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 Is Wicca Satanism? (Well, no...but,)

 (NOTE: Wicca isn't Satanism and Wiccans don't believe in Satan. Since I know this, thanks for not emailing me and telling me what I already know. Some of you may need to re-read this statement until you grasp it. )

 PART I The Fakes

 PART II Wiccans Vs Satanists

 PART III Watch out for The Watchers

     The three answers to the above question would have to be "no", "no" and "no". Even though some of you might have heard or read Wicca is a "front" for Satanism, or whatever, it's not. Yes, there have been people who left Wicca for Satanism later on (I did), but there are also people who left Satanism for Wicca. The two aren't connected and one isn't a stepping stone for the other.

 There have been several books purported to be by Christian authors about Wicca and witchcraft which are as unscholarly as the books put out by Neoapagsn revising history.There have been a few people who have claimed to be occultists turned Christian, only to turn out to be fakes. These people seem to be little more than pathological liars, and should be dismissed. When people claim to be part of a family of "multi-generational Witches" the Christian media as well as the Secular media should demand proof. 


   >> John Todd, like many Wiccans, claimed to come from a long line of witches...even being a descendant of one of the witches hanged at Salem no less. Todd claimed his real name was Lance Collins, perhaps to cloud his history, or it may have been part of his mental delusion.  The T.V. show Dark Shadows on the air at the time featured a family of witches named Collins, and the fictitious family was indeed famous, being on T.V.! Todd/Collins made a tour of churches, giving a story of being told Wicca was really just a front for Satanism, which he had managed to escape from, along with a drug addiction. Todd/Collins claimed he got saved one night when he was handed the Jack Chick tract Bewitched.

 Todd/Collins, none to stable, went into a period of "backsliding" as he later called it, and began teaching classes on his own Wiccan "tradition" at an occult bookstore he opened called the Witches Cauldron in Chicago. His "coven" consisted mostly of underage girls, who later claimed Todd had forced them to have sex with him. His charter form the Frost"s Church of Wicca was revoked. Todd/Collins had become an embarrassment to both Christians and Wiccans. After he was arrested for statutory rape of a 15 year old girl. With no where else to turn, he called Jack Chick and was bailed out by "brother Jack" himself. He went back into the church lecture circuit after this, once again denouncing Wicca, and peddling his strange conspiracy story of the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, Freemasons, the Manson Family and even Jimmy Carter as the anti-Christ. Yes, really. He even claimed he was JFK"s personal witch, and that JFK was really alive! This time he denounced Charismatic churches, Jerry Fallwell, and Melodyland as being in on the "conspiracy". He wasn"t as well received this time around, naturally, but a few Churches were still circulating copies of his tapes as late as 1984. MP3's of the tapes are on the internet, peddled mostly by white supremacist types.

 The end the world did not come in 1979 as he predicted, but the end of his career came when he was exposed by fundamentalist Christians in Cornerstone magazine, and a book called The Todd Phenomenon also written by two fundamentalist Christians. It seems Todd/Collins was not a life long witch, just a poor chap who suffered from paranoid delusions brought on by brain damage he got from being abused as a child by an alcoholic father. He served briefly in the army (not as a Green Beret and not in Vietnam) until army psychiatrists determined he was a pathological liar who could not distinguish from fantasy and reality and was discharged. He became a storefront preacher in 1968 in Phoenix, Arizona. He only began involvement in Wicca and drugs after 1973, when he  up with his bizarre story. Even when he was supposedly "saved", his ex-wife and associates say he mixed Wicca and Christianity together. He kept making passes at the female church goers where he gave lectures and carried a .38 revolver with him, even in church. Todd was last reported to be serving a 30 year sentence in a South Carolina prison from a conviction for rape in 1990 (he was known as the USC rapist). He was paroled after 14 years, but it was determined he is still a threat to society, and cannot be released. He of course, blames his imprisonment on the Illuminati and the late Senator Strom Thurmond, not from the fact he could never seem to keep his hands off the ladies. According to the latest report, he has renounced Christianity- - yet again- -for Wicca. Never the less, Todd/Collins still appears in two Jack Chick comics.
   >> Mike Warnke, came on the scene about the same time as Todd/Collins. Warnke was described as a straight-laced Christian all his life. His friends say he loved to put people on. Mike would sometimes pretend to be a Senator"s son, a guru, a Russian immigrant that couldn"t speak English...anything...and for no other reason than attention.. Warnke claimed Wicca was a front for Satanism, and that he too had been in the Illuminati, as well as had a drug addiction, like Todd/Collins. When the two once met back stage at a church auditorium, the two of them got in a shouting match and had to be separated from keep from clobbering each other. Todd accused Warnke of stealing his Illuminati "testimony", and for once, Todd/Collins may have been right.  Warnke"s book The Satan Seller became a best seller among Christian books.

 Warnke claimed he rose through the ranks of Satanism to head a coven of 1500 Satanists, and in a plot straight out of Bewitched, met a 300 year old witch who escaped her hanging at Salem. He also claimed a witch once appeared out of thin air to give him a message, then disappeared. Poof! Just like on Bewitched. Despite these claims, the ABC "investigative" news show 20/20 featured him as a credible source on a show about Satanism. He even got the last laugh on his rival John Todd by writing the introduction to the expose' book, The Todd Phenomenon. 

 But, as the Bible says, God is not mocked. Warnke was eventually exposed as a fraud by the Christian magazine Cornerstone in 1991.  People stopped going to hear Warnke"s combination ex-Satanist story and "Christian" stand-up comedy act after the story broke, and donations stopped as well. After claiming Cornerstone was out to get him and denying the article, he did have to admit that he lied about some things, such as heading a coven of 1500 people.

