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(NOTE: Wicca isn't Satanism and Wiccans don't
 believe in Satan. Since I know this, thanks for not emailing me and telling me what I already know.)

The Good Witch's Bible is one of the most infamous books ever written. It would offend a person of just about any religion. It even offends many Wiccans! It would probably even offend a few atheists (but then again, what religion doesn't offend them?).
 The Good Witch's Bible The Book is really more of a textbook for the Frost's mail order course, rather than a book of scriptures. Each chapter ends with a set ofquestions and answers. This book no doubt is the most controversial book on Wicca ever written. You can almost literally open the book to any page at random and find something offensive. There are even many Wiccans that denounce this book as well. For the most part, Christians seem ignorant about what it contains. Perhaps if it�s contents had been made public back in the 1970's when it first came out, the Wiccan boom of today might not be happening.

   Even though the Frosts have become the black sheep pf the Wiccan community, back in the 1970's, they were at the forefront of the Wiccan movement. The Frosts were key players in getting Wicca recognized as a legitimate religion. To simply dismiss them now as irrelevant wouldn't be fair. 

 What The Book Says

     This "Bible" of (some but not all) Wiccans advises that , if the girl has a particularly difficult to break hymen that the girl should have it surgically removed. From Chapter IV titled "Initiation and Fertility Services" It should take place "When a child develops to a stage where the physical attributes of reproduction are present..." (Page 65)  Think about that statement. In a female the attributes can be first present between 10-12 years old. This is far too young to expose a child to sex!
 "The physical attributes of male and female virginity are destroyed at the youngest possible age, either by the mother or by a doctor. In the female case, the hymen is painlessly broken surgically. In the male case, the mother makes absolutely sure that the foreskin can be drawn fully back by cutting the undersideattachment membrane"(Pg66) (Well hey, why not just have the doctor do it in the delivery room as soon as the kid's born and save time?) 

 Young boys, the book says, should have their virginity lost by their mothers. Page 99 - shows a diagram of a home made dildo listed as Figure 30 "Phalli Details". "Each female initiate, whether virgin or not, uses the dildo. Her sponsor makes them for her, using hardwood gathered as for an ankh except that it can be gathered at any season fo the year. A 4-inch length of 3/4 inch diameter, and a 4-inch length of 1-1/4 inch diameter are required."

 [Of course, this is done on the pretext of "religion", but it isn't hard to see an ulterior motive to such things, unless you are so deluded with dreams of supernatural power that you can�t.]

 Table 5 (Instructions for Female Novice) begins thus:

�You have been entrusted with two phalli; these are in our care until your initiation. We would like you to be initiated at the next coven meeting, which will take place on ... This means that, excluding your menstruation time, you have three weeks to prepare your muscles for introitus. Your father or your sponsorwill help you if you have any difficulties or pain. �

 [Now read that statement again..."Your father will help you"! If a man deflowers his daughter with a homemade dildo, I'm sorry folks, but this is incest and child rape and it can be called nothing else! So anyone who thinks incest and child molesting cannot be included in part of the Wiccan Rede (i.e., If it harms none, do what you will)is dead wrong! It doesn't matter if you do it under the guise of a religion, it is still just plain wrong. This is the problem with made up morals...there's always someone who will abuse the system. Morality of all cultures transcends the individual and benefits the group as a whole. There will always be that one person who, for instance, decides molesting kids is "harming none", as in the example cited. 

 Some Wiccans site the book Clan of the Cave Bear with a scene about deflowering girls with a dildo to justify it, but The Clan of the Cave Bear is just a work of fiction, and has little basis in reality. There is no record of  Neanderthal man using rituals involving dildos on children, no one knows even remotely what they did religious wise, and it's just fanciful speculation, like most of Wicca. To justify these practices they may also cite this or that African tribe from centuries ago, which also irrelevant in the modern Western world! Certainly most Wiccans would have no problem with incest between two consenting adults. Whenever I posed the question of "Is  incest between two consenting adults is OK?" to a Wiccan, they didn't have a problem with it.]

