitler hired an astrologer and hypnotist named Hume to teach him about mass psychology and hypnosis. It’s believed Hume taught him the strange hand gestures that you often see used by Hitler during speeches in newsreels. Hume opened a seance parlor called “Castle of The Occult”. He had the room bugged with microphones to pick up conversations before the seances to fool people into thinking he had occult powers. He seemed to have predicted the Reischtag fire, perhaps because he played some part in it, or because the Nazis had told him about it, or he picked up plans for it during a bugged conversation. He was murdered 6 weeks later by the Berlin police, no one knows for sure why, but it’s generally thought the Reischtag fire had something to do with it. It  may have been because his Jewish parentage finally came to light, or perhaps his microphones had been discovered, or it may have been because the Berlin Chief of Police was indebted to him for a large amount of money. At any rate, Hitler’s astrologer didn’t see it coming!  

      Hitler and other Nazis leader's belief in astrology was so strong they were even willing to risk a U-Boat and it’s crew for a simple dime store farmer’s almanac. In 1942, German spies were sent by U-Boat to North Carolina to buy a copy of  The Old Farmer’s Almanac, believing it had the most accurate weather forecasts in the world (even though this has been proven not to be the case in scientic studies). They were promptly captured in the attempt of trying to buy a copy. Uncle Sam banned publication of all such almanacs until the end of WWII to discourage future attempts.

   Occultism and quack science seem to go hand in hand, and not surprisingly quack sciences flourished under Hitler. Hoebinger was a mechanic who created a theory of “Fire and Ice” to explain the creation of the universe. His theory was that the moon was made of ice, and that planets were created when huge globes of ice collided with the sun. The current moon is the fourth such ice globe to be the earth’s satellite, and would plunge to earth in 1000 years, creating another deluge. This is supposedly why Hitler said the Third Reich would last 1000 years. Scientists were forced to accept this bizarre and unscientific Fire and Ice theory which Hitler favored as an alternative to what he called “Jewish science”. Hilter liked Hoebinnger so much, that Hoebinnger is the only person known to have told Hilter to shut up while he was talking...and live!  Hoebinnger died in 1933, but a group of psudeo-scientists he assembled while alive continued to advise the Nazis. “The Hoebinngers” as they were known wrongly predicted a mild winter for Russia in 1942 which resulted in disaster for Germany when their troops experienced a sub-arctic nightmare. The winter was so cold gun powder wouldn’t ignite. Hoebinnger believed the earth was merely a hollow globe and the Nazis experimented on a crazy scheme to create a radar system based on the idea. It failed to work, since the earth isn’t hollow.

    During WWII, the Germans became perplexed as to why the British were so good at finding and destroying their U-Boats and ships. They somehow drew the bizarre conclusion that the British were using psychics with pendulums swinging over maps (used sort of like divining rods) to do this. It didn’t occur to them, thank goodness for the world, that the British had  in fact captured a German code machine (called an Enigma machine). The pendulum diviners were employed  with Hitler’s approval, but did absolutely  nothing to help locate British ships.

     Hitler started out at the beginning of WW2 with the world's largest army while America had the 16th largest. His ally Japan, a nation of adherents to the Shinto religion who are goddess worshipers (not unlike Wiccans)decimated America's navy with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Although Mussolini was an atheist who only paid lip service to the Vatican to keep up appearances, the Fascists had occultist supporters like the Baron Julius Cesare and Andrea Evola, who wanted Italy to return to Roman paganism. Spain was yet another powerful ally to Hitler. Germany was way ahead in atomic bomb research at the beginning of the war.

    In theory, Hitler should have won WW2 based on his resources, and in fact Germany was winning the war in the beginning.. But instead of course, Germany lost WW2, with Hitler biting on a cyanide capsule while simultaneously pulling the trigger of gun pointed at his head. Germany, Italy, and Japan lay in ruins. Spain had backed out of WWII declaring itself neutral and depriving Hitler of any help it might bring. Hitler’s name is the most reviled in history. So much for Odin! The occult didn’t help the evil Hitler, nor will it help anyone else. As a final act, Hitler committed suicide on April 30th...the Neopagan holiday of Walpurgisnacht. Some people speculate this date was chosen due to some kind of occult belief. Could Hitler have offered himself as a sort of human sacrifice to Germanic Pagan gods as a last desperate attempt to win the war? If so, this last magical act also failed.