 Warnke still claims his story is true. In 2002, Warnke published Friendly Fire: A Recovery Guide for Believers Battered by Religion which purports to be an account of what he claims is his "unfair" treatment by Christians in the wake of the Cornerstone expos".
He claims he followed a program of reform in which he had to report to a "Board of Directors" of some kind. After a period of laying low, has reappeared on the internet, hawking a "best of" comedy CD, as well as giving lectures as an "ex-Satanic High Priest", probably hoping there are people out there that didn"t read the Cornerstone story. 

 You can read about Warnke's expose here:

 and here:
   >> Bill Schnoebelen aka "Christopher Cyn" is the latest pretender to the throne. Like Warnke and Todd/Collins before him, he also claims Wicca is just a stepping stone into Satanism. Schnoebelen and his wife temporarily were the darlings of the Mormon church when they first  joined, claiming to be an ex-Catholic priest and an ex-nun who had left the Roman Catholic Church. The story made the papers in 1981, and Schnoebelen didn"t mention his ex-witchcraft background. By 1986 he was publishing books with Jack Chick saying he was an ex-Wiccan who got involved into deeper and deeper levels of Satanism and even Vampirism and "gay Nazi sex magic". In subsequent books, he claimed that the Anglican priesthood  was a stepping stone to Satanism as well (which it most certainly is not!!!) and that he had been a Roman Catholic Bishop (apparently promoting himself from his ex-priest story), an ex-Old Catholic Bishop (the Old Catholic Church broke away from the Roman Catholic), a Bishop in the Gnostic Church, a 32nd degree Scotish Rite Mason, a 10th grade York Rite Mason, a 97th degree Mizra Memphis mason (an order which hasn"t exited since 1930!) a Palladium Rite mason (an order that never existed!!) a Wiccan High Priest in Alexandrian Wicca, and a high ranking Satanist through the Church of Satan. Like Warneke and Todd Collins, Shnoebellen/Cyn seems to be a pathological liar who will say anything to get attention (and $$$!). Unlike Warnke and Collins, he did seem to be a low level member of the Church of Satan (anyone could join for $100), and did take a few introductory mail order Wicca courses...strange for someone who was a high ranking Wiccan/Satanist/Trippe Bishop/Freemason.  He seems to have dabbled a little in the occult and exaggerated about t.  Perhaps Schnoebelen will defect to Islam someday and say all Christian Churches are fronts for Satanism as well, instead of just the ones he doesn"t like!

 One of the most bizarre claims made by Shnobellen was that aliens that pilot UFOs are real, and are actually demons. He says the demons lost their powers when they took on human bodies, which is why they have to use spacehips. Somehow he stretches all this from Genesis 6. 

 You can read more about him here:

   >>Dr. Rebecca Brown who's real name is Ruth Bailey (alias, Rebecca Yoder, Elaine Moses, Edna Bailey) claims she helped a Satanist known only as "Elaine" escape from the same Satanic cult Mike Warnke belonged to (called "The Brotherhood"). According to Brown's book, He came to Set The Captives Free, Elaine claimed she was made a high priestess, witnessed numerous human sacrifices, and even had sex with Satan himself. Elaine was a typical globetrotting, high ranking Satanist with billions at her disposal. "I have been to Mecca, Israel, Egypt, also the Vatican in Rome to meet with the Pope. All my trips were for the purpose of coordinating Satan's programs with satanists in other lands, as well as meeting with various government officials to discuss aid to their countries in the form of money...The Pope knew very well who I was. We worked closely both with the Catholics (especially the Jesuits) and the high-ranking Masons." Brown claims she operated an "underground railroad" for people leaving Satanism. Even though thousands of people have left Satanism with Brown's aide, she has yet to produce one for public scrutiny. She also claims to have even confronted a werewolf! Eventually Brown's MD license was revoked in 1984 when an inquiry board determined she was over-medicating her patients and believing their delusions to be reality, among other things. You can read the whole story here:

   and here

 More than likely "Elaine" isn't even a real person, since no one other than Brown or Jack Chick has ever claimed to have met her, and she never givers her last name. One of Brown's aliases is "Elaine Moses", so perhaps she has posed as the mysterious "Elaine" herself on some occasions. Brown/Bailey's story also has a tint of anti-Semetism to it...typical of conspiracy nuts. Brown believes all Christians problems stem from curses. Curses can be caused by everything from forgetting to confess a sin, a child's toy that's really a demon statue, or even some hairstyles. No, seriously! Brown is yet another crackpot with an unbelievable tale.

   >> Jess LaVey (a.ka. Anthony LaVey, Littlewolf LaVey) Claimed to be the son of the late Anton LaVey. Jess LaVey claims he left Satanism and became a Christian. But Anton LaVey only had one son, Xerxes, and one grandson, Stanton. There was also no Church of Satan in East Berlin Germany as he claims, either. When Jess was exposed as a fake by Christians, he immediatley said it was part of a "conspiracy" to defame him. You can read about it here:

 >>Lauren Stratford a.k.a Laura Grabowski Her real name is Laurel Rose Wilson Under the name Lauren Stratford As Stratford, Willson wrote three books, the most famous of which was Satan's Underground, purporting to tell a true story of her upbringing as a baby breeder (for sacrifices) in a Satanic cult. Willson had also claimed to have first-hand knowledge of high-profile cases of alleged Satanic ritual abuse (including the Kern County child abuse cases, where she resided), but her claims were dismissed by investigators as unreliable and fabricated. The Christian publication Cornerstone Magazine published an expose, uncovering Stratford's real name and family background, and that her stories of abuse were false.

 In interviews with Willson's family and former associates, it was revealed that Willson had a long history of mental illness and making false allegations of abuse. She repeatedly threatened suicide and practiced self-mutilation. In addition, she claimed to have given birth to three children as a result of rape; two were allegedly killed in snuff films, and the third was supposedly sacrificed in her presence at a Satanic ritual. However, Cornerstone found no evidence that she had ever been pregnant or adopted a child.After her books were withdrawn from sale by her publisher, Willson legally changed her name to Lauren Stratford.

