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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   


    Authoress of Isis Unvieled, The Secret Doctrine, The Stanzas of Dyzan, and founder of the Theosophical Society. Theosophy became the basis for many occult societies who borrowed from it, including an offshoot called “Arianosophy”, most Rosicrucian groups around today, The Chaney’s Astara of Los Angeles, and Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s Church Universal and Triumphant, to name just a few. Many members of the Golden Dawn had started out in Theosophy, and it’s teachings seem to have been incorporated into modern day Spiritualism.

     The two hundred fifty pound Russian Medium Helena Blavatsky started the Theosophical Society 1875 claiming she had made telepathic contact with mysterious “ascended masters” in Tibet. She dubbed herself a “Priestess of Isis”, and combined Spiritualism, Cabala, Western occultism, Hinduism and Buddhism along with a dash of Darwinian evolution, to make the whole thing sound “scientific”.

     In fact, occultists of all stripes snidely think they are more scientific than Christians, simply because they believe in Evolution and the Big Bang (even though many if not most Christians do too!)...while many occultists also believe in such things as elves, fairies, and magic and carry red flannel bags with a lodestones to bring good luck. And while Theosophists may not believe in all those things mentioned, they do have many beliefs that most people would find strange.

     The Theosophical Society had an alliance with an organization run by a certain Swami Sarasvati, until the Swami denounced Blavatsky and her sidekick Ollcott as charlatans , and they were exposed as such many times. Nevertheless, the society is still around today. She wrote two occult best sellers, Isis Unveiled (1887)  and  The Secret Doctrine (1888), which are still in print.

     Blavatsky claimed the ascended masters (humans who are centuries old living inside a mountain in Tibet) inspired her to write the books and communicated with her telepathically. She claimed the goddess Isis herself gave her the ideas for Isis Unveiled. There’s actually no real evidence she actually  had any contact with “ascended masters” or “Isis”, and the bulk of the material for her books is simply plagiarized from other works.

     A skeptic named William Coleman discovered 2000 passages Blavatsky lifted from other books and never gave credit for. He counted a total of 100 books in all used in the making of Isis Unveiled, and The Secret Doctrine was discovered to be in a similar vein, with even entire pages plagiarized from other books!  The footnotes to Blavastky’s books were added years after her death by her followers to help cover up her plagiarism. The Stanzas of Dyzan, a book Blavatsky wrote claiming it was the oldest book in the world, also turned out to be a hoax with many passages copied from books of the 19th century! Nevertheless, her books are still in print to this day (Madame Blavatsky High Priestess Of The Occult pgs. 374-375 by Gertrude M. Williams).

     Blavatsky was born of Russian nobility. She married a 50 year old Colonel, but soon left him. She is said to have had several odd jobs, including a trick rider in a circus, a piano teacher, and manager of an artificial flower factory. She also became the traveling companion of a wealthy heiress who had a library of hundreds of books that she always took with her. This is no doubt where Blavatsky got much of her material to plagiarize from.

     As previously mentioned, for a time she was the assistant to medium Daniel Home, and this is where she learned the tricks of the trade of Spiritualism. She was not as cautious as Home, however, and got accused of fraud and exposed as a fake several times during her career. She set up shop as a medium in Cairo, Egypt, but was exposed as a fake when someone found a long white glove stuffed with cotton in the Seance room right before a Seance was about to begin (The Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural by James Randi, pg 34 ). She fled Egypt after that and went to America.

