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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   

ALICE BAILEY (1880-1949)

     Succeeded Bessant as head of the Theosophical Society. Like her predecessors, Bailey was a pro-Aryan anti-Semite. Bailey dismissed  the persecution the Jews had endured had simply been their “Karma”, eerily reminiscent of Neo-Nazis who say the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves. 

    Bailey also informed her readers that the Jews had lost their right to be the people whom a future Messiah would be born due because of their arrogance, and that they would have to go through “fires of purification”. 

    Bailey wrote that statement in 1949, after the ovens of Nazi extermination camps had been made well known. It’s unlikely such a poor choice of words was an accident, considering her attitude toward Jews. In addition to that,  Bailey Claimed the atomic bomb was actually a “gift” from the ascended masters to mankind.

     After her death, her husband continued her racist work, and claimed that a few years prior an unnamed “disciple” had tried to “unite the people of Europe by the Rhine River” and had failed. It seemed obvious Bailey was talking about Adolph Hitler! If there was any doubt that some high ranking Theosophists are pro-Nazi, that statement would seem to remove it. 

Blinky the Baphomet says, 

Blinky The Baphomet Says "This website really cracks me up. Really."

Blinky the Baphomet says, 

"Alice Bailey sounds like she could best be described as a word that stars with a 'c' and rhymes with 'runt'! " 

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