 "Raised power is the power of thought. It is the energy raised from the mind. Duke University researchers have many examples to show the result of this power. Telepathic communication are the most widely know result.[Page 121 and 122]"The Celtic Wicca prevent exhaustion by limiting their number of thought transmissions to one a day except when a group is present, and by insisting on the sexual-interlude-cum-relaxation which serves as a restorative." Page 124

 [Duke University was never able to prove ESP exists, which is apparently what they're referring to, and has nothing to do with witchcraft. Tough day spell casting with all the nudity and sexual symbolism? Try a nice relaxing "sexual interlude" to get rid of all the stress! Eeeeeeyeah. There's also very little that is "Celtic" about Wicca.]

 Page113 and 114 "The problem, of course ,is that the woman can easily be turned into a nymphomaniac. Two things must occur with a woman to give her back lost confidence: First, she must live with a male Witch for nine days and though she requests it he must not have intercourse with her; Second, she must have sex and reach a climax in front of the assembled coven. She will lose her inhibitions by the public act."

 [So, the way to cure an oversexed woman is to make her part of a live sex show for the coven??? Oh yeah, that will work! And I�m sure they honestly have her best interests at heart and don�t want to exploit her, too! If you believe that, can I interest you in some Florida swampland? From reading this "Bible" it seems "oversexed" Frostie Wiccan women would include just about all of them. ]

 Work with a Wicca church or coven exposes the group members to many various disease. It is,therefore,necessary that ech novice have a thorough health checkup before initiation and annually thereafter."[page 139]

 [Yep, can�t let a little V.D. get in the way of all that that is! The Frost�s group sounds more and more as though it is a sex club, plain and simple. Throughout the centuries, many witchcraft groups were just fronts for sex clubs (such as the various "Hellfire Clubs"), and it seems there is little difference today.]

 "Recent tongue in cheek attempts to whitewash Wicca are unnecessary and degrading. We are not white witches. We practice the age-old art of Wicca Craeft,or the "Craft of the Wise."

 [Apparently the Frost's are the ones whitewashing themselves, then! They changed two of the titles of their books to The Magic Power of White Witchcraft and The Good Witch's Bible in an attempt to clean up their image! What hypocrisy!]

 Page 189"The church has attempted to remove ESP from the race by conducting witch-hunts and killing all who showed any aptitude." [done page 189]

 [Except for a relatively brief period in history between 1400 to 1700, the punishment for witchcraft was about the same as adultery. The motivation for these trials seems to have been about money more than anything else. Once laws were passed to stop the witch trials from collecting the property and money of the condemned, they stopped suddenly. Remember too, that records from that era usually sometimes involved things like poisoning as in the LaVisosin case. It was not being able to "read minds". Nobody can read minds. Deal with it. Also Wicca didn't even exist until 1954, so zero Wiccans were killed during that era.]

  "The soul development of a child is his responsibility of the parents until puberty. After that time it is the responsibility of the child himself-hopefully in conjunction with a coven." [page 7 and 8]

 [12 years old can raise themselves??? Anyone who�s actually had kids of their own (or even been around kids) knows this is crazy to think this! The Frost�s say kids can raise themselves only if the coven helps them, of course! This sets up a cult like structure, clearly. Leaving child rearing to the group doesn't sound a whole lot different from cults like Scientology or Jim Jones People�s Temple when you think about it.]

 "We have often attempted to unravel the reasons behind the insistence on clothing that is a tenet of the Christian church. It must stem from a belief that God [Jehovah] gave his children a misshapen shell which must be disguised, braced up, and painted to make it acceptable. The Greeks were the last nation to practice Wicca tenets with regard to the beauty of the body."

