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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

L. RON HUBBARD (1911-1986)

  Mentally ill science fiction writer who created Dianetics and later Scientology. In a way he was Aleister Crowley’s most successful disciple. During the 1960's, Hubbard belonged to a California chapter of Crowley’s O.T.O. that also included Jack Parr. Parr had a falling out with Hubbard after he left with his wife and several thousand dollars of O.T.O. funds. Hubbard had apparently been interested in the occult prior to this, and had briefly been a member of the mail order AMORC Rosicrucian occult order.

     In a lecture given in the 1960's, Hubbard referred to Crowley as “my friend” and recommended his book The Master Therion (therion = Greek for beast) for Scientologists to read. There are many similarities to Thelema and Scientology, in fact some critics charge Scientology is just a “science fictionalized” version of Thelema!

    In 1950, Hubbard published the book Dianetics, that purported to be a way to achieve mental health and happiness. Dianetics attempts to recover traumatic prenatal memories (called engrams) which Dianetics purports are the source of human mental impediments. Using a process called “auditing”, a person is supposedly made to relieve these incidents and erase them. Once this is done the subconcious mind, called ‘the reactive mind” in Dianetics, is then shut down (a scientific impossibility) allowing only the conscious mind (Analytical Mind in Dianetics lingo) to run the show. This state is called “clear”. Once a person is clear, they were said to no longer need glasses, their I.Q.s would go up, and they would have total recall.

     Hubbard introduced his first clear, a 22 y.o. UCLA physics graduate student, to a packed L.A. auditorium. But the demonstration quickly turned into a farce, when the girl couldn’t even answer questions a physics freshman could have answered, and obviously didn’t have total recall.

    The FDA decided that Dianetics was a dangerous form of psychotherapy, and tried to shut down Hubbard’s Dianetic centers. Facing the loss of his golden goose, Hubbard started The Church of Scientology in 1966 with headquarters in a run down Clearwater, Florida hotel.  To Dianetics’ quack psychotherapy Hubbard tossed in reincarnation. This turned to be an even bigger money maker, because since people had dozens, hundreds, or perhaps thousands of past lives, each of these lives caused engrams which also had to be audited. Cha-ching $$$!  

    Hubbard used hypnosis, fear, and lies to create an empire worth millions, which has been exposed in books such as The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper, The Bare Faced Messiah by Russel Miller, and A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack, all of which can be read online for free. . Of course, Hubbard spent a good deal of the time on the lam, so he probably didn’t get to enjoy his money as  well he would have liked. Many people (including ex-wives and lovers, the FBI, and federal judges) concluded Hubbard was "hopelessly insane" and a “pathological liar”.  While some may wonder how an insane person can run an organization, keep in mind sometimes even psychotics can become heads of corporations, as apparently in Hubbard’s case.

     Like most occultists, Hubbard lied about his achievements, such as claiming to have earned a degree in Nuclear Physics which turned out to be from a diploma mill. The Church of Scientology cult is a hopeless morass of lies and deceit that has caused the deaths of several people, including Hubbard’s own son, Quentin. Scientology is a dangerous psychotherapy cult that keeps people from obtaining the help they really need. Brainwashing through hypnosis and use of a lie detectorcalled an "E-Meter" costs followers thousands of dollars over time. Auditing can cost around $300 per hour or more. One man claimed to have spent $250,000 to try to achieve the state of  clear with no success.

     Scientific impossibilities, such human beings living on earth trillions of years ago who were enslaved by an evil alien named “Xenu” are part of the "Theology" of Scientology. Hubbard, far from being a humanitarian, used people for his own ends and cared little about what happened to them. He even used his own wife (wife #3) to take the rap in a scandal that involved money laundering & breaking into federal offices the church had labeled "Operation Snow White". People who oppose the "Church" are systematically harassed, as was Paullete Cooper when she was framed in another Scientology excursion called "Operation PC Freakout". In the 1970's, Hubbard and followers absconded from the authorities onboard three private cruise ships called "The Sea Org", complete with pretty underage teenage girls dressed in skimpy sailor costumes to attend to his every whim.

     Many celebrities have been wooed by Scientology, which helps the cults image. Often times celebrities find Scientology to help them kick drugs. Even though Scientology’s front Narcanon group claims to help people get off drugs, Hubbard himself, however,  was said to be a chain smoker who frequently drank. Celebrities receive much different treatment than the ordinary peon, according to defectors of the cult.

      Scientology has so many rules and procedures, it seems completely impossible to follow. Hubbard wrote over 100 books about Dianetics and Scientology, most of which are hard to decipher. John Travolta said in an interview that all the rules of Scientology has for a happy marriage would probably fill a set of books the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica!

     So why do people follow Scientology? Dianetics/Scientology’s system oftherapy is done through a process called “auditing”. Critics have observed auditing is really just a mild form of hypnosis. But the more people are repeatedly hypnotized, the easier it becomes to hypnotize them. The E-Meter drills give very mild electric shock, which physicians say is habit forming. So someone being audited could be easily brainwashed. It’s no wonder Scientologists actually believe they have lived for Trillions of years on other planets!

     Would you consider someone who constantly lied to you, brainwashed you, used you for money and then tried to ruin you if you tried to expose them a "good guy"?


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