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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom


    Studied astrology in his youth and later wrote a book about herbal quack cures that many occultists follow. English physicians denounced his books, not because Culpepper was taking their business away (because he didn’t), but because of his bizarre unscientific occult beliefs about herbs. For instance, he thought  a "strong infusion" of pomegranate could "cure ulcers in the mouth and throat and fasten the teeth(?)", because it corresponded to the astrological sign of mercury. Not only isn't this scientific, it simply doesn't work.

     Even though Culpepper is revered as a medical genius by today’s health nut crowd, he actually smoked and drank quite a bit! In fact, it’s been said his grandfather cut him out of his will allegedly because he was a lush. Some may question the common sense in using a book about medically untested folk medicine written in the 17th century in the first place, and for good reason.

    The FDA has on its website many herbs used in “herbalsim”(which is not the same as “homeopathic” medicine, but also is a quack science), from Vervain to Kava Kava, which can all have side effects and even be poisonous! Even with all his supposed medical knowledge, Culpepper died at the age of 41 from Tuberculosis, and partly due to a war wound he never completely recovered from, showing he didn’t really know anything but quack medicine or else he could have cured himself! "Physician heal thyself!" 

    Since he couldn’t cure himself, believed in quack medical cures, and didn’t realize smoking and alcoholism were bad, why follow his teachings? 




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