 [The Greeks never practiced "Wiccan tenets" since Wicca didn't exist until the 20th century. And actually Greeks didn't run around naked all the time either, except for athletes in some sporting events. And actually, it was the Judaic religion that first recorded mankind�s need for clothing thousands of years before Christianity, but the Frost�s see Christianity as the real enemy. And of course, anyone can see the ridiculous of the Frost�s statement. All world cultures, except for a few equatorial tribes here or there, wear clothes. Even Pagan Greeks and Romans wore clothing! It is not simply a "Christian hangup". What it really is, is a Wiccan obsession with nudity! Gardner was a nudist which is why Wicca has such an emphasis on it.]

 Page 121 and 122We follow the German practice of never drawing down power from a God-ess [sic] into a person.We have heard of too many cases where people have been permanently damaged by being invaded [i.e., possessed] by the power of a god-ess[sic]...or by some entity purporting to be a god-ess[sic]. But that still does not mean that the practice is safe for everyone. So be careful if you decide to try it."

 [This is probably the most honest part of the book. Wicca, or any form of occultism, can lead to demonic possession.] 

 "Spirit power is call down to help Wicca is tasks that are beyond the capability of thought power. Covens will go looking for spirits that are miserably clinging to the earth plane, unaware that their body is dead .These spirits can be trapped and used as workers. Such spirits are found in graveyards ,haunted houses, and near a corpse for a few moments afer death.[the soul leaves the body during astral travel and during dreams] Celtic Wicca attempt to help the trapped spirits by releasing them and aiding them in finding their true place in Side. They do not prolong the agony of the spirit by keeping it on earth."[done page 11 and 12]

 [So Wiccans enslave spirits by making them become "workers"! And after they do their bidding, then they can release them. Yeah. If Wiccans want to clean up their image, they might want to reconsider creeping around graveyards and haunted houses. It's would hardly be something you would expect a "white witch" to do.]

 "The unnatural repression of the body�s needs leads to sexual assault. " Page 13 ad 14 and 15

 [This is a myth which has been refuted by Psychologists. This same argument has been used for the legalization of prostitution. If it were true, Nevada, which is the only state to legalize it, would have zero reported cases of rape. Instead, it has the largest number of reported cases second only to Alaska! Tampa Florida, which has twice as many strip clubs as it�s neighbor St. Petersburg, has twice as many reported cases of rape. There is study after study to support this idea. If the Frost�s statements were true, would not the opposite be the case?]

 "In all marriages handfastings performed in a Wicca setting Craft practice requires that the partners enter into a prenuptial agreement specifying the term of the contract;thus handfasting does not become a life sentence."Page61 and 62

 [Translation: Wiccans are scared of commitment. We are swingers! Our marriages are the same thing as "shacking up".]

 "Closed rings prevent the flow of psychic energy;thus any righ that symbolizes handfasting should not take the form of a closed circle."[page 61 and 62]

 [If a closed ring prevents psychic energy, why do all Wiccan ceremonies take place inside a closed circle drawn on the floor? <snicker>The whole idea of this circle Perhaps there is another reason for this...a much more obvious and mundane reason. Open rings are worn by swingers to let other swingers know, and this has been around at least since the 1960's! Frostie Wicca is nothing but a swinger's religion! In fact, that's about all any Wiccan "tradition" was up until the last decade]

 Page 139"Carnal Knowledge"

 The daughter of a local Wicca couple wishes to join the coven. She is sixteen. May she join?.The answer is most states is that when she is a member, all of the men of the coven could e jailed; no amount of formal releases properly signed will help. So if she wishes to join, all the male members of the coven must sign an agreement absolving the other members from responsibility. Therefore, all single women joining the coven must sign a release."

 [Translation: The men of the coven (and probably the women too) would use the girl like the only woman on a pirate ship, which would be statutory rape in any state. The Frosts sound like they are talking from experience about this...and this "Bible" of theirs came out in 1970, which means they were off to an early start. Singing a release would probably do no good, since a parent can't legally give the right for people to sexually abuse her child.]

 Outrageous and Ignorant Comments Concerning Christians

 Page viii: What do you believe?  Money:grubbing"holy" men and power seeking princes.