 She would later create another false identity in 1999, with an equally horrific story to tell. Pretending to be Laura Grabowski, a Jewish survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Willson collected thousands of dollars in donations intended for Holocaust survivors. As Grabowski, Willson befriended Binjamin Wilkomirski, claiming to remember him from the camps. Wilkomirski himself (real name Bruno Grosjean) was later revealed to be neither Jewish nor a Holocaust survivor, aiding in the exposure of Willson as a fraud. You can read about her here:

 and here

 >>"Father" Alberto Rivera (a.k.a Alberto Moreno) He allegedly was an ex-Jesuit Priest who "exposed" Roman Catholicism as Babylonian sun worship that even practiced human sacxrifices! Rivera/Moreno gained fame through a series of comic books by conspiracy monger Jack Chick. It was later revealed Moreno/Rivera was never a Jesuit priest, was involved in criminal activity such as writing bad checks, credit card theft, real estate swindles, and neglect of one of his children that lead to one child's death. Yes, you read that right, Alberto Rivera/Moreno was actually married to a woman and had 5 kids in Miami, Florida when he was supposed to be a Jesuit priest in Spain! You can read about it here: 

                  and here

 As far as Alberto Rivera/Moreno's claim to be a Catholic Priest, the only church I have found that claimed to have ordained him is the Universal Life Church. ULC is a  mail order ordination mill that ordains anybody - -including  ahtiests and Satanists - - as well as anything, including inanimate objects and animals, for a small fee. You can also buy certificates with titles including "Bishop" and "Priest" and even "Jedi Knight" for a few dollars more, and even make up your own title. This is certainly a far cry from being a real Jesuit Priest!

So yes, I know there are fakes that will say anything for fame or fortune. I am not one of them. I make no money off this website, and I am keeping myself anonymous so no one can say I do it for attention.

     Most Wiccans constantly accuse the Christians of being stubborn in their refusal to differentiate between "Satanic witches" and "Neopagan witches". The truth is, most Christians know there is a difference between Wiccan and Satanism. What Wiccans do not realize it that they are the ones being confrontational when they choose to call themselves "witches" in the first place.   Wiccans never get tired of pointing out, Satanism isn"t Wicca again and again. However, if the question were: "Does Wicca have connections or similarities to Satanism?", or "Do Wicca and Satanism have things in common?"the answer is a definite "yes", just as cults like Thelema or Quimbanda have things in common with Satanism. What adds to the confusion  for most folks is the way many Wiccans claim the word  "witchcraft"  is the name for their religion, defining not only  Wicca  but also  witchcraft  as a religion distinct from Satanism. In reality  witchcraft  is not a religion, and it does not have to be capitalized when you spell it the way the word  "Christianity"  or "Judiasm"should be spelled, for instance.  Witchcraft   is simply another way of saying  sorcery , and sorcery is NOT a religion.

 On the page that defines the word witch, you'll read that there are witches all over the world, in many different cultures, they don't all belong to one religion. In China, there are Buddhists who practice sorcery. There are Hindus in India that cast spells. In Mexico, psudeo-Christian Roman Catholic "Brujares" cast spells with dead humming birds before a crucifix. One of my grandfathers was a  charmer  who cast protection spells on chickens to keep them from being eaten by chicken hawks, as I have already mentioned. . He was also a Mormon, (even if he was an extremely hypocritical one) and was active in his church , and if a Mormon, Hindu, Roman Catholic, or Buddhist can call themselves a sorcerer, then logically, so can a Satanist. Therefore Satanists can be witches, just like Wiccans. If Wiccans really wanted to end this confusion, Wiccans should stop referring to their religion as "witchcraft" (a handful have already at this writing, but only a very small handful).

     The connections to Wicca and Satanism are built in, because when creating Wicca, because of Murray"s, Leland"s ridiculous theory that witches were really Pagans. When Gardner came along, he had to take the terminology of the witch hunt era and use these terms for Wicca. This is why terms like "Sabbat" a "coven" with 13 members, a "honred diety" named "Lucifer" in some writings appear in Wicca. There were reports of wine and nudity at the witch"s sabbats of old, which Gardner gleefully placed into Wicca. The "oscularum infame" or kiss of shame became transformed into the five fold kiss, plagarized from Thelema. The use of cauldrons and brooms were also added. The Roman goddess Diana, mentioned in Cannon Episcopi, would be the name of the Wiccan goddess (although there was no real explanation why ancient Celts would worship a Roman goddess). The orgies seen at these Sabbats were now dubbed "The Great Rite". And of course, even the very word "witch", once used to describe Satanists, was now hijacked by Wiccans, and fiercely defended.
     I doubt Wiccans will ever stop the Wicca/Witchcraft controversy and will continue to explain themselves to T.V. and newspaper reporters. One reason, the shock value of being a "witch". If you're a goddess worshiper...big whoop. If you're a "witch" however, maybe people you don"t like at  work will be a little scared of you, maybe. Maybe some people will want you to come to their party to tell their fortune. No Wiccan will ever admit this, but this is why. Maybe it will get you attention...and some people want any kind of attention, good or bad.  Sure, being called a Witch brings about some not so desired results as well, but there are a lot of people who have a "persecution complex", and what better way to feed that complex then calling yourself a "witch"? It doesn"t matter if you can"t actually cast spells that get results, the title of "witch", "wizard" or "warlock" is for many its own reward in and of itself. In fact, I"d have to say the vast majority of occultists do spells and rituals solely for the sake of doing them, not for any results they obtain.