Adolph Hitler; a failure and the most despised man to have ever lived.

HEINRICH HIMMLER Occultist chicken farmer who became an infamous mass murderer. Himmler was an early member of the Nazi Party who rose in rank to become the second in command of Hitler’s Reich. He was a devout student of the occult, in particular of Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy, as well as astrology, spiritualism, and herbalism. Himmler headed the Nazi shock troops known as the SS during the Nazi regime. Himmler was obsessed at finding the occult origins of the “Aryan race”, and created a department called the Annenahbe to investigate and catalog every piece of folklore and superstition on the German speaking people. Himmler had 63 million dollars spent to restore the Welwelsburg outrageous sum of money...just because he thought it was built on the site of a pre-Christian Saxon fort. It became the headquarters for the SS, and a Mecca of sorts for a future Germanic Neopagan/occult religion (some occult nuts even make visits there even today).  The SS headquarters was a literal temple to German racism, and contained a library of an estimated 10,000 books of the occult, folklore, and anything having to do with Germany.

    Himmler claimed he talked to the ghost of Henry the Folwer each night, who would appear at his bed. On the 1000th anniversary of Henry the Folwer’s birth, Himmler had Fowler’s remains re-enterred with much pomp and ceremony. Himmler also claimed to be the reincarnation of Henry the Folwer. It’s a head scratcher to wonder how he thought he was able to talk to his own ghost.

    Himmler despised the Jesuits (since they were Christians) but oddly enough patterned the SS after them in some ways. Himmler intended to replace Christianity with Germanic Neopaganism with SS officers to act as sort of like High Priests for this new Neopagan religion. SS officers were even to preside over weddings. Hitler once remarked “After I die Himmler will probably make me into some kind of SS Saint. Can you believe it? Ridiculous! We should have just stayed with the Christians. At least they had a sense of order.” [emphasis mine to show Hitler and the Nazis had abandoned Christianity]

    Himmler’s bizarre occult beliefs became the basis for many Nazi policies. SS officers were encouraged to copulate with women in German cemeteries in hopes the ghosts of German soldiers would be reincarnated into the babies from said unions. A German occultist named Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946) said he could psychically trace a German’s family tree back 280,000 years by psychic means, and that the Earth once had four moons and three suns. Wiligut claimed his own family line started when the gods of the sea mated with the gods of the air. Himmler immediately made this crackpot an SS Colonel! In 1938 Colonel Wiligut was forced  to retire after it came to light he had once been committed to an insane asylum in 1924 after he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic! Surviving records indicate Himmler dispatched SS personnel to investigate such superstitious things as why crows linger at funerals than other birds (no one could find out, since they actually don’t).

   When Germany’s fall was apparent, Himmler secretly tried (unsuccessfully) to negotiate a surrender deal with the allies. An aide implored him not to discuss occult subjects with his contact, a Dutch Barron. But Himmler, the original occult geek, lectured the poor man for an hour to the similarities to Germanic runes and Japanese pictographs as evidence that both Germans and Japanese were Aryans.

    When Germany fell to the Alies in 1945, Himmler tried to escape wearing a Private’s uniform but his occult powers must have been on the blink or something, because he was captured and recognized almost immediately. He committed suicide during an interrogation by biting down on a suicide capsule he concealed in his mouth. Despite the supposed occult power the Nazis had, it did nothing for them. Germany laid in ruins, and the Nazis became the most despised villains in history.

    Himmler’s son later described in the decades after the war the bizarre and Satanic things his father did, including having furniture made from human bones. Even he is perplexed by his father’s ghoulish appetites. He has not followed in his father’s footsteps, and is a Lutheran minister!

Hienrich Himmler; an occult geek and failure. One of the most reviled mass murders of history.