 [Now there's a healthy attitude. All Christians must be totally evil. No altruistic Christians like Mother Teresa or Corrie Ten Boom , are there? And as far as being "money grubbing", the Frosts and other Wiccans don't exactly give their overpriced books and amulets away. And I'd have to say all Wicca is really just a quest for occult power.]

 Page xi: We of Church of Wicca are often amazed and saddened at the lack of knowledge in both Christians and pagans [sic] regarding the real origins of much of present day Christan thought and ethic.

 [The Frosts have no degrees in the area of Christian Theology, yet they somehow presume they can lecture their readers on such things.]

 Page xiii and xiv: Jesus the Rebel "The only history book contemporaneous with Jesus� time is the Talmud. It says of him....

 [This is absolutley wrong! The Talmud was written centuries after Christ. Even Rabbinc scholars admit that the Talmud has, at best, a "hazy recollection" of Jesus. The incident mentioning Jesus and a Roman soldier is about a man named Jesus Barata, not Jesus Christ of the New Testament, according to Jewish scholars! Both Jesus Barat and Jospeh Pantera lived in 150 A.D.... over 100 years after Jesus was on earth! I'm amazed and saddened at the Frost's arrogance to think they know anything about Christianity!  Celcius, an anti-Christian Jew started this false story centuries after Jesus lived.What about Josephus Flavius??. Josephus Flavius may have actually even known Jesus. He also wrote of Jesus and called him a "miracle monger". It�s funny the Frosts chose to ignore this. See the King Jesus Page located on the menu to the right for more information.]

 Page xv: "Scholars now believe that Jesus gave each initiate some transcendent experience during initiation. Our own view is that this was some mind expanding Cabalist technique which Jesus could easily have learned from existing Jewish mystical schools. Such transcendence, such"forcing of the gates of heaven",is often cited as the reason for initiate�� placing themselves outside the law. Some eminent scholars believe that the transcendence was achieved by means of psychedelic substances or though homosexual oral-genital contact including anointing with seminal fluid;for the etymological derivation of "chrestos" can be show to mean "smeared with seminal fluid".

 [Of course the Frosts don�t mention 1) how exactly they drew this conclusion 2) who any of these so-called "scholars" are or cite a reference or 3) how Jesus could have "easily learned this from mystery schools". That�s because no scholar in his right mind would make such a claim, and the Frosts are making it up as they go along (typical of Wiccan writers), and they know this. No, Jesus did not use gay oral sex for "enlightenment". Homosexuality was considered an abomination during Christ's lifetime! Considering the Frosts early anti-homosexual stance in the 1970's (until they found out gays had money to waste on their worthless mail order courses and books too) , this lie was told to paint Jesus as a bad guy, plain and simple. "Chritos" means "anointed" but certainly not with "semen", but rather with oil. It also means the "chosen", which is equivalent to the word "Messiah". The so called "Cabalistic imitation" the Frosts claim Jesus used would have been impossible since the Cabala didn�t even exist until roughly the 14th century A.D.]

 "Peter,with James�s backing, held the incestuous, dynasty-building view that only brothers,nephews,and children of Jesus,and their descendants,could be priests of the new religion."[page xv]

 [Of course, no reference is cited to back such an outrageous view. Christ made it clear he was not to rule over an earthly kingdom until his Second Coming. There was no "incest" involved in church leadership, and of course the Frosts don't bother to clarify that statement. It's certainly an ironic choice of words considering many of the practices with homemade dildos involving family members the Frosts recommend! Apparently this is a reference to  James  (Christ's earthly brother) who succeeded him as leader of the Church in Jerusalem after the Resurrection. Also, Jesus never had any children. If he did, were's the record of them becoming leaders of the Christian church as the Frosts contend??? They are areapparently ignorant of the fact that other Jews and even Gentiles were also made ministers and leaders of the church as well, so it wasn't simply some "incestuous dynasty building" scheme. If this were not the case, I wouldn�t be writing this right now, because Christianity would have quickly died out if it were limited to Jesus' family members. The Frost's are nothing but hate mongers, plain and simple.]