     Can Wiccans be witches , i.e. sorcerers? Of course, since they practice sorcery. But they shouldn't take it as a personal affront when someone spells the word  witch  with a lower case  w  and act like it's a deliberate attack on their religion. It"s no more an attack than spelling "sorcerer" in lower case.  Another thing Wiccans should stop doing is calling themselves witches while denying the word witch has any bad connotation. In every culture, the word witch means  an evil, malevolent sorceress, not a  wise woman healer", which we have already read in this book. There is no Old English word  wicca  either, as Wiccans claim. The nearest thing historians and linguists have found is a Middle English word,  wicce . It means  to bend  and has no connotations to sorcery or wisdom. This is where the English word  wicker  comes from, as in wicker furniture. Ironically, this is the same word where the modern English word  wicked  comes from. This is why when someone is a deviant, we say they are "bent". So the  Wicca  aren't witches or wise"just wicked, if we accepted the twisted history of their name

 If Wiccans are really just harmless goddess worshipers, why don't they just say  Hey, we're harmless goddess worshipers!" and drop the word  witch ? Well for one thing, if you're a goddess worshiper, it won't get you on TV at Hallowe'en and around Thanksgiving when people bring up the Salem Witch Trials. People won't ask you to do a Tarot card reading, or maybe ask you to do a love spell for them. And of course it's hard to shock people telling them you believe in a goddess (so do Mormons and Hindus). However, calling yourself a  witch  however, will  There are people that have gained fame for themselves by calling themselves witches, not just attention. Sybil Leek certainly got plenty of fame for being a witch, Louise Hubner says that many people are afraid to look her in the eye. Others come up to her and want to touch her, thinking she has a magic power to heal people.  And that's really what Wicca is all about"it's about ego trips. With Wicca, overweight computer geeks can be powerful wizards with names like  Wolfstar  and  Ravenlore , instead of being Michael and Jennifer. They can fantasize about their magical powers while they work at dead end jobs for minimum wage. For these types, it"s an escape, pure and simple, and a reward in itself, even if the magic doesn"t really work.
 It is true Wiccan and Satanism are not the same thing. However the two do have some common ties. Refer to  Aidan Kelly's book Crafting the Art of Magic (pp.21-22, 25-26, and 176).

 The biggest baloney Wicca has tried to feed the public at large is the ludicrous notion that the Chrstian church "invented the Devil" to scare people away from Paganism and into Christianity. Silver Ravenwolf gives a good example of what Wiccans think of this on pages  49-50 of To Ride A Silver Broomstick  describing how new people came with their one male God and forced the European medieval pagans through war to worship Him.

"While in Persia, they came across a nasty God that was used in that country. And, wonder of wonders, he resembled the old God of the people in Europe. He was dark, half animal, with horns and a tail. Bingo! They thought and rubbed their hands excitedly together. Now we know how to eradicate the old religion and bring in the new. When they got back to Europe, they told the people that the old God was really Satan because he had horns and a tail." (page 49)

     This idea is ridiculous and has been dicredited many years ago...and yet Wiccans keep repeating the lie. There never was a "one god" worshipped by all Pagans, and this idea is ludicrous. Horned gods were not the primary deities worshipped in Europe at the time of the rise of Christianity. Just thinking about how this was supposed to have happened defies logic. Did the Christians, after their trip from Persia, tell the Pagans, "Hey, you"re god is a devil! Now worship Jesus!" It"s about like if a bunch of Shintos would tell Christians Ameratsu was god and Jesus was the devil. Would Christians be stupid enough to believe it? Would they suddenly start calling Jesus a devil? Would they mass convert to Shintoism??? Of course not! Pagans of old must have been a very gullible bunch if this was the case!

 If this were so, it"s a wonder any Christians were ever thrown to the lions at all! All they had to do was say, "Turn me loose, because your god is a devil!" And for that matter, the Christians being persecuted in countries where they are the minority can just tell the people "Hey, you"re god is a devil!" and the people will immediately switch to Christianity! It doesn"t work that way now, nor did it back then. Oh, and did you notice the part of how the Christians "rubbed their hands excitedly together" like Lex Luthor after he shoots Superman with a  Kryptonite laser? MUHAHAHAHA! Oh, those evil xtians! Ravenwolf tries to play down her hate by saying: "I wrote this story to sound rather trite on purpose"It is a good story, though, for children, and an interesting one to tell around the fireplace." (page 50) Yes, I suppose if you consider history revision and lies good for children...otherwise, stick to Dr. Seuse.


    While Wicca is not Satanism per se, to say that Wicca has no relationship with Satanism at all would be erroneous.. While all Neopagans, including Wicca, emphatically disavow Satan or any other personification of evil, they nevertheless emphasize a need for  protection  from negative forces. Wiccans claim that there is no good or evil, but rather good and  spiritual void . After one reads the many books on Wicca devoted to cleansing oneself from these spiritually void negative entities it's easy to realize  spiritual void , "negativity" "negative vibrations" and the like are just Wiccan doublespeak terms for "evil", plain and simple. To the Wiccan, Satanism is a Christian heresy that views the devil as a source of power that the Satanist can use for his own benefit, while God is viewed as powerless and uncaring. Although Wiccans worship a god and goddess, it does borrow many ideas from Satanism, such as the term  witch ,  coven ,  sabbat , etc., Also having 13 members in a coven, nude rituals, cauldrons, broomsticks (in some covens) used in rituals are all lifted directly by Gardner and/or Crowley from the medeival imagery and folklore of Satanism, whether they want to admit it or not.

     Sure, Wicca does indeed draw on pre-Judeo-Christian sources for it"s inspiration. It does use the names of ancient gods and goddesses. But Wicca is NOT "The Old Religion . As we have read, Wicca actually comes from many modern sources and has it? roots in the romantic literary Satanism of the 19th century. French historian Jules Michelet (published in English by Citadel Press under the title Satanism and Witchcraft). Michelet's ideas, as paraphrased by feminist writers such as Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English in their booklet Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers (Feminist Press, 1973). Michelet's book is full of passionate, sympathetic (and not very accurate)depictions of Satan and medieval witches. It was Michelet that concoct the idea that witches were actually a bunch of persecuted midwives and healers. Michelet contended that the witchhunts were used by the emerging male medical profession to wipe out their peasant female competition. Michelet also invented the ridiculous figure of 9,000,000 people killed during the so-called  burning times . Despite all the seeming concern for women, in real life Michelet was something of a misogynist and a chauvinist. Some branches of Wicca that practice polygamy might also fit this same bill.
 Aradia: Gospel of The Witches, or Satanism in Disguise?

