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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

 Annie Bessant

    Annie Bessant (nee Wood), 1847-1933, was a 19th century feminist, an early advocate for birth control, and involved in progressive political movements, such unionization, and self-rule for India and Ireland. she had an unhappy marriage to an Anglcian clergyman, whom she seperated from in 1873.  

    Blavatsky chose her to lead the Theosophical society. Bessant seems like an odd candidate for the Theosophical Society considering her past invovlvement with the secularist movement. Bessant supporteed herself as a writer, and in 1889, she was asked to write a review for the Pall Mall Gazetteon The Secret Doctrine,  H. P. Blavatsky's Magnum Opus. After reading it, she sought an interview with its author, meeting Blavatsky in Paris. Like so many others, she fell for Blavatsky's charisma. Being a feminist, a religion lead by a woman may have also appealed to Bessant. 

    It has been alleged she and Blavatsky were lesbian lovers, citing some curious comments in surviving letters written between the two of them. Blavatsky addressed her letters to Besant “‘My Darling Penelope’ from ‘Your female Ulysses’” Besant’s biographer notes that there seemed to be a lesbian element to the way she dominated Blavatsky. There’s no way to prove such allegations for sure. 


    After a dispute in which William Q. Judge, leader of the American section, was accused of falsifying letters from the Masters (just like Blavatsky), the American section of the Theosophical Society split away. The slpit has remained to this day. Bessant would go on to head the Indian branch of the movement. 

    Besant is probably best known for having botched an attempt to bring a fake Messiah, Krishnamurti, into the world. Blavatsky created a "World Teacher Project"...basically her own vainglorious attempt to create a version of Jesus Christ, Theosophy style. 

    In 1909, soon after Besant's assumption of the presidency of the Theosophical Society, fellow Theosophist C. W. Leadbeater (a pedophile) "discovered" fourteen-year-old Indian Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895–1986), who had been living, with his father and brother, on the grounds of the headquarters of the Theosophical Society at Adyar. Leadbeater declared Krishnamurti to be the "World Teacher" Blavatsky had prophsied. Leadbeater also probably "discovered" other things about the boy as well! 

  The Theosophists had adopted (or kidnapped, according to the boy's parents) the boy, and the parents sued unsuccessfully to try to get him back, accusing the Theosophists of corrupting their son. Considering a pedophile was always around their son, it's not hard to blelieve.  Krisnamurti nevertheless remained under the Theosophist's wing for his formative years. Eventually Krishnamurti would reveal he was not the occult messiah on the day of his vetting, both angering and humilating Theosophists. EPIC FAIL! Like Blavatsky before her, Bessant was a fake.

    Bessant was a big fan of Co-Masonry...a branch of Freemasonry that accepts women as members. It is considered spurious by Scottish Rite and York rite Masons, though. Besant was intiated in 1902, and eventually became the Co-Masonry's "Most Puissant Grand Commander", and was a major influence in the international growth of the Order. Co-Masonry would also be a later influence on Wicca, as Gerald Gardner eventually joined it and borrowed from it's rituals to make Wicca.

    Years later Krishnamurti once ran into writer Bernard Shaw, while he was on vacation in Bombay. Besant had once been a mistress to Shaw years earlier, and when it ended, she was hurt deeply. Perhaps she too sought out the occult as a way to bring back a lost lover. Shaw enquired of Krishnamurti how she was doing. “Fine”, he told her “but at her great age she cannot think consecutively” to which Shaw replied “She never could.” ZING! (The Occult: A History by Collin Wilson pgs ) Eventually Krishnamurti ditched the Theosophists to start his own Guru business in the 1960's.

    Annie Besant A fake who followed in the footsteps of another fake. Has she not wasted her time following Blavatsky and tainted her legacy with Theosophy, she might be remembered along side Susan B. anthony, and other important feminsts of the day. 

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