 "An author assigned to write the gospels today could be compared to the making palatable of Hitler�s philosophy as outlined in Mein Kampf to middle-class Americans while confining himself to discussing only Hitler�s birth and the last year of his life with the events leading to his martyrdom in the Berlin bunker.[page xvii]

 [This is an outrageous statement, and it shows how filled with hate the Frost's are to compare Jesus to Hitler! Any Christian who reads this cannot help but be filled with outrage! The Frosts have the nerve to not only compare Jesus with Hitler, but to say the Gospels are complete lies. Ironic indeed considering that Ronald Hutton and Adrian Kelly has shown the origins of Wicca to be false!]

 "In the forefront of this tradition must be counted Billy Graham, Oral Robert, Reverend lke, and Pat Robertson."The Lord don��t like the ping of coin, only the rustle of the paper money". page 30

 [This shows the very narrowminded and stereotypical view the Frost's have of Christians and Christianity. It is (unfortunatley) a typical view most Wiccans hold of Christians, and Christians need to keep this in mind when dealing with Wiccans. It isn�t a humble nature religion about people prancing around in the woods picking flowers. Televangelists make up a small portion of Christian ministers, but since they�re on T.V., they are over-represented. Billy Graham certainly has never been involved in any scandal, and is considered of great moral character. Rev. Ike is actually a metaphysical preacher popular nowadays with the Unity and Science of Mind Crowd and actually has more in common with Wiccans! He's NOT a fundamentalist Christian, and in fact would be better described as a Gnostic.]

 "If Jesus were to show up today, he would to have some difficulty in to finding a church to his liking. One forms the impression that he would be far more comfortable in the company of pagans or Witches initiated in the old individual way and eschewing the materialism and the mass "conversions"of the established conventional churches."[ page XXVII]

 [If you haven't rolled your eyes up yet, do so now! This is another typical way Wiccans treat Jesus Christ, stabbing Him in the back on the one hand, then saying He�s their friend. On the one hand, they compare Him to Hitler, call him a homosexual, call him an "incestuous dynasty builder", and the next they say "but he'd like us more than you evil xtians if He were here!" Jesus most certainly would not like the wife swapping and child violating of the Church of Wicca and it�s followers! He certainly would not approve of the amoral and perverted life styles they lead. He would not approve of the sorcery, the worshiping of heathen gods and idols. Period. The Bible is quite clear He will come back for His church, so He does love His church, even though Wiccans clearly hate it!]

 "Today we need new livable ethic-perhaps the oldest ethic known-one that Jesus would have found comfortable and workable; one that emphasizes the individual and his or her intelligence; one that blind no one to a specific religious dogma by threat of hellfire or by blame -and-shame."[done page XXVIII]

 [Jesus never emphasized "intelligence" as a way of salvation. He always said He was the only way, and encouraged His followers to lead decent, moral lives as much as possible! The Frosts are simply trying to re-write the Bible to where it sounds good to them. Christianity isn�t simply a "blame and shame" game. If you look on the Moral Compass page, you will see all the world�s religions have morals. For two people who pretend to be experts on religion, it sounds like the Frosts have never even had a comparitive religion class! 

 One has to wonder why the Frosts are so concerned with what Jesus would have thought about them, anyway. It�s seems the Frost�s must have had bad experiences with Christianity early on in their lives, and for them Wicca is a way to rebel against it, not unlike as it was for me and many other Wiccans.]

 "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore we do not believe that the Deity has power to operate on the earth plane; whereas the power that we store by prayer in [stone] god forms can be effective on the earth plane."

 [In other words, the Frosts are encouraging people to worship idols! Idols have no power at all. Give me an idol and a hammer and I will show you how little power they really have! They are nothing but things made from rocks and wood. All early Christians had to do was smash an idol in front of a pagan to prove they weren�t gods. St. Wilberforce once converted an entire village by merely chopping down a tree the village worshiped, because they thought it contained Thor's spirit. Timberrrrrr! When nothing happened, they realized Paganism was a shame and everyone immediately converted to Christianity! Aren't you as smart as that, or do you also need a demonstration? Smash your idol and see it's just a piece of would or stone. The Frosts want to take us back over two thousand years to superstition and ignorance.]