     Leland presented in Aradia: Gospel of the Witches (originally published in 1899 A.D.), one of Wicca's major sources, although never once is the word  Wicca  mentioned. This book inspired Murray to create her history hoax, as well as Gardner and others. Aradia contains a description of witchcraft that sounds more like the traditional nefarious view of witchcraft we all know. The very first paragraph reads:      

"Diana greatly loved her brother Lucifer, the god of the Sun
 and of the Moon, the god of Light, who was so proud of his
 beauty, and who for his pride was driven from Paradise."

    Wiccans usually argue that  Lucifer  is not the Christian Devil but is just  the god of the Sun and of the Moon . Therefore, so their argument goes, they are not devil worshipers. Yet the statement that Lucifer was  driven from Paradise  for his  pride  is clearly a reference to Christianity's Lucifer. The Gosple of Aradia contains a mix of mythologies. One curious passage in  Aradia gives a reference to the Judaeo-Christian book of Genesis, Yet like Cain's daughter thou shalt never be . There is also a spell in this book which is clearly a reference to the Biblical Cain as well:    

 The Conjuration of Cain.
"I conjure thee, O Cain, as thou canst ne'er
 Have rest or peace until thou shalt be freed
 From the sun where thou art prisoned, and must go
 Beating thy hands and running fast meanwhile:
 I pray thee let me know my destiny;"
 "And if 'tis evil, change its course for me
 If thou wilt grant this grace, I'll see it clear
 In the water in the splendour of the sun;
 and thou, O Cain, shalt tell by word of mouth
 Whatever this my destiny is to be.
 And unless thou grantest this,
 May'st thou ne'er know peace or bliss "

    The reference to Cain is from the Book of Genesis in the Judeo-Christian Bible. It"s pretty obvious that Aradia is a mixture of Pagan Roman mythology and references to Christianity. Traditionally, Witches were evil doers in every religion and mythology. Aradia does nothing to dispel this idea:

 [Diana addressing her daughter Aradia]
 And thou shalt teach the art of poisoning,
 Of poisoning those who are great lords of all;
 Yea, thou shalt make them die in their palaces;
 And thou shalt bind the oppressor's soul (with power);[1]
 And when ye find a peasant who is rich,
 Then ye shall teach the witch, your pupil, how
 To ruin all his crops with tempests dire,
 With lightning and with thunder (terrible),
 And the hail and wind....
 [1. Legare is the binding and paralysing human faculties by means of witchcraft.]

     Certainly poisoning is a traditional idea of what witches do. In fact in the book Exodus, the famous verse,  Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live  the word Witch  could just as easily have been translated poisoner (kaw-shaf' means a sorcerer, lit. one who whispers a spell  and can also mean poisoner, too). Witches were also thought to be engaged in the poisoning kings and queens, as in the real case of Laviosin and the King of France, or as in the witch that poisons the princess Snow White in classic fiction (small wonder most Wiccans seem to hate Snow White).

     As already mentioned in previous chapters, the earliest form of devil worship in the Christian era was a counterfeit form of Christianity called Gnosticism. Gnosticism had the peculiarity of inverting God and the devil, making God the bad guy, Lucifer the good guy. Here's another passage that seems to indicate Wiccans do this too:

"And when the priests or the nobility
 Shall say to you that you should put your faith
 In the Father, Son, and Mary, then reply:
  Your God, the Father, and Maria are
 Three devils....For the true God the Father is not yours ;

     So according to the above passage, Wiccans have the real god, and Christians are devil worshipers This is exactly like something straight out of Gnosticism (i.e., Satanism). It also seems to me this verse, when the rest of the book of Aradia is taken into account, implies their god is the Devil of the Christians. There seems to be no other way to explain it.

     In medieval times witches were accused of the church of inverting the sacred rituals and symbols of Christianity. For instance, the Lord's Prayer would be read backwards, the Mass would be said backwards. The communion wafers would be thrown on the floor instead of elevated, etc. Considering the Gnostics love of inverting things in Christianity, this would actually seem to coincide with their behavior, rather than be a complete fabrication of medieval witchhunters. The central part of Medieval devil worship was the  Black Mass , which was a parody of the Christian Mass. Wiccans do little to dispel the idea that they don't do such things because Aradia includes a mockery of the Lord's Supper invoking Diana:

 Conjuration of Diana.
 I do not bake the bread, nor with it salt,
 Nor do I cook the honey with the wine,
 I bake the body and the blood and soul,
 The soul of (great) Diana, that she shall
 Know neither rest nor peace, and ever be
 In cruel suffering till she will grant
 What I request, what I do most desire,
 I beg it of her from my very heart
 And if the grace be granted, O Diana
 In honour of thee I will hold this feast,
 Feast and drain the goblet deep,
 We, will dance and wildly leap,
 And if thou grant'st the grace which I require,

     So again, when taken with the rest of the book, it seems that a weird communion is taking place removing Christ and in its place putting the heathen goddess Diana...a name mentioned in the Bible in the Book of Acts and Cannon Episcopi.

     The Book of Shadows also contains a similar ritual. So the meal of bread and wine, which is supposedly the "body and blood" of Diana seems to me to be a direct parody of the Christian Last Supper. It would be hard to construe it as anything else. There is no record of Diana being celebrated in a meal with wine and bread that represented her blood and body. She was a goddess of childbirth and hunting, and therefore had no connection to bread and wine. The only time we come across a similar idea is the Last Supper of Christianity. The forger of "Aradia" is apparently trying an attempt to make witchcraft seem like a continuation of a Pagan religion.