RUDOLPH HESS Early Nazi party member who became Deputy Fuherer. Hess is best remembered for his bizarre attempt to win Great Britain on the side of the Axis that ended in his imprisonment.
    Hess had been  a member of the Thule Society, and was said to daily consulted astrologers and fortunetellers for advice. Hess became convinced by a psychic that Britain had to enter World War II on the Axis side for Germany to win. He thought he could convince the British to join the Axis, and flew a plane to Scotland on a mission to win them over...obviously not very likely.  Hess failed in his mission and was immediately captured by a pitchfork wielding farmer upon his arrival!

    Hitler was furious when news of Hess’s capture reached him. It’s said Hitler read a letter Hess left him, and though the contents aren’t known, Hitler immediately had all astrologers, fortune tellers , and psychics arrested in Germany after that incident, suggesting the letter was about an astrological or psychic prediction that precipitated Hess’ flight. Hess sat out the war in prison, and was later sentenced to life imprisonment during the Nuermberg War Crime Trials. Hess spent the rest of his life in Spandau Prison, and for many years was it’s only resident. He attempted suicide on several occasions, and finally succeeded in 1989 at the age of 90. From his capture in 1938 to his suicide in 1989, Hess spent more of his life imprisoned than he did free.  In his suicide note he told his wife he had pretended to be insane, hoping he could gain his release. His plan failed, and it must have been enough to drive someone mad, having to pretend for 50 years to be crazy! The occult didn’t work for Hess, and it won’t work for anyone else.

Rudolph Hess Nazi war criminal, prisoner most of his life,  and ultimate failure who committed suicide.

ALEISTER CROWLEY (1875-1947) The founder of the Thelema occult religion, and connected directly or indirectly to just about every occult group or movement around today, from the The Church of Satan, the AMORC, Wicca and even the Church of Scientology . Crowley started out in life as a wealthy heir to Crowley Ale. Despite all his voluminous writings that  blather about the importance of developing the will, he squandered his fortune away on drugs and prostitutes.

      Crowley did some incredibly strange things during his career, to put it mildly, including defecating on hotel carpets because he thought his feces was sacred, molested children, sharpened his teeth to make fangs, ate feces, put food and dead birds on a skeleton in attempt to reanimate it (all it did was make a mess) and identified with the Anti-Christ. His followers are willing to overlook such behavior, thinking somehow it was due to being in contact with the mystical forces. But there is actually a much more mundane explanation for Crowley’s behavior.

     Crowley Apparently suffered minor brain damage from an explosion on Guy Fawkes night when he was 14. In an explosion resulting from a “homemade firework” (a glass jar with two pounds of gunpowder), young Crowley was knocked unconscious. He remained in a coma for four days, and had to keep a blindfold on for two weeks for fear he’d go blind. His family noticed a change in his personality after this accident.  This accident probably made  him psychotic, because psychosis can be cause by brain damage, and Crowley certainly exhibited psychotic behavior throughout his life. In addition to things mentioned, he would claim to be a Scottish Laird, a Russian Count, an Egyptian Prince, claim to have a medical degree when he didn’t, and once opened a "magickal restaurant" featuring pills made with his own semen as an ingredient (yuck!).

    Not long after this accident is when Crowley began his interest in the occult. He read A.E. Waite’s Book of Black Magic and of Pacts, and claims he made a pact with the devil at age 14. As an adult, Crowley created a religion called Thelema. Thelema is a religion with no commandments, and instead tells followers “Do What Thou Will”.  Crowley seems to have gotten the idea for Thelema from the novel by renegade Roman Catholic monk Francois Rabelais (c.1495-1553) called Gargantua and Pantagruel, written circa 1542 A.D. The monks lived in the Abbey of Thelema only had one rule, “Do What Thou Will”.  

    Crowley developed a taste for mountain climbing while at Cambridge, and tried to climb Mount Everest a few times, but always failed to reach the top. Crowley likened the pursuit of the occult to mountain climbing. A person had to work hard at it and not stop to rest. If the occultist failed in his task, he would fall off the "mountain" into "the Abyss". Crowley was known to abuse his porters, and gave racist excuses to a British newspaper when interviewed as to why this was OK. On such an expedition in 1905, Crowley was deposed as leader of the group because of such behavior. During this climb, there was an avalanche later that killed several people. Crowley heard the cries for help, but did not even bother to look outside his tent, and this incident is hard to excuse, even by his followers. But this incident is far from being atypical of Crowley.