 "The unnatural restriction, the militarism, the materialism, the magic rituals, and the devil-emphasis of the established church have led the world to the brink of disaster. Wicca represents an older, better way that is regaining acceptance."

 [Here�s an example of what I mean by saying Wiccans will claim Wicca isn�t ancient, but then at the same time claim it is. Wicca is not an "older better way regaining acceptance". It�s not even as old as rock and roll music. Pagan Rome conquered half the world and killed those who dared oppose them. Christians were slaughtered by them for 300 years. Neopagan Odinist Adolph Hitler killed 6 million Jews and 10 million Christians. Hindu (Pagan) controlled India is a 3rd world Theocratic Caste nation where women are degraded and modern day witch burnings are common (yes, really). How were Pagans or Neopagans so much better?]

 "But spirits in Side [the Frost's term for their god] find it increasingly difficult to communicate their suggestion to those on earth because a large section of the people, the Christian, tend to get together on Sundays and shout order to the spirits without listening. To reach the sphere of God, all evil must be removed from the soul or spirit. Wicca divides this earthly progression into ten steps and call it levels ten though one."[page 3 and 4]

 [So the mighty Wiccans are getting interference when Christians pray? Good! Keep up the good work Christians! And notice the Wiccan doublespeak about evil not existing, but then saying evil "has to be removed from the soul or spirit�. How can you remove something that doesn't exist? Also the part about "Side" having 10 parts is ripped off from the Cabala, and the Frosts don't acknowledge it.]

 "The guides, many of whom are recently dead, still have about them earthly feelings and have not yet developed above Side level ten. Sometimes, therefore, the direction given by them is not intelligent and may be mischievous or dangerous."[page 5 and 6]

 [In which case, why do you want to play around with it? The Frosts used to boast in their books that "Witchcraft can make you rich in a ghetto". But the Frosts aren�t rich, nor is anyone who buys their books. If they can�t make it work, what chance do you have? Obviously they can�t back up their claims no more than the guy on the infomercial peddling his get rich quick scheme. Christianity will not make you rich, but it will give you peace. Wouldn�t you like to know peace instead of worrying someone has cast a curse or hex on you? I never have to worry about curses or hexes because the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit keep me safe! No matter what men can do to me, I know I have a reward greater than anything on earth coming to me. This is what is meant by "the peace of God the surpasses all understanding." If you don't have Jesus, I invite you to lay aside your hate and fear and superstition and truly get to know Him.]

 "Wicca does not believe in hell to which souls are assigned when they've been naughty on earth. Hell is here on earth. It is inside you the frustration of being unable to get or to do something, the temptation to take the easy road that will harm someone, and the fears of having your errors catch up with you-these things cause regret."[pages 5 and 6]

 [No, Hell is a real place, whether you like it or not...or at least the Gardneiran Book of Shadows says so! It says people who betray Wicca will burn "in the Hell of the Christians" and not be reincarnated. Pagan religions are filled with references to hell-like places. Chinese call it "Diyu", the Pagan Mayans call it " Xibalb�", The Aztecs called it Mictl�n, in the Hindu Puranas it's called "Naraka", in Celtic Mythology's (yes, Pagan Celtic) it was called�Uffern", in Sumerian Mythology it was called�Aralu". Zoroastrian, Cannanite, Hittite, and Mithran mythologies had a Hell as well. Egyptian mythology believed Hell was a lake of fire. Asia include Bagobo Mythology's �Gimokodan� and Ancient Indian Mythology's �Kalichi". African hells include Haida Mythology's �Hetgwauge� and the hell of Swahili Mythology. The hells of the Americas include Aztec Mythology's �Mictlan�, Inuit mythology's �Adlivun� and Yanomamo Mythology's �Shobari Waka�. The Oceanic hells include Samoan Mythology's �O le nu'u-o-nonoa� and the hells of Bangka Mythology and Caroline Islands Mythology. So if you don't believe in a Hell, you're not really Pagan! I guess Pagans invented Hell to scare people into joining their religion, huh? To find out the truth about Hell, click on the Heaven and Hell page located on the menu to the left. As for Hell on earth being due to not getting what you want... Adultery promises happiness, but it always brings misery. Promiscuity promises temporary happiness, but it also brings the eventual emptiness and even disease. Who hasn't heard of certain movie stars, seemingly having everything they ever wanted, who committed suicide? You can get everything you want and still be miserable. ]

