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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom


     Founder of the "Ancient Mystical Order Of The Rosy Cross", or AMORC. Lewis claims to have the secrets of Christian Rosenkrutz...a man who never really existed. He worked in advertising as an illustrator which helped him to promote the AMORC, throughprint ads and booklets. 

    The order sells about 3 dozen books with catchy titles to sell boring material. Titles such as Mental Poisoning, The Secret Life of Jesus, and Mastery of the Cycles of Fate might seem to promise more than they deliver. Rosicrucians are told they can counter act negative Karma, with the law of Ahrma...which sometimes involves making out a check to AMORC.

     Lewis founder the AMORC and heavily promoted the super-secret order by advertising in national magazines and newspapers.  It has been jokingly said by critics that if the AMORC ever stopped advertising that the print media industry would go belly up! Anyone could learn to be an occultist for just a few dollars each month after answering a very simplequestionnaire.

     AMORC claims not to be a religion, although Lewis tried to start a Rosicrucian Church at one point, and also operated a Rosicrucian radio station in Florida to promote it. While Rosicrucians may claim to be Christian, AMORC says it goes back to an Egyptian mystery school started by Pharo Amenhotep (it actually doesn’t, however). Rosicrucians set up Neopagan altars (it would be hard to call them “Christian”) in their homes with busts of Nephertiti and Amenhotep on them...obviously meant to be Pagan demi-gods. There’s little of AMORC that has to do with Christian mysticism.

    While Lewis may have claimed to have been a “Christian Mystic”, he was in fact a disciple of Aleister Crowley, the flophouse Anti-Christ! The truth came out during a lawsuit in which a rival Rosicrucian named Swinburne Clymer sued Lewis. According to Clymer, Lewis was initiated in a ritual that was supposed to have lasted 3 days behind closed doors (and could have even involved homosexual “sex magic”, since Crowley was involved), but Lewis’s ritual only lasted one day. 

    The AMORC doesn’t want you to know their “Mystic Christian” leader was initiated by a self proclaimed “Anti-Christ”, so you’ll plunk down your $10 each month for “monographs” of useless occult gobbledygook! Upon hearing of Lewis’s success, Crowley wrote Lewis to proclaim himself head of the AMORC. Lewis refused, since his money making order was doing just fine without him, and he knew the negative reputation Crowley had deliberately cultivated would change all that. Crowley thought of going to America again, to seize the order from Lewis, but the by that time Crowley was in his flophouse years, and since he never had magic powers to begin with, couldn’t actually cast a spell for traveling money.

     In 1916, Lewis held a press conference and supposedly demonstrated he could change zinc into gold, or so he claimed at least. The AMORC has never offered to share this secret with anyone else or even attempt to duplicate the feat in public. It’s certainly never allowed a demonstration with scientists present to examine the process. Undoubtedly  the trick was probably done by slight of hand or similar means. Casanova was unimpressed when Count St. Germain tried to fool him with it in the 18th century by undoubtedly a similar stunt.

     The AMORC still exists, even though in recent years there have been schisms. In 1990, Rosicrucian Imperator Gary Stewart was removed and later sued by the AMORC over embezzlement of funds. The AMORC board of directors claimed Stewart had embezzled around $500,000 and hid it in bank accounts in Spain. Stewart denied the charges, saying everything he did was on the level, and fought back with his own lawsuit. Eventually the case was settled out of court, and the AMORC dismissed their case with prejudice.

     Now, if Rosicrucians can really do change zinc into gold, why do they need to charge money for the lessons?  Why was there an embezzlement scandal in the 1990's, seeing how Rosicrucians can simply create gold? Didn’t the originalRosicrucian document, Fama Fraternis, claimed Rosicrucians had no use for gold? The reality is, they actually can’t change zinc into gold, they don’t have mystic powers, and Rosicrucianism is based on a hoax as we’ve already seen.

    H. Spencer Lewis; a fake, a follower of the flop house Anti-Christ, and a man who knew the value of mass marketing.

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