    Crowley was described, by friend and foe alike, as an egotistical, self centered, arrogant individual. He took much and gave little in return. He cared nothing about other people, except what he could get out of them and could be downright cruel to his disciples and friends. To the psychotic, there is no one more important than themselves. Crowley's life seems to have reflected his moto of "Do What Thou Will". Such a moto is the moto of a sociopath, if not a criminal, and it doesn’t make people better. Influenced by Nietzsche, He believed he was "beyond good and evil", and thought conventional morality did not apply to him. When looking at Crowley’s behavior throughout his life, it is hard to see any benefits of practicing Thelema.

   Crowley joined the Order of The Golden Dawn, but caused much friction in the group. After he got kicked out, he later started his own version, called the Aregentinum Astrum, (Latin for “Silver Star”)or A.A. He also joined the Ordero Templi Orenentis (O.T.O.), the Order of Oriental Templars. In 1923, he was promoted to head of the Order.

    Crowley was very fond of demons and sought them out on many occasions. One technique Crowley used to accomplish this was to sodomize a fellow magician, either man or woman, and then eat the semen or feces after the act took place. Crowley believed that sodomy attracted demons, and by eating these vile things (in a sort of mock communion) he could bring the demons inside himself and gain their powers and knowledge. Thank you for not throwing up on this book when you read that. Whatever Crowley thought he learned from these experiences is unknown, and you’d be an idiot to want to try these techniques.

    While Crowley never became the Devil's chief of staff he did, according to his followers, become demonically possessed on at least one occasion. During a ritual in the desert, along with two of his disciples, he attempted to invoke a demon called "Chronozon". It is said Crowley did all the things you're supposed to do, drawing his cute little circle in the sand with all the names of the God that he so despised inside to protect him. But, so the story goes, the demon simply kicked sand on the circle, walked right in, and possessed Crowley. It was said after this incident, Crowley appeared to have aged 20 years overnight. Many of his followers believe Crowley was possessed by this demon for the rest of his life! These are things one must consider when deciding to follow the teachings of this man.

    Crowley married his wife Rose in 1903 and called her The Whore of Babylon to complement his self imposed Great Beast title. She was not a very stable woman. Crowley recorded one day on their Honeymoon, a bat got tangled in Rose’s hair. Later that night, she began screaming and clawing, thinking she was turning into a bat herself. She eventually divorced Crowley and spent the rest of her life in an insane asylum. This was said to be a pattern throughout Crowley's career. Followers, servants, and lovers of both sexes went insane, perhaps because they were mentally unstable to begin with, or perhaps driven insane deliberately by Crowley somehow, or perhaps both factors. Several disciples were said to have committed suicide after Crowley had no further use for them. Most people would expect a religious figure does good things for people. But what about a religious figure that drives people insane and even to suicide?

    Crowley was very fond of demons and sought them out on many occasions. One technique Crowley used to accomplish this was to sodomize a fellow magician, either man or woman, and then eat the semen or feces after the act took place. Crowley believed that sodomy attracted demons, and by eating these vile things (in a sort of mock communion) he could bring the demons inside himself and gain their powers and knowledge. Thank you for not throwing up on this book when you read that. Whatever Crowley thought he learned from these experiences is unknown, and you’d be an idiot to want to try these techniques. While Crowley never became the Devil's chief of staff he did, according to his followers, become demonically possessed on at least one occasion. During a ritual in the desert, along with two of his disciples, he attempted to invoke a demon called "Chronozon". It is said Crowley did all the things you're supposed to do, drawing his cute little circle in the sand with all the names of the God that he so despised inside to protect him. But, so the story goes, the demon simply kicked sand on the circle, walked right in, and possessed Crowley. It was said after this incident, Crowley appeared to have aged 20 years overnight. Many of his followers believe Crowley was possessed by this demon for the rest of his life! These are things one must consider when deciding to follow the teachings of this man.

    In 1903, Crowley wrote his magnum opus, titled Liber Al Vel Legis, Latin for “The Book of The Law” in mockery of the Law of Moses, which he claims was dictated to him by his “Holy Guardian Angel” named Aiwazz. Some of Crowley’s followers, such as the Temple of Set, claim Aiwazz was none other than Satan. This would mean Thelema is a form of Satanism!