 "When you knowingly defraud someone of his rights, your own conscience is troubled and you have added spots of soil on your soul.The only way to expurgate these spots is to make restitution to the one who was defrauded.In summary,an eye for an eye is not a Wicca belief. Evil should be countered with good.The evil-doer should be helped,not harmed."Page 7 and 8

[This contradicts what the Frost's seem to say in the Magic Power of Witchcraft, which encourages followers to join the Mormon church, solely for the relief program, how to trick airlines out of free flights, and using peoples morals against them! If the Frosts are against defrauding others, they need to start with themselves first, rather than tell people two contradictory stories.]

"Most of whom were reared as Christians,and to protect yourself further,it is well to say a modiffied version of the Lord�s Prayer the modification are mirror,and the spirits feel comfortable in this environment. Our friends who are in heaven, hallowed by your names. God�s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our weaknesses as we forgive those who wrong us help us resist temptation,and deliver us for evil".[page 23 and 24]

 [Some people might view this a parody of the Lord's Prayer, not a whole lot different from what Satanists do! This corrupted prayer also contradicts writings by the Frosts in The Magic Power of Witchcraft, claiming prayer doesn't work! Why are the Frosts so obsessed with Christianity, anyway? As you read this and more books on Wicca, it becomes apparent Wicca is just a rebellion against Christianity.]

 "If coven membership is unbalanced less than 'perfect pairs' the leaders are to decide on the roster of partners for the sexual interlude. This may mean that some partners share." page 35 and 36]

 [In other words...wife swapping! One ex-Frostie once commented online that the Frostie Wicca was "great if you were into polygamy". They can call it being "sexually liberated" if they want to, but all they�re doing is using women like sex objects.]

 Page39 and 40

 In the beginning there was a void.

 God came and put a Thought into that void.

 The Thought thought of dust.

 Cosmic dust appeared in the void.

 The dust formed the universe.

 The thought thought of spirit.

 The spirit formed life and soul .

 Thus did God form the universe.[page 35 and 36]

 [A parody of the Gospel of John. A favorite pastime of Satanists are such parodies, and you think Wiccans would avoid doing such things if they don't want to be confused with Satanists. For a religion that is supposed to be so much older and better than Christianity, Wiccans sure seem to spend a great deal of time re-wording our scriptures! This re-enforces my argument that Wicca is really little more than a rebellion of Christianity, just as Gnosticism once was.]

 Page61 and 62

 Page63 and 64

 "Preliminaries before initiation Service:When a child develops to a stage where the physical attributes of reproduction are present,he can become a full member of the coven. This is a landmark in the child�s life.When he is made to understand his new capabilities and responsibilities. Wicca do not threaten their children are told clearly of their new status and their responsibilities. The parents relinquish the spiritual guidance of the children to the coven and warn them that temporal authority will also soon be outside the family.It is hoped be Wicca that the first full sexual experience will take place in the pleasant surroundings of the coven and that the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of the experience will lead the child to a complete life."

 [So, as soon as a kid hits puberty, it's time for them to lose their virginity...and with the rest of the coven watching! If this isn't pedophilia, what is?]

 "The physical attributes of male and female virginity are destroyed at the youngest possible age, either be the mother or be a doctor. In the female case the hymen is painlessly broken surgically. In the male case, the mother makes absolutely sure that the foreskin can be drawn fully back by cutting the underside attachment membrane."[page 65 and 66]

 A case of the Frosts. "The youngest possible age" is a rather disturbing thought.

