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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   

Dainel Douglas Home


     Dainel Douglas Home A Medium who came on the beginning of the Spiritualist scene at the time the Fox Sisters created it, even though he claimed he was “contacting spirits” before then. Home is said to be one of the few, if not the only, medium that wasn’t publically exposed as fake. 

    The reason for Home’s success is due to the fact that he only allowed his seances to be examined under conditions he approved of. Skeptics during that time would light lanterns during the seances revealing the trickery of the mediums (such as wires, strings, assistants dressed in black, etc.). Home avoided this by never letting anyone attend a seance he thought might cause him trouble. Home was indeed caught using tricks once during a Seance, but the information was never made public during his lifetime (The Encyclopedia of Claims,Frauds and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural by James Randi, pg 120 ).

    Home’s Seances often utilized a concertina (a little accordion) locked in a cage. During the seance, faint music could be heard, and the attendees assumed it was a ghost playing the locked-up concertina. After his death, a small 8 note harmonica was discovered among his possessions. 

    Magician James Randi has noted it would have been easy for Homes to conceal the little 8 note harmonica in his mouth, covered by his enormous moustache. For some reason, the spirits only played the same two songs at every seance, which were probably all the songs Home knew how to play. One of the songs was “Home, Sweet Home”, (The Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural by James Randi, pg 121 ) no doubt intended as an inside joke!

    Home suffered from TB most of his life and died at age 53. One of his assistants later went on to even greater fame than he did. Her name was Helena P. Blavatsky, who no doubt learned all of Home’s tricks. Like all Mediums and channelers, Home was a fake.



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