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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

 GAMACHE, HENRI (b 1900? d. 1950?) 

    The pen name of an occult book author who also wrote under the name Lewis De Claremont, among others. Gamache's actual name was Young (his first name is now unknown),and wrote of how to perform spells for all kinds of things, including prosperity and money. De Claremont/Gamache wrote several occult books, including Terrors of The Evil Eye, and The Master Book of Candle Burning , the latter Raymond Buckland would later plagiarize from to write his book, Candle Burning Magic, but didn't give any credit to Gamache.

The forward to one of his books is dated 1940, New York City. Not a whole lot is known about Gamache other than that. He also seemed to be a follower of P.B. Randolph, because he mentions his “philosophy of fire” several times in his book. Some people think Henri Gamache might have been an African American, but some books under his Lewis de Claremont show a picture of a White man dressed sort of like a Swami, purported to be his picture.

Under the name Lewis de Claremont Which he also spelled Lewis de Clairemont, and Louis de Claremont), , he wrote several books, including Legends of Incense, Herb, and Oil Magic, The Ancient Book of Formulas, The Seven Steps to Power, The Seven Keys to Power, and Protection Against Evil.

The Ancient Book of Formulas...which obviously wasn't very ancient, seems to have been mostly a ploy to get readers patronize a certain New York City drug store Gamache/deClaremont/Young had some kind of arrangement with. The book gives formulas that always list things as “Boquet X 115” or “Formula X 126”, and the only place you could get such formulas was said drug store. There was even a chapter about how to make various cosmetics, tonics, and creams made from stuff you could get at a drug store back them. The drug store ironically went out of business not long after the book's publication, and readers were thus left with a book of useless formulas.

Mr. Young also seems to have ghost written a Psuedo-Autobiography for the stage magician known as “Black Herman”, and was the actual author of Black Herman's Secrets of Magic, Mystery, and Legerdemain. It's written along the lines of Marie LaVaue's “biography”, meaning it's really more of a spellbook. What's unique about Black Herman is that it also contains the secrets to do simple stage magic tricks, like making a quarter appear to vanish in a glass of water by switching it with a glass disk. So even though the magic spells won't work, at least the reader could learn a few magic tricks.

Even though Gamache claimed to be able to perform magic spells for prosperity and money, Gamache/Young gave the manuscript of his book The Master Book of Candle Burning to a friend (who latter published it) to settle a debt...for a whopping $37! Couldn't Gamache use his magic candle spells to even conjure up $37?? No, because magic doesn't work! Nevertheless people still buy Gamache's books some 70 years later.

The publisher of the de Claremont/Gamache/Young books tried to falsely claim he was the author, so he could claim the copyrights for himself. The copyrights have all lapsed, and the books are in the public domain. The Masterbook of Candleburning seems to be the only one still in print.

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