     Blavatsky decided she needed a better scam than Spiritualism. At first they called it The Miracle Club, but it didn’t take, since it was too much like Spiritualism. Then she decided on the name Theosophy, and the scam worked.  Once she claimed to have materialized a teacup by meditating while sitting on the ground. When an observer accused of her of  having buried it there earlier and merely digging up the teacup, she was treated to one of those blasts of foul language Blavatsky was notorious for. (The Occult: A History by Colin Wilson, page 334)   Another time Blavatsky claimed to have found a lost broach of an heiress. The heiress accused Blavatsky of simply buying one that looked like it. Blavatsky denied this profusely, even though a receipt for the broach from a local pawn broker was later produced by a defector! (Ibid, 334)

     One follower (who had apparently been Blavatsky’s assistant in fakery) named Emma Coulomb became disillusioned with Blavatsky and set out to expose Blavatsky as the fraud she was. Coulomb passed along evidence which showed Blavatsky to be a fake to the editor of Christian College Magazine. One revelation was that Blavatsky made letters from “Coot Hoomi” (one of the Tibetan ascended masters Blavatsky supposedly had contact with) seem to magically appear from nowhere by simply shoving them through cracks in the ceiling from the room above! Coulomb also revealed Blavatsky had secret passages and hidden doors built into her house which aided her in deceiving people about her “psychic abilities”. Why did she do this? Well, it’s because she was a fraud and she had no powers and people who follow her teachings today need to accept this. The Theosophists tried to strike back, claiming Christian missionaries were behind a conspiracy to stop them involving thousands of dollars. The reality is Christian missionaries never took the Theosophists seriously, and never launched such a campaign, nor did they have the thousands of dollars at their disposal as Theosophists charged.

    Not long after this, a medium in America claimed that Blavatsky plagiarized one of his lectures and published it as a "revelation" from Coot Hoomi. (The Occult: A History by Collin Wilson pgs ) . About this same time The Society for Psychical Research set out to India to investigate Blavatsky at the insistence of Coulomb. The investigator, Richard Hodgson, was admitted to the room containing the "shrine" where Coot Hoomi's letters magically appeared, but only after much stalling. He smelt a rat after finding just a newly made cedar wood box and freshly plastered walls. A bungling follower tried to defend HPB by saying "You see, it's perfectly solid" while slapping the back of the “shrine”, and thus accidentally causing the back to fall off, revealing a secret entrance to Blavatsky's bedroom! The investigator interviewed several people who had witnessed her “magic feats” and grouped them into four categories: 1. Skeptics 2. Partial skeptics 3. Sincere believers 4. Confederates who aided her in deception. (Madame Blavatsky High Priestess Of The Occult by Gertrude M. Williams pgs.270-271)

     The Society for Psychical Research published a detailed 200 page report, detailing the methods of trickery Blavatsky used. The report concluded by calling her “ of the most accomplished, ingenious, and interesting imposters in history”.  Her society sounds as though it was actually a cult. Many of her closest followers were said to have suffered miserable fates, including suicide. Biographer Gertrude Williams wrote that “she ruled her followers ambidextrously, through glamour and fear”. Toward the end of her life, she wrote a confession to one of her detractors, a Russian writer named Solyvov, and admitted she had lied about many things, including the existence of the Mahatmas, having hundreds of lovers (she was actually a virgin until they day she died), that she fakedcommunications with spirits and that some of the phenomena her followers saw could be attributed to hallucination! Even then, she wrote the letter in the most dramatic manner possible, making herself sound like a persecuted martyr rather than a fraud. Later she retracted part of the confession, claiming the Ascended Masters were real after all, which would mean she lied about lying if that were the case. Considering the Chinese Army has control of every square inch of Tibet, it’s unlikely they would have failed to miss the discovery of an underground Buddhist momentary. And if Tibetan Buddhists had all these miraculous powers, with all due respect, the Dalai Lama would not have to live in exile as he has for decades!

