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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom


    Known as "Guru Ma", Prophet was the President of the "Church Universal and Triumphant", which had been founded in 1958 as "Summit Lighthouse" by her husband, Mark Prophet (1918-1973). The Church was a split off of the "I AM" cult, of which Mark Prophet was a member. After Mark died Clare became head of Summit Lighthose, which she re-named.

    Clare's Church started out as the usual run of the mill New Age church. On the surface, the group seemed innocuous enough, and Prophet and was even featured on an episode of the 1970's TV show, In Search Of about Count St. Germain. The cult always had a doom and gloom message of impeding wars, global catastrophe, cats and dogs living together and stuff, and as time progressed, the cult evolved into a survivalist cult.

    The cult’s teachings seemed to be similar to Theosophy in many ways. Like Blavatsky before her, Prophet claimed to be in contact telepathically with "Ascended Masters" that included Jesus, Morya, Buddha, and Count St. Germain...the 18th century fraud. The group is said to have arranged marriages and an authoritarian model of leadership , not unlike the Moonies.

    Prophet's cult moved from California and bought a remote, 12,000-acre site in Montana near Yellowstone in 1981. Prophet said in an interview with the L.A. Times in 1987, "We felt we were divinely led here...You know it is easier to meditate here than it is in Los Angeles. You have 10 million auras in Los Angeles and here you have wide open space."

    Right, and coincidentally it also proved a handy place to build huge underground bunkers with bomb shelters and places to stockpile weapons, which Prophet did. Most people living at that time thought war between the U.S.A and U.S.S.R was unavoidable, so Prophet seems to have merely followed the crowd. However, by the time the bunkers were completed in 1990, the USSR which Prophet had predicted would attack the USA, had collapsed! Nevertheless, in 1990 members went down into the bunkers, with kids screaming as they were strapped in for the nuclear war to follow. Hey, the woman's name was even “Prophet” for crying out loud, so they figured she had to know what she was talking about.

    The shelters were poorly designed, and there were no toilet facilities. Human waste made by the 2,000 or so cult members in the bunkers was hauled out in 5 gallon buckets each day. After the world failed to end, the members emerged from the bunkers, and fortunately there was no Jonestown style massacre. On a humorous note, the largest bunker was later used as a bingo hall by the cult. 

    After a raid in the 1990's by the ATF, some of the group’s members went to jail for obtaining automatic weapons illegally. Fortunately it didn't end in a Waco like standoff. The group had legal issues with the IRS as well, and eventually settled with them in 1993...including agreeing to relinquish ownership of an Army Tank. Hey, what Church doesn't need a tank?

    Prophet stepped down from leadership of the sect due to health issues. She was said to be suffering from epilepsy and "an unknown neurological condition" which was later identified as Alzheimer in her obituary. In 1998 she divorced her 4th husband after he ran off with their nanny. All of Prophet's children have reportedly left the group.

    The group began to lose both followers and money after the world didn't end, and a new leader took over Prophet's duties in the 1990's. said the group would begin to focus love instead of doom. The group's new leader also said no member could be involved in occult activities such as channeling...a bit curious since Prophet's claim to fame was channeling.

    Prophet died in October of 2009 at age 70. Even though Clare’s prophecies have failed, her books are still in print. Her group still exists and carries on under new leadership.


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