    Thelemites hope that their religion will someday destroy Christianity and replace it (along with the rest of the word’s religions), and Liber Al bears this out:

“3:50 I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men.
3:51 Curse them! Curse them! Curse them!
3:52 With my Hawk's head I peck at the eyes of Jesus as he hangs upon the cross.
3:53 I flap my wings in the face of Mohammed & blind him.
3:54 With my claws I tear out the flesh of the Indian and the Buddhist, Mongol and Din.
3:55 Bahlasti! Ompehda! I spit on your crapulous creeds.
3:56 Let Mary inviolate be torn upon the wheels: for her sake let all chaste women be utterly despised among you!”

    Even though Thelemites charge Christians with being intolerant of other faiths (as do all occultists), what are we to make of Thelemites from reading the above passage? Thelema is clearly intolerant of all other religions.   

    Crowley was obsessed with developing the will, like Neitzche, and thought it was utterly crucial to becoming a sorcerer. One method of will development devised by Crowley involved making himself not think of himself as “I”, and cutting his forearm with a razor each time he thought that thought. So in other words, he was no different than teenage Satanists and Wiccans I’ve come across who are into “cutting”. Crowley was simply exhibiting self-injurious behavior as do many psychotic and mentally ill people.

    Crowley seemed to be a pansexual, which is someone who sees sex in everything. He took on sexual partners of both sexes, and is said to have been a pedophile and even tried necrophilia. While the charges of molesting children are now denied by some, his very writings indicate he violated his own children:

“[Rose Kelly] hath given Her two year old bastard boy to her lover’s whim of sodomy...She hath tongued Her five-month old girl, and asked its father to deflower it.”

    A follower named Willian Mudd, a little known gay poet, allowed Crowley to sodomize him on numerous occasions as part of their “sex magick”. He later committed suicide by drowning himself with his pockets full of rocks. In fact, most of Crowley’s followers, lovers, and servants went mad or committed suicide. What kind of prophet causes so much misery for the people around him?

      In 1920 Crowley established his life long dream of an “Abbey of Thelema” at Cefalu on the island of Sicily. But the broken down chateau did not become the occult sex and drug utopia Crowley had envisioned. His wife and his lover bickered and fought constantly with one another. The trio almost starved to death had it not been for some kindly peasants who felt sorry for them and gave them food. Disciples came and went, one describing the Abbey as an outhouse because the chateau smelled of feces and was littered with garbage.  

    One of the most disgusting of all Crowley's "magical" acts was the night  Leah defecated on a plate which Crowley, a man who’s blasphemy knew no end, then consecrated her feces as a "Eucharist", in mockery of The Lord’s Supper. Crowley claimed she then “demanded” that Crowley should eat her excrement, to which he did, but of course Crowley was known to consume feces many times on previous occasions. Later, he wrote of this "magickal"experience: "My mouth burned; my throat choked; my belly retched, my blood fled whither who knows, and my skin sweated. She stood above me, hideous in contempt." (99)

   Animal sacrifices were a common occurrence at the chateau. One follower got distemper after  drinking sacrificed cat’s blood."The cat was placed on the altar; incense was burnt; magical invocations went on for two hours. At the end of this time, Loveday slashed the cat's throat with a knife; but the blow was too light, and the cat rushed around the room howling. It was caught again, etherized, and Loveday was made to gulp down a cup of the cat's blood."
    The result of this “magic ritual” was Lovejoy contracted distemper and died shortly afterwards. After Lovejoy’s death and stories of a animal sacrifices made the Italian newspapers, Mussolini’s Fascist government kicked him out in 1924, proving Crowley had no powers or else he could have stopped it.
    Cats weren’t the only victims of Crowley’s dangerous and disgusting blood drinking rituals. His second wife, Leah Hirsig, had to copulate with a goat, until the moment of climax, then Crowley slashed it’s throat and he and his followers drank the blood. Even though occultists all hold Crowley in the highest esteem - - Thelemites actually consider him to have been a god - - I can really see no difference between Crowley and a teenage “stoner” Satanist who goes around the neighborhood sacrificing cats, other than Crowley had better grammar.