     Though Blavatsky was proven a fraud in her lifetime and even finally admitted it, her Theosophical Society continues on. There are chapters in several countries even today, including the U.S. Her followers will even say things like “Sure, HPB had a streak of charlatanism in her, but you have to look past that and read her teachings for what they really are.”  What are these teachings? Blavatsky’s Theosophy deals with such hookum as the "seven root races". The god like giant Aryan race lived on Atlantis and lost their god-like status by intermarrying with the “semi-human” Jews. The intermarrying with Jews caused the Aryans to devolve, according to Blavatsky. Blavatsky called Judaism a “religion of hate and malice toward everyone and everything outside itself.” , while the Aryans were the most advanced people spiritually. Compare this type of mentality with that of Joseph Mengele. Theosphy is nothing but recycled occult gobbledy gook from previous books with a strong flavor of anti-Semitism and anti-Christianism  thrown in for flavor!

    Eventually, so the story goes, the Aryans blew up Atlantis through black magic. Kaboom! The next root race were invisible, made from “fire mist”, and lived at the North Pole. No doubt, neighbors of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I wonder if they were invisible how anyone knew they existed since they can't be seen? There’s a head scratcher. The race after that was just barely visible, lived in Asia and “invented sex”. A race of giant telepathic apes inhabited the now vanished continent of Lemuria. (I know, it sounds like a D.C. comic.).

      Her writings are not only anti-Semetic but as well as anti-Christian. She considered Jesus to have been “a failure”, and seemed very troubled, if not jealous, of the many depictions of the Virgin Mary by Roman Catholics. She often snidely commented on the “many changes of wardrobe” Mary seems to have, almost like one woman envious of another woman’s clothes.  Blavastky’s hokum was a big inspiration for many occultists of her day. It stirred up interest in goddess worship and influenced many Rosicrucians groups, The Golden Dawn, Astara ( the California psychic church and mail order occult school run by the Cheney’s), The Church Universal and Triumphant (Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s gun toting survivalist cult), among others. The Rosicrucian Fellowship uses Blavatsky’s teachings for the bulk of their mail order “Western Philosophy” course. Aleister Crowley, claimed to have actually met her in person, and Blavatsky’s books were required readings for members of  Crowley’s occult organizations.

     HPB was probably the first to introduce reincarnation into Spiritualism. Up until then, most Spiritists believed in a heaven like existence throughout eternity, called “Summerland”. Blavatsky also introduced evolution into reincarnation by saying people were reincarnated as people, not randomly switching incarnations between animals and people as in the version of reincarnation taught by Eastern religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism..

     Her saddest and most horrifying accomplishment was being the spiritual impetus for the Nazi regime, decades after her death. As you can guess by her doctrines about Aryans and Jews previously mentioned, many German occultists and racists embraced Blavatsky’s idea of being descended from Aryan god-men and her anti-Semeticism. Blatvatsky’s favorite occult symbol was the swastika, which she claimed was the symbol of the Aryan race and the most powerful of all occult symbols. This symbol was adopted by the Nazis. Heinrich Himmler was a devout believer in Blavatsky’s teachings, and even went on an expedition to Asia as Germany was losing WWII to try and find the (non-existing) link to the Tibetans and the Aryans.

     Blavatsky was one of the first occultists to make goddess worship an alternative to Christianity, paving the way for Gardner and the Wiccans. Likewise, Gardner borrowed some ideas from Blavatsky, particularly her take on reincarnation which was different from the Eastern idea of it.

     Even though Blavatsky admitted she was a fake, there are still a handful of followers that refuse to believe it. There are two branches of the Theosophical society, the result of a schism after her death. One branch is based in Arya, India, the other in Wheaton, Illinois. In the 1990's during a Theosophist convention of the American branch, a pair of ice tongs Blavatsky had “materialized” during her career (no doubt by slight of hand) was proudly on display. Some people will always want to believe.

     Supposedly, the Tibetan masters she was in telepathic contact with lived for centuries. Why then was she in poor health during her final years, and only lived to be 61 instead of hundreds of years like Coot Hoomi and Count St. Germain? Why follow a follow a fraud who caused so much evil? Blavatsky helped in part create the holocaust. Her racist doctrines are more than just  pure fantasy, they are also pure evil.  

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