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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   

FRANZ BARDON (1909-1956)

     A.K.A., Frantisek Bardon. He was a Czech stage magician who wrote a few books on the occult,  including Initiation Into Hermetics, The Practice of Magical Evocation and The Key to the True Kabbalah. A HIGHLY embellished novel titled Frabarto The Magician was written by his secretary and passed of as an autobiography. 

    Even though Bardon seem to think no one had ever revealed the legendary secrets of the occult he had, some critics think  Aleister Crowley made him a Johnny Come Lately. But, unlike Crowley's encoded, mystical writings, Bardon laid out a 10 step progeam for self intitation. The value of such a program is at best, debatable.

     Despite the claims of being a "real magician" with magical powers, Bardon was imprisoned by the Nazis during WWII and had to remain incarcerated until the camp was liberated by the Russians! You would think with magic powers he could have made himself invisible or hexed a guard to let him go, don't you? 

    Eventually, the Czechs were taken over by the Communists at the end of WW2. But Bardon's luck under communism wasn't much better, though. He was imprisoned again in 1956 for illegal production of medicine, because his medicines were based on "alchemical" recipes, and Bardon was not a Pharmacist nor a Medical Doctor. It seems even communists had some standards for medicine!

    He died in prison four months later, after eating bacon that affected his pancreitis. Some have speculated Bardon committed suicide, because he had requested the bacon from his wife, knowing full well eating bacon could kill him!

    Bardon couldn't make magic work for him, it didn’t cure his pancritiis, it didn’t get him out of prison, it never made him rich. It left him with no option but suicide...and yet people still buy his books!

 Franz Bardon; a fake who committed suicide. 

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