    Once Italy gave Crowley the boot, he went to Paris, and his career went downhill from there. The tabloids decided Crowley was somewhat of a has been. One newspaper article noted how much Crowley seemed to have aged in appearance beyond his years. His hard living was taking it’s toll. He had a nervous breakdown after trying to conjure a demon in a Paris hotel. Crowley was found huddled nude in a corner, his robe ripped to shreds. His illegitimate son MacAlister died during this same attempt, apparently from fright. Crowley  spent four months in an insane asylum after that, and was released, a broken man. From there his downward spiral only gained momentum.

   Aleister spent the remainder of his years sponging off former students to keep up his drug habits. His arms were badly scarred from his heroine addiction as well as from years of cutting himself. In 1947 he died impoverished in a flophouse in Hastings, England, forgotten by most,  a drug addict and alcoholic, but still claimed to the last he was “The Great Beast 666" to the end. Would you want to follow someone who wound up a penniless drug addict? If so, just go to any homeless shelter. No doubt some of them can tell you all about the spirits and weird things they see too!
Aleister Crowley was a psychotic and fraud who died a penniless junkie in a flophouse.
"Success is your proof " - -Liber Al Vel Legis 3:46, Aleister Crowley

KARL GERMER (1885-1962) Succeeded Crowley as leader of the O.T.O. in the U.S.A., although rivals of Germer hotly disputed this. Like Crowley, Germer tried to have mastery over drugs...and also would up a junkie like Crowley. Years of drug abuse ravaged his body (and bank account) , and he died in poor health in California in 1962.   

Karl Germer; Died a junkie like his master before him.

WILHELM REICH (1892-1957) Included here because so many occultists (Anton LaVey, Israel Regaride, & Gavin and Yvonne Frost to name just four) seem to read his books and subscribe to his ideas. He was a quack psychiatrist, although he had an impressive pedigree, and had actually studied under Dr. Sigmund Freud himself. Reich claimed he discovered a new form of energy called "orgone", and cited evidence of its existence.  Reich claimed, for instance,  if a you stare at the sky long enough, the ripples you see are the “orgone enregy”. In reality, doctors know the ripples are just an optical illusion due to eye strain, nothing more!

    Orgone seemed to be the building blocks of the universe, and could also cure practically every disease, according to Reich. To date, no one has ever verified orgone's existence, although Reich's cult of followers continue to claim they have. In 1940 Reich invented a device that he claimed could cure everything from impotence to cancer called the "Orgone collector"...which was actually just an empty wooden box. Reich charged his clients around $250 per session of sitting in this phony miracle box. He also sold "Orgone blankets" and "Orgone pillows", which also boasted curative powers, and were just ordinary blankets and pillows.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration obtained an injunction against Reich selling his products in 1954, but Reich defiantly continued to do so. In between Orgone research, Reich also claimed to have stopped a UFO invasion with a secret ray weapon he developed. You think the FDA would have been grateful to Reich for keeping us from being turned into pod people, but they still had him arrested. He died in Prison in 1957 for failing to obey a court order, but there will always be a segment of the population that follows quacks and nuts. Occultism and quack science seem to go hand in hand.

Wilhelm Reich; a quack and a fraud who died in prison.

HOWARD PHILIPS LOVECRAFT (1890-1937)Was not even really even an occultist, but just a writer of short horror stories who was virtually unknown in his day. Many would be Harry Potters assume that he was an occultist because his short stories that he wrote usually centered around a spell book called "The Necronomicon". Lovecraft told people on numerous occasions there was no real Necronomicon.

"..I read the Arabian Nights at the age of five. In those days I used to dress up in a turban, burnt-cork a beard on my face, and call myself by the synthetic name (Allah only knows where I got it!) of Abdul Alhazred - which I later revived, in memory of old times, to confer on the hypothetical author of the hypothetical Necronomicon!"  (from a letter to Robert E. Howard, October 4, 1930)

"As for writing the Necronomicon - I wish I had the energy and ingenuity to do it! I fear it would be quite a job in view of the very diverse passages and intimations which I have in the course of time attributed to it! I might, though, issue an abridged Necronomicon - containing such parts as are considered at least reasonably safe for the perusal of mankind! When von Juntz's Black Book and the poems of Justin Geoffrey are on the market, I shall certainly have to think about the immortalisation of old Abdul!" (from a letter to Robert E. Howard, May 7, 1932)

