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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   


  a.k.a Edward Talbot  He was an "assistant" to Dee during his Enochian experiments, which later occultists became so enamored over. Aleister Crowley even claimed he was the reincarnation of Kelley. Kelley had a shady past long before he met Dee. He had both is ears cut off as punishment for counterfeiting, which is why he always wore a hat to conceal the fact!   

    He conned several people into thinking he could change lead into gold...a common scam for alchemists of the time. He became Dee’s assistant and seemed to have played a con on Dee at least part of the time they were together. Kelley tricked Dee into wife swapping, claiming the spirits had insisted upon it. Kelley got the better end of the swap, as Dee’s wife was 20 years younger than Kelley’ it’s not hard to see the real motive behind that  “Angelic revelation”. It's also obvious to see Kelley played Dee for a complete fool during their association.

     Kelley warned Dee the “angels” they were talking to were really demons, and that angles had told him their goal was to destroy humanity!   Some of the things Kelly and Dee claimed the angels revealed to them seemed to echo Gnostic heresy of earlier times. For example, according to Kelly the “angels” told them:

    >Jesus wasn’t God and no prayers should be made to him, and there was no Holy Ghost.  

    >The “angels”  told them the story of Adam and Eve was nonsense

    >there had always been the same number of human beings throughout time, neither more nor less, which is a scientific impossibility!

     Kelley eventually abandoned Dee's magical practices, in 1589 because he found a new pigeon, Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, who employed him to make gold through alchemy. Eventually, when the Emperor realized Kelly was conning him, Kelly fled.

    Kelley/Talbot died at the age of 47 from an injury sustained while trying to escape from prison after being incarcerated for his old hobby of counterfeiting! Kelley tried to lower himself out of a third story window with a makeshift rope, but the rope wasn’t long enough. He tried to drop the rest of the way down to the ground, and only succeeded in breaking his leg. The wound led to his death several days later, which must have been excruciating.

    If even Kelly thought the Enochian magic was Demonic and would destroy humanity, why is anyone stupid enough to try it??? Are you? Okay, I don't believe in Devils or Demons (or God for that matter) now that I'm an atheist, but still...what logic is there in summoning the things which legend says are nefarious beings that lie and cause nothing but misery and suffering???

    Kelley didn’t wind up rich or powerful, didn’t have magic powers, nor does anyone else who practices Enochian “magic”.




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