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    Tan, rested, and ready from 3 vacations this year already, Vice President Joe Biden - - who previously told Americans in 2012 that the Obama Administration would never come after their guns - - now is urging ministers, nuns, and Rabbis to tell their congregations to give up their guns. Well, thank God I'm an atheist then. 

    Call me crazy, but it sounds like the Obama Administration is starting to come after America's guns. I'd have to say it looks like they're to take the easy route first, and then they'll escalate. No, it's not because they're planning the beginning of a utopian socialist paradise here in the USA like in the now extinct USSR. It's because Liberals honestly believe getting rid of guns will stop all gun violence.

    I'd be all for gun control if it actually worked. The problem is it doesn't. In every country where guns have been introduced into the population (and that's pretty much every country) gun control has failed to work.

    I was in the UK in 2006. It's a wonderful country where they invented The Beatles, the Queen of England, and Doctor Who, but not in that order. They also tried gun control. They even tried to control the guns the police carried...and the police kept getting killed because cops really need guns. Finally they decided to give the cops their guns back. While I was there, people were afraid of what they described as "gangs". When us 'Mericans think of gangs, we think of The Bloods, Zoe Pound, and The Crips...people that will kill you as soon as look at you. In the UK, a gang is a bunch of teenage boys out of school. That's what people are scared of...schoolkids. Crime has skyrocketed in the UK, and somehow gun control wasn't the magic wand that fixed everything.

    Not only that, but guns are still available on the black market for about $1000 in the UK. Yes, it's not a cliche', it's really true...the guns were outlawed, and now only the outlaws can get guns! And if we do this in America, the same will happen here. Mexico, where drug cartells routinely kill innocent people everyday,  has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Holland, where a Neo-Nazi shot up a school with a machine gun a few years back, has gun control. Since Australia's 1996 laws banning most guns and even making it a crime to use a gun defensively, armed robberies actually rose by 51%, and unarmed robberies by 37%! And the list goes on. It doesn't work in other countires, so why do we still think we can make it work here? 

    William Ferry Jr. killed 5 people and injured 16 in a Tampa, Florida Winn Dixie in 1983. He didn't use a gun...he used gasoline and a lighter. In Osaka, Japan school janitor Mamoru Takuma killed 8 students and wounded 13 others and 2 teachers. He used a butcher knife from his own kitchen. Sandra Clinch of London, UK, murdered her fourth husband with a pair of scissors after they got in an argument in 2012 (makes you wonder about the other 3). Richard Delgado III of San Jose, CA was convicted of 2nd degree murder for running over and killing a female neighbor in 2009. Amber Hilberling of Tulsa, OK was found guilty of 2nd Degree murder for pushing her husband out of a two story window in 2011.

    So perhaps while Biden is encouraging clergy to tell followers to get rid of their guns (and ensuring their churches and synagogues lose their tax exempt status in the process for getting involved in politics) maybe he should also try to ban gasoline, scissors, cars, kitchen knives, and buildings taller than one story. These cases aren't unique...cases like them happen all over the world, even in countires with gun cuntrol...everyday. 

    Not only that, but people have been murdered with poison, ropes, electricity, bombs, clubs, baseball bats, screwdrivers, sticks, axes, hammers, pillows, and bare hands. Just outlaw everything...including hands...and we should be safe.

    You see, killing existed thousands of years before guns were invented. In fact, animals have been killing each other for millions of years before people even existed. Killing will always be with us. It's impossible to stop, and outlawing guns only makes it people defenseless against people with guns.

     A few weeks ago, a homeless schizophrenic man was ranting and raving on main street in the small town where I live. Normally he's harmless, but this time he was definitely upset about something. As I drove by, he looked me in the eye and shouted profanity at me and every other car that passed by.

    It seemed there was an unusual amount of traffic that day, and I imagine some people were driving by just to "see the show". Some people were laughing at the man as they drove by. I went to the Police station and told them of the situation, and the officer there told me they had gotten several complaints and an officer was on the way. As I left the station and drove home, police were already on the scene.