"By the way - there is no ‘Necronomicon of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred ’  That hellish & forbidden volume is an imaginative conception of mine, which others of the [Weird Tales magazine] group have also used as a background of allusion." (from a letter to Robert Bloch, May 9, 1933)

"As for the "Necronomicon" - this month's triple use of such allusions is bringing me in an unusual number of inquiries concerning the real nature & obtainability of Alhazred's, Eibon's, & von Junzt's works. In each case I am frankly confessing the fakery involved." ( from a letter to Robert Bloch dated early to mid July 1933)

"Regarding the Necronomicon - I must confess that this monstrous & abhorred volume is merely a figment of my own imagination! Inventing horrible books is quite a pastime among devotees of the weird, & . . . many of the regular W.T. contributors have such things to their credit - or discredit. It rather amuses the different writers to use one another's synthetic demons & imaginary books in their stories - so that Clark Ashton Smith often speaks of my Necronomicon while I refer to his Book of Eibon . . & so on. This pooling of resources tends to build up quite a pseudo-convincing background of dark mythology, legendry, & bibliography - though of course none of us has the least wish actually to mislead readers." ( from a letter to Miss Margaret Sylvester, dated January 13, 1934)

     Far from being a believer in magic, in reality, Lovecraft was, in fact, an atheist. He was also a white supremacist who even collaborated with the Nazis before the outbreak of WWII. The Nazis approached Lovecraft to write the American equivalent of Mein Kampf. Lovecraft was bigoted enough that he agreed to do it. Fortunately a friend and his ex-wife talked him out of it.

    Lovecraft's racism has not gone unnoticed among scholars, either. Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi has said  "There is no denying the reality of Lovecraft's racism, nor can it merely be passed off as ‘typical of his time,’ for it appears that Lovecraft expressed his views more pronouncedly (although usually not for publication) than many others of his era. It is also foolish to deny that racism enters into his fiction."In his book H.P. Lovecraft: Against The World, Against Life,  Michel Houellebecq argues that "racial hatred" provided the emotional force and inspiration for much of Lovecraft's greatest works. Some of his most hostile racist views can be found in his poetry, particularly in "On the Creation of N*****s," and "New England Fallen" (both 1912).

    The one thing he did have in common with occultists was that he died broke at the home of two spinster aunts he lived with. Lovecraft's stories usually had one central theme: Stupid people who tried their hand at  occult and got fried every single time. If you take anything away after reading Lovecraft, make it that. The occult ruins lives, avoid it.

CHARLES MILES MANSON (1934- ) He and several members of his “Family” are in prison doing life. They were murderers, drug addicts, and people no one would want to be. Manson is a paranoid schizophrenic...insane and locked up and someone to be pitied. But for some reason, many occultists are fascinated by him, probably because he got a lot of women. Even Michael Aquino called him a type of Satanist in The Crystal Tablet of Set.

    Several authors have noted Manson was a borrower of ideas and was influenced by many sources. His biggest influences seem to have been a Neo-Gnostic like cult called The Process Church of the Final Judgement and Scientology. The Process was a weird combination of Scientology, end time Jesus Freak-ism,  and Satanism. Scientology’s auditing process involves a mild form of hypnosis, and many people have speculated this could partly explain how Manson learned to brainwash his followers. Manson also admired Hitler and read Mein Kampf, and also studied Nietzsche. At least two members of The Church of Satan belonged to Manson’s cult, Susan Atkins and Bobby Bosaliel. Atkins appeared in LaVey’s “Topless Witches” nightclub act, in which she took LSD and got inside a coffin and described the experience to the audience. Baeuseliel appeared in fellow Church of Satan member Kenneth Anger’s underground movie Lucifer Rising.

    More than anything else, Manson is a product of criminal behavior; insane, drug addicted, racist, paranoid and violent. He’s not someone you’d want to be.  A book about Manson, complete with his “spells” was published in the 80''s hard to believe people would be stupid enough to want to try them, but there you go. The women he got were not the kind you would take home to mother, and he basically got them drugged and brainwashed them (probably with techniques he learned from Scientology while in prison). There was no magic involved, and Manson has no powers...if he did he would not be in prison! If you want to be like Manson, see a psychiatrist.