     The Lord"s Supper, Communion, Mass, Sacrament, it"s called by several names. It"s a ceremonial meal Christians celebrate world wide. It"s also somewhat of a confusing subject for non-Christians who just don"t seem to get it. During the Jewish Passover a lamb was offered to God which covered the sins of the people (Leviticus 14:12-13). The people then cooked and ate the lamb. Since Christ was the ultimate sacrifice for sins of everyone, this practice is not done by Christians. No lamb could begin to compare to His sacrifice. The eating of the bread and wine is done in similitude of the Passover lamb. The bread is a symbol of Christ body and the wine the symbol of His blood. It isn't something out of some ancient Pagan religion, and certainly not a "parcitice of Ba"al worship" that Jack Chick has tried to paint it as in his Cathlicaphobia.

     In a way, Wiccans are correct to say that their horned god is not taken from Satan of Christian theology. Their horned god is inspired from writings of people like Eliphas Levi, and made from an idea that Pagans all worshiped this "one god".  But it's also not completely true that the Christian image of Satan is a gross misinterpretation of a Pagan fertility god, either. In reality, the modern Wiccan idea of the horned god is a Neopagan re-interpretation of the classic idea of the Christian Devil ala Margaret Murray and other authors.

 What's In A Name?

     Murray insists that the god of the Witches was a horned diety. But the only time in history we have a horned male figure in connection with witchcraft is during the medieval times, specifically, the Devil. In pre-Christian European religions, there were goddesses associated with witchcraft, such as . Hecate, a three headed goddess of evil. Pan and other horned male gods were not associated with witchcraft. As we have read so far, Wicca's terminology and imagery comes from the medival idea of Witches. Words like  witch ,  coven , and  sabbat ,  familliar , are used by Wiccans and Neopagans in order to try to prove the Wiccan myth about Wicca being the survival of an underground Pagan religion that was the target of the medival witchhunts.

 Wiccans will try to argue about the linguistic origins of these words, like  coven  coming from the same root word as  convent . But the meaning of these words isn't the point, the point is they come from medival terminology concerning witchcraft which is sorcery and black magic. You could argue Nazi comes from the words  National Socialism , and since the Canadian government has socialist policies, the Nazis are no worse than the Canadian government, and this argument would sound equally ridiculous. Since Wiccans are always saying how they hate being confused with Satanists, if so then they should stop using medieval witch related words. As long as they do this, it will always happen. Of course, if it wasn't for the shock value of the word  witch , you wouldn't have grown women calling themselves names like  Selenicathon ,  Silver Ravenwolf , or  Starhawk . It's all about playing out a fantasy. Why else would people adopt such pretentious names? It would be one thing to have a secret craft name known only to the coven, it"s another thing to publish books and go on televison calling oneself something as pretentious.

     If Wiccans, even though many of them admit their religion is  reconstructed , want to continue with the pretense of calling themselves  witches  and their religion  witchcraft , then they should accept the responsibility for the predictable results. For instance, if you did not want your religion to be confused with terrorists, then you logically wouldn't call your religion  anarchy  and it's followers  anarchists , since anarchy is equivalent to terrorism. Wiccans should also stop blaming Christians for an imaginary smear campaign against them, too. Witches always had a reputation as nefarious beings, and the idea that somehow this was a attack on their religion is ridiculous. Even pre-Christian and non-Christian cultures view witch"s as evil.  Just as in the example of people trying to call a religion  anarchy , who would take them seriously when they said the current accepted definition of the word anarchy was some kind of attack by Christians? Yet this is exactly what Wiccans are getting away with when they say "witch" wasn"t originally a bad word.

     It would not be correct to call Wiccans Satanists, just as it would not be correct to call followers of Aleister Crowley's Thelema religion Satanists. But as we have seen in the occult, it gets rather difficult to have an ironclad description of what an occult group is because of all the eclecticism. Crowley's system had elements of Christian, Gnostic, Satanic, Egyptian, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Taoist, Masonic and material from old Grimories, but couldn't really be called one of these things alone. A Christian would not have called himself the Antichrist, even in jest. A Buddhist would be horrified of wanton bisexuality and drunkenness. Neither would a Hindu live a life of  Do What Thou Will  in fear of karmic reprisals. Nor Would a Zoroastrian worship many gods and goddesses. Taoism teaches a balanced life, not wanton excess. So while Crowley lifted material from all these groups mentioned, it is in itself a new creation, while still having elements of all of them. Like Wicca, Thelema is a  Frankenstein  religion, made up of bits and parts of other religions and philosophies, brought to life by a madman.

     When a Group of Satanists decide to worship Pagan gods, they are not completely Satanic. The members of the Church of Satan breakaway group, The Temple of Set has never really decided if they are Satanists or not. They usually refer to themselves as  Setians , because they worship Satan in the form of Set. Since they worship Egyptian gods too, it would also be possible to call them Neopagan. Some Wicca covens worship Hecate. Hecate worshipers are considered to be on the  Left Hand Path", which is really just occult doublespeak to say they are devil worshipers. Hecate is also one of the names called upon by Satanists who use LaVey's Satanic Bible. If a Wicca coven has made Hecate their primary deity, it is hard not to consider them devil worshipers, in that case, because even many Neopagan writers warn followers not worship her and call her a goddess of evil. What is the difference between a "goddess of evil" and a "devil"? It"s merely a matter of semantics. 