    I was surprised 2 weeks later when I saw the same man walking down Main Street again. Absolutely nothing had been done to change his situation. He is still a homeless schizophrenic living on he streets. Local churches invite him in for meals on his calmer days, and that seems to be about the only help he gets.

    People were laughing that day at the shaggy homeless man yelling threats and profanity as they drove by. But I wonder how many of them would have laughed if someone had been walking by and the homeless man made good on his threats. What if a child had been walking by and the homeless man picked up a brick? Or worse still, what if this man had managed to get hold of a gun?

    Yesterday, several months after the first incident, he was walking down the street, yelling at passing cars. Again.

    I suppose if he had gotten a gun and shot at people driving by that would be national news and the lead story on every network. If he had beaten someone to death with a brick, it might have made the local news, and since no one was hurt, it wasn't news.

    And this is what's wrong with America (one of many things actually)...mental illness isn't seen as a problem until someone dies. Then it seems it becomes a debate for gun control. Yes, that's it. It must be those guns killing people, not the lunatics who fire them. It's cheaper to allow lunatics to live in the streets, eat out of garbage cans, and defecate and urinate in doorways. Likewise, when someone isn't homeless and shows red flags of being insane and violent, it's nothing is done about it.

    Jared Loughner's college classmates were scared of him. Many of them thought he would snap someday and kill somebody. The school's solution was to kick him out of school. Unfortunately that didn't stop him from shooting Senator Gifford and several other people including a little girl in Arizona, on what seemed like any other Saturday in 2011...then the police were called out after everyone got shot. The Psychiatrist for James Holmes (Aurora theater shooter) warned the college he was attending that he was threatening her and probably going to hurt somebody. Again, the police got involved after he killed and wounds dozens of people in a theater. William Ferry's family warned the cops he would hurt somebody and nothing was done until he burned several people alive. Are you starting to see a pattern here? When there's red flags, something needs to be done. A debate about gun control after a mass shooting is merely closing the barn door after the horse got out.

    I notice though, there was no mention of Veep Joe Biden asking Imams to tell Moslems to give up their guns. And there's another cause of violence bleeding hearts are afraid to address. Since Moslems cause 70% of the terrorism in the world, I think maybe that would be a better place to start. Oh but wait, that would be "racist" if we tell Moslems not to be violent, even though Islam isn't a race.

    As long as our leaders feel this perplexing need to allow people in from countries where Al-Qaida is strong, you can expect more Boston style bombings. Sure, we always hear how immigrants do the jobs Americans don't want to do...but do we really need to bring people in to be terrorists, shop lifters, murderers, thieves, wife beaters, pot smokers, robbers, and car-jackers? I think Americans have all those jobs covered...let's not pay another sleeper cell family $100,000 a year to come here and do those.

    For the bleeding heart crowd, it 's always easier to pretend violence is caused by something other than the real cause. Crazy people cause violence, and radical Moslems cause violence. If you blame guns as the cause of violence in America, you might as well blame pressure cookers, box cutters, and air planes as well. A few days ago Harry Reid decided to beat the dead horse named "Tea Party", saying the now defunct movement were "Anarchists". No, the Moslems who blew up the Boston Marathon were the real Anarchists. Bill Ayers, Obama's friend, was an anarchist. The Tea Party just wanted lower taxes. They've never shot anybody or blew up anybody, but you'd have never know that the way they're labeled (or libeled) in the Media. The fact that Reid has such a high level position in our government and put partisan politics over common sense is frightening.

    By the way, do you want advice on gun control from a former Security Officer? Shotguns and hunting rifles will be the last thing confiscated, if and when gun confiscation happens. A good 20 Gauge Shotgun with Buckshot will be all anyone needs to stop a burglar or a religion of peace activist brandishing a pressure cooker. It doesn't take a lot of skill to use. If they ever come for my shotgun - -oops, I lost it one day crossing a river - -and I'm sticking to that story.   

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