MICHAEL AQUINO (1946- ) A former U.S. Army Reserve Colonel, Vietnam veteran, and Eagle Scout who broke away from the Church of Satan and formed the Temple of Set in 1975. Aquino claimed he could literally channel the Egyptian devil Set, and received direct communication from him. To add to his elfin appearance, he plucked his eyebrows, cut his hair in a drastic Eddie Munster widow’s peak, and tattooed “666" on his scalp, inspired by his purported obsession with the 1970's horror movie The Omen. He often appeared on talk shows and in newspaper articles with titles like “Satanist is Colonel in Army”. Exactly why all this didn’t bother anyone at the Pentagon is a mystery. But I guess any group of people that will pay $20,000 for a toilet seat or $10,000 for a hammer doesn’t really pay a whole lot of attention to what goes on around them in the first place.

   Supposedly with all this power, you figure his life would be on easy street, right? Eventually Uncle Sam was not to thrilled about having someone who claimed he talked to the Devil in charge of the Psychological Warfare programs that Aquino least not after Aquino was named in a child daycare sex abuse scandal at the Presidio that hit the newspapers and TV. Aquino still claims he was innocent, and was never charged with a crime . Even so, Aquino is a follower of Crowley’s teachings, the same Crowley who wrote of molesting his own children and was always haunted by rumors of child sacrifice. A homosexual follower who called himself “Lord Egan” claimed to have been a member of  N.A.M.B.L.A., the infamous gay pedophile association, right before the Presidio incident (Egan would later claim he did it merely for “shock value”, and denied actually being a gay pedophile). All this caused Aquino’s military career to end no doubt earlier than he would have liked, and the Presidio incident still haunts him. Critics note the incident gave Aquino a soapbox from which to bewail the “Satanic Panic”. Aquino made himself a lightning rod for scandal by his appearance and promoting Satanism, so some critics say Aquino only had himself to blame when people thought he was a "weirdo".

    Defectors of the group say that The Temple of Set has an unhealthy infatuation with Nazism, and having briefly been a member myself, I can say this appears to have been true. The Temple of Set had an enormous reading list, which included a section about Facism and Totalitarianism. Some of the suggested books were  Adolph Hitler’s Mien Kampf, The Passing of the Great Race, and The Borman Brotherhood. Some members claimed to belong to Neo-Nazi groups and the KKK. While on a tour of Europe for N.A.T.O. in 1984, Aquino interrupted it to take time to stop by the Welwelsburg castle (that had been Nazi SS headquaters during World War II, previously mentioned) to do a Satanic ritual.

Small wonder we lost ‘Nam.

    The Temple of Set operates a sort of “mail order cult” where people can join for around $100 and get a card saying they’re a member, and a spooky membership certificate to hang on the wall to creep out what few normal friends they might have had left. It’s really more about ego trips than sorcery. “Occult nerds” might be the best way to describe them. They’re the type of people that enjoy arguing in online newsgroups and forums about the occult, attempting to prove they “know more” about esoteric subjects, but can’t actually do anything that anybody could call “magic”. They resemble Heinrich Himmler in more ways than one.  

   Aquino doesn’t have magic powers, he doesn’t really “channel” Set, and people who get involved with the occult only ruin their lives.

LORD EGAN Broke away from the Temple of Set to form his own group, The First Church of Satan. Here's what he once wrote on his website:

"I've been forced to give up coffee - the acid was responsible for a minor ulcer and I can no longer take any chances with my health. This was my solitary vice - now it is gone. I do not drink, do not smoke, do not use recreational drugs and have nothing remotely resembling a sex life!"

I received an email from Egan’s ex-girlfriend confirming the statements to be true. And the advantages to being a Satanist are...??? Obviously, calling one’s self a Satanist does nothing to improve the quality of one’s life. Egan once joined the pedophile group NAMBLA which he later claimed he did for "shock value". If shocking and scaring people are the only way a person can derive pleasure in life, I’d say that would qualify as anti-social behavior. Satanism is not something any normal person would want to embrace.


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