      Wicca's main source of material is by and large Aleister Crowley as we have seen. Crowley's Satanic references are more than a joke as some may say. In a way, Crowley's belief in Satanism might be like those of Milton in Paradise Lost, seeing him as a rebel hero, and perhaps Satan is more like a force or idea than a personage in their view. But Satanists like Anton LaVey also said Satan was a force, " dark side of nature", and no one doubts him as a Satanist. Crowley apologists say his Satanic symbolism is just a reinterpretation of Pagan symbolism. But people like LaVey and Aquino combine Pagan symbolism with Satanism as well, and again, no one doubts they are Satanists. Many knowledgeable Wiccans like the Farrars and Doreen Valiente do realize that Gardner's rituals were heavily based on Crowley's rituals, though they tend to overstate the  Crowley was not a Satanist" disclaimer. Some Neopagans have (laughably) tried to claim Crowley was merely a practioner of Judaeo-Christian ceremonial magick, in an attempt to clean up his image.

     The Neopagan front group called  The Ontario Consultants For Religious Tolerance  website names a Swedish suicide cult, the Order Of The Solar Temple  as a Christian group, when in fact it was a group that used Crowley rituals, and had ties to the O.:T.:O.:. Crowley was not a Satanist per se, but he definitely was into Satanic symbolism and ideas, in addition to the zillion other things he was into. While he also borrowed from the Christianity of his youth, it certainly would be incorrect to say he was a Christian. He also experimented with Buddhism, but he also wanted to kill Bhuddists in Liber Al as already mentioned in a previous chapter.If you've read the Crowley page, then you know of his  hatred for Christianity apparent in his writings.

 Crowley mostly drew from the negative imagery of Christianity, such as calling himself the Great Beast, 666. The long and the short of it is, a man claiming to be the Antichrist will naturally be thought of as a Satanist at first blush. Crowley stole a good bit of his material from the Order of the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn had material in it's rituals from many sources. Not being a big fan of Christians, Crowley emphasized the Egyptian elements, eliminated most of the Christian elements, and added plenty of other things to the mix, including Satanic stuff unless you ignore his invocation of Satan in Liber Samekh and the Temple of Satan he once opened.
     Gerald Gardner borrowed spells and superstitions from traditional Witchcraft , as well as terminology like  Witch ,  Witchcraft ,  Coven , etc., and since these Witches would be considered Satanists, this would mean Wicca gets it's sources from Satanism.

 Aidan Kelly said in his book Crafting the Art of Magic, that Gardner drew many ideas from the accounts of Ozark folk Witchcraft, including folk Satanism, from the book Ozark Superstition by Vance Randolph. Gardner would probably have assumed that the Satanic folk witches were  really  Pagans whom Randolph misrepresented as Satanists. Of course, Gardner's assumption would have been dead wrong. People living in the rural south of the USA would have been people who considered themselves Christians, probably like my grandfather, and they knew people who practiced Witchcraft were in league with the Devil. Even if by some odd chance they may have practiced a few ancient surviving Pagan customs, this is not the same thing as a Pagan cult existing intact. Some of these folks might have had spellbooks, but they would have been ones like The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses (falsely attributed to Moses), Little Albert (no, not written by Fat Albert's son), and Pow-Wows or The Long Lost Friend (with friend's like that, they should stay lost ). These books have Judaeo-Christian and Cabalistic terminology, and are definitely not Pagan. Nor are they passed down by family members and copied by hand, but were sold commercially(and still are) for hundreds of years .

But Who's Watching The Watchers?

     For a religion that spends a good deal of it's time fighting off claims of being Devil worshipers, you would think Wiccans would run a mile to get away from anything resembling demon worship, don"t you? But one of the favorite type (Species? Group? Race?) of spirits called on by Wiccans are called the Watchers. The Watchers are briefly mentioned in Genesis Chapter 6, and has been a source of controversy for many years.

 Gen 6:4 "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

    Here the word in this verse translated  giant  is the Hebrew word  nephilim . The word literally means  "he fell" . In other words, the nephilim are the fallen angels; i.e, evil spirits that we call demons. How much plainer can I make that? These demons are a favorite source of magick for Wiccans. So the Wiccans conjuring the Nephilim are in fact practicing demonic magic 
 Even Wiccan books as innocuous sounding as  Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft  by Al Manning contain  Watcher  magic. In this book  there is a spell for removing negative people from one's environment calling upon  Azzazel . The book does not mention what  Azzazel  is, but does give the warning to make extra certain to dismiss the spirits when done.

 The apocryphal  Book of Enoch details the episode mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 and goes into greater detail. Azzazel is the head Watcher who teaches mankind secrets like making weapons of war that lead them into greater sin. The Book of Enoch says that  the whole earth has been corrupted by Azazel's teachings of his actions; and write upon him all sin.  It was because of the Watchers that God sent the Flood to destroy the evil in the world including even the souls of the giants, so that all evil will be wiped away from the face of the earth. The Book of Enoch says the angels charged Azazel before the Lord with crimes of revealing these secrets which mankind was not supposed to know. Raphael was then assigned to punish Azazel by binding and throwing him into the darkness where he would remain until the Day of Judgment when he would be hurled into the fire.

  "And Azazel taught the people the art of making swords and knives, and shields, and breastplates; and he showed to their chosen ones bracelets, decorations, cosmetics, with antimony, ornamentation, the beautifying of the eyelids, all kinds of precious stones, and all coloring tinctures and alchemy."      1st Enoch 8:1
 All references to Azzazel agree that it was a demonic entity, as were all the Watchers. Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft by Al Manning has been continuously in print for about 30 years. It was one of the first books on Wicca I had. I and many other Wiccans out there were practicing demonic magick and did not even know it. Paul Huson wrote that Azael was "one of the modern witch"s gods" [source: Mastering Witchcraft pg 12.]. Huson also acknowledges that Azazael is considered demonic by both Jews and Christians.
     Wiccans would also be at odds with the beliefs of Pagan religions concerning the Watchers. Giants were never considered good beings.  The flood story is a universal one. A striking parallel can be found in the ancient English poem Beowulf.