 Page67 and 68 [The initiation ritual]

 Fca:"My son....,have you studied other religions?."

 N:" I have studied....and reject them."[page 67 and 68]

 [This seems to actually confirm some parts of the wilder stories you hear about Wiccans having to reject the Christian faith to become a witch! In this example, they not only reject it but all other religions as well! If the Frost�s reject Christianity, why do they dwell on Jesus and the Bible so much in their writings, anyway? Obviously they have a fixation with it.]

 Fca:"Let this athame serve you well;let this be the only blood it ever spills."

 She pricks the novice�s upper forearm with the athame so that a drop of blood falls on the blade. [Page69 and 70]

 Blood rituals. Yes, they happen in Wicca. You read it for yourself.

 Fca:"Abase yourself."

 He falls to the ground before the flamenca. She symbolically whips him with his own whip. He kisses her foot; she helps him to rise. He points his ankh [symbol of the God��s authority] at her. She fall to the ground. He symbolically whips her. She kisses his foot; he helps her to rise."[ page 69 and 70]

 [This is simply an white washed form of Sado-masochism, which was a fetish of Gerald Gardner. The ahnk is an Egyptian symbol and doesn't actually have anything to do with Celtic Paganism. Page 71 and 72]

 "The Wicca marriage service is a spiritual experience, not an attempt to place temporal bounds on the participants. If the couple wish to be married in the eyes of the law, they can go to a court and be registered so that the statisticians are made happy."

 So Wiccan marriages are little more than "shacking up".

 Fca:"Disrobe and kneel before me."

 Fca:Do you wish to become one in eyes of the spirit and the earthly worlds?"

 A:"We do."

 Fca:"Take this knife and spill blood." [done page 71 and 72]

 Page 73 and 74

 The woman cuts the man�s forearm so that she draws blood.[The easiest way to produce the necessary cut is to pinch the flesh with one hand and cut with the other.]

 M and W: "We use our holy athame to show that we are willing to spill our own and the other��s blood and that our blood will mingle sweetly as will our lives."

 The woman cuts the man�s forearm and her own left wrist. The man cuts her forearm and his own right wrist.The flamenca binds the cut wrists and then the intertwined hands together.[done page 73 and 74]

 [If all the wife swapping in the Frost's Wicca didn't give you AIDS, this one certainly could. Remember to that by their own admission, these marriages aren�t "carved in stone" and they think polygamy is OK, exposing them to multiple blood partners.]

Other Wiccan "Bibles"

Wicca does not really have a set of scriptures as other religions do, per se. The closest thing to scriptures they have is probably a spellbook called the "Book of Shadows". Gardnerian Wicca is the original Wicca from which all the copy cats sprang. The first Book of Shadows was written by Gerald Gardner, plagarized in large part by the writings of Aleister Crowley.  Here's an example:

 Wiccan Third Degree From The Gardnerian Book of Shadows

 O Circle of Stars Whereof our father is but the younger brother Marvel beyond imagination, soul of infinite space, Before whom time is bewildered and understanding dark, Not unto thee may we attain unless thine image be love. Therefore by seed and root, by stem and bud, by leaf and flower and fruit, Do we invoke thee, O Queen of Space, O dew of light, Continuous one of the heavens Let it be ever thus, that men speak not of thee as one, but as none; And let them not speak of thee at all, since thou art continuous.

 Crowley's Gnostic Mass:

 O circle of Stars whereof our Father is but the younger brother, marvel beyond imagination, soul of infinite space, before whom Time is Ashamed, the mind bewildered and the understanding dark, not unto Thee may we attain, unless Thine image be Love. Therefore by seed and root and stem and bud and leaf and flower and fruit do we invoke Thee. Then the priest answered & said unto the Queen of Space, kissing her lovely brows, & the dew of her light bathing his whole body in a sweet- smelling perfume of sweat; O Nuit, continuous one of Heaven, let it be ever thus; that men speak not of thee as One but as None; and let them speak not of thee at all, since thou art continuous.    


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