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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

 JACK PARSONS (1914-1952)

 Parsons founded Cal Tech and the JetPropulsion Laboratory, and seemed like a scholarly man. He created solid rocket fuel and even has a crater on the dark side of the moon named after him. That's pretty impressive. 

    But friends new he had another side. Parsons was a student of Aleister Crowley and a member of the O.:T.:O:. Eventually he tried to become the successor to Crowley, proclaiming himself the new “Great Beast”, and promising to issue in a new Aeon of all kinds of darkness and destruction on humanity (gee, thanks) and other such horseradish. He wrote a book titled Liber 49 that called for the creation of a Thelemic-witchcraft type religion that sounds a lot like Wicca.

     Along the way, he rubbed elbows with L.Ron Hubbard before Hubbard became a multi-millionaire with the Scientology cult. Parsons intiated the struggling writer into the Pasedena, California chapter of the O.T.O. Hubbard managed to abscond with $10,000 of Parson's money, as well as his girlfriend.

     Apologists say he died in a "mysterious experiment". But the truth is he blew himself up in his basement, making nitroglycerin, which he sold on the black market to supplement his income (apparently his money spells didn't work, either!). His mother soon killed herself later in a suicide pact. 

    A Moon crater is named after Jack Parsons. It's on the dark side, approrpiuately enough. Parsons could have gone down in history with people that founded great institutions of learning, but instead will probably also be remembered more as an occult weirdo that blew himself to smithereens.


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