       "...The story of ancient wars between good and evil, the opening of the waters, The Flood sweeping the giants away, how they suffered and died that race who hated the Ruler of us all, and received judgement from his hands. Surging waves found them wherever they fled..."
In Greco-Roman mytholoy, the race of giants known as the Titans were the enemies of their "gods" who could never defeat them. Then why do Wiccans want to have anything to do with these evil beings? Why do they consider them gods when even ancient Pagans considered the evil? Satanists also invoke Azazel in their spells and think that he will grant their wishes. Like Satsnists, Wiccans think that the Judeo-Christian religion simply does not understand these "Watchers". Why are Wiccans and Satanists and Wiccans the only ones who think the Watchers aren"t evil? Maybe Wiccans have more in common with them than they realize.

 Of course Wiccans, like the Satanists they constantly denounce, claim the Watchers were actually benevolent and beneficial spirits. Wiccans believe that even though the Watchers were killed in the flood, they still survive on as spirits and can be called upon. They will go into a spiel about how demons can be summoned for good or evil, how Christians misunderstand what Demons are, how the word Devil is derived fro the Hindi word Devi, that Deamon really means angel in Greek, etc., etc., In the book The Teachings of The Holy Strega, a book about "Italian Wicca" , we read a similar train of thought:

"Today, even among Craft Traditions, there exists a great deal of confusion concerning the Watchers....Do the Watchers have any association with the Judaic/Christian angels? But those associations are so distorted and biased that they serve only to cloud the issue." [pg 71]
     Italian Wicca (if it can be called that since it really originated in the 20th century A.D. United States) equates them with the "Grigori" or "lesser gods". The author goes on to say the relationship between the Wiccans and Watchers first starts when the Wiccan " first initiated. He or she is brought before the quarters where the Watchers have been evoked. The initiate is presented before the Watcher and the Craft name is revealed." After this, the book claims the Wiccan bonds with the Nephilim who then "watches" them for the rest of their lives, aiding them in their spells, as well as "recording" what they do. So every act a Wiccan does, is noted by fallen angels, and their powers come from them as well!

      Again Wiccans will say Christians don"t understand the role of the Watchers. They will say the Watchers are a source of good. But these are exactly the same arguments Satanists give! Satanism"s entire theology is based on the idea that Demons are misunderstood "good guys", and that Christians have "distorted the image of the Devil"   So in this respect, the Wiccans have shockingly similar views on demons as the Satanists they constantly denounce as "another sect of Christians" If Wiccans, like Satanists, call upon the Nephilim, is it any wonder they are mistaken for Satanists.


     Everyone has heard of dragons. Generally, a dragon is depicted as a large, fierce, reptilian creature, sometimes depicted as fire breathing and with wings.  Dragons are mentioned in the Bible and in the folklore of many different peoples. They did not exist in ancient Egyptian, Roman or Greek or even Celtic, mythology, but  human-eating sea serpent-like monsters did. These creatures certainly were not considered a source of good. Whether you believe dinosaurs made it into the age of humans or not (they didn't), cultures like the Chinese thought their bones were actual dragon bones, and perhaps this is where other cultures got the idea as well. 

    In the Bible, fallen angels are compared to "dragons" (Revelation 12:3-4), whatever dragons might have been. In any case, dragons were not something positive, but were viewed as a force of destruction. Many Satanists call upon "dragons" too. Leviathan is a demon that dwells in the sea, and is usually depicted as a dragon (Isaiah 27:1). Leviathan makes up the Satanist "Hierarchy of Hell" that includes "Satan, Lucifer, Belial, and Leviathan" as the four "crown princes". Many Wiccans also claim to call upon "dragons" in their spells. When Wiccans call upon spiritual forces called "dragons" as part of their rituals, they should realize they are calling upon a spiritual force identified with evil spirits.

     Part of feminist history revision includes saying stories about Dragons should be viewed as positive. Feminist writers and artists now claim that the ancient  Babylonian myths of dragons Tiamat (killed by  Marduk) to suggest that both Babylonian and Germanic dragon-slaying stories were actually "folk-memories" of the destruction of the universal matriarchal religions and societies by ancient male chauvinist piggies [groan]. This is of course, nothing but conjecture, and it has no basis in reality. Stories about dragons are just that...stories about dragons. In ancient Pre-Christian Germanic and Scandinavian folklore, dragons were always viewed as creatures of destruction. When viewing Midevial folk tales of St. George and The Dragon for instance, feminists switch roles, and see St. George as the villain, and the dragon as the hero. Such role reversal is typical of Satanists, too.

    The Chinese have always had great reptilian winged beasts very similar in form to the north European dragon and therefore described as 'dragons' by English-speakers. Dragons were part of Chinese mythology, and were adopted into Buddhism. Buddhist view these creatures as beneficial, but many Buddhists are still somewhat frightened by the idea of these creatures.  My wife, a former Buddhist once commented on dragons and their relation to the Buddhist religion. She said Buddhists teach dragons are benevolent creatures, and will be in heaven, but it makes more sense to her that dragons are evil creatures. She never could see how a creature as ugly and fierce as a dragon could be in heaven. It made much more sense to her that they were demons, and would be in Hell (and yes, Vietnamese Buddhists believe in a Hell...the idea is not merely a Christian invention!).

"Men do not live long without gods, but when the gods of the New Paganism come, they will not be merely insufficient, as were the gods of Greece, nor  merely false; they will be evil. One might put it in a sentence, and say that the New Paganism, foolishly expecting satisfaction, will fall, before it knows where it is, into Satanism."

~ Hilaire Belloc (from The New Paganism, 1931)


 Gardner borrowed from Gothic Satanism when he created Wicca, just as Mohammed borrowed from Christianity to create Islam. And just as Islam isn't Christianity, Wicca isn't Satanism.

 But the comonalities are there, believe it or not.    


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