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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

LANCE COLLINS (1949 - 2007)

  His real name is John Todd. He went by the aliases "John Todd Collins", "Lance Collins", "Kris Sarayn Kollyns", and "Christopher Kollyns". He was a fake ex-Wiccan who eventually became a real Wiccan, then an ex-Wiccan again, then a real Wiccan again. Not exactly like the other occultists on this list, but he made such an impact on American Christians during his heyday he deserves a mention.  The Illuminati legend was introduced to mainstream Christians when a mentally unstable man named John Todd went on the Bible belt circuit with a bizarre story about having escaped from a life of drug abuse, Wicca and the mythical Illuminati,  and becoming a Christian.

     Todd became a storefront preacher in 1968 in Phoenix, Arizona, and appeared on a Christian TV show in 1972 which gave him the soap box every crackpot needs.  He claimed he was saved from Wicca and Satanism and drug addiction when he found a Jack Chick tract titled Bewitched.

     Todd/Collins went on from there and made a tour of churches in 1973, telling a story about the Illuminati and it’s secret plans for world domination...which for some reason are outlined in the novel Altas Shrugged by (atheist) Ayn Rand that anyone can buy.  The conspiracy included Wicca, The Church of Satan, The Manson Family, The Knights of Columbus, B’Nai Brith, The Process Church of the Final Judgment, the Teamster’s Union, the Communist party, shipping magnateAristotle Onassis, the Rothschilds, and even President Jimmy Carter, whom he said was the Anti-Christ and would assume world control by 1984! Apparently Carter’s been keeping it a big secret that he runs the world, and builds houses for Habitat for Humanity as a cover. Armageddon was supposed to happen in 1979, they also apparently kept that quiet too, somehow.

     Todd claimed he was a life long Wiccan (impossible since Wicca was only invented circa 1954), and his family was a famous family of witches named Collins. At the time, Dark Shadows was a popular T.V. show that featured a fictional family of witches named Collins, which is probably where he got the idea. They were indeed famous, since they were on T.V., but certainly not real in any sense, or even based on historic figures. Todd claimed that when he achieved the highest level of Wicca, Grand Druid, he was told it was all just a front for Satanism, and made a member of the all powerful Illuminati.  Todd/Collins claimed all mainline denominations of Christian churches had already been infiltrated by the Illuminati.

     Tapes made of his lectures circulated among Fundamentalist Christians well into the 1980's...even after Carter failed to be the anti-Christ and Armageddon didn't happen in 1979. Among some of the other strange claims made by Todd/Collins was that Melodyland and Jerry Falwell contributed millions of dollars to Satanists, and John Kennedy was still alive, and that he had been his personal warlock!

     None too stable, he went into a one year period of “backsliding” as he later called it between 1976-1977. It was more than just “backsliding”, it was leaving the Christian faith and joining the Frost’s Church of Wicca and establishing his own coven. The Frosts either never heard of Todd, or didn’t care as long as he paid his membership dues. Todd began teaching classes on his own Wiccan “tradition” at an occult bookstore he opened called the Witches Cauldron in Chicago. His “coven” consisted mostly of underage girls, who later claimed Todd had forced them to have sex with him.

     He was arrested for statutory rape, but was bailed out by the famous comic Bible tract publisher Jack Chick...a man who’s own grasp of reality seems questionable at times.  Todd/Collins claimed he suffered from seizures while  in jail, and Chick managed to get him released after only serving a few months. Chick still stands by Todd/Collins story and publishes his fables (along with his likeness) in the comic book Spellbound and the now out of print tract, Dark Dungeons. Ironically  enough, Chick did later produce a cassette tape in the 1980's titled Closet Witches, warning Satanists were infiltrating and ruiningChristian churches, yet ironically unable to see the damage Todd/Collins created!
     After the backsliding incident, Todd/Collins resumed his lecture circuit as though nothing had happened, and now included the famous Melodyland church and Christian Rock music as part of the Illuminati conspiracy. The hoax was eventually exposed by two fundamentalist Christians in the book The Todd Phenomenon. According to The Todd Phenomenon, Todd/Collins was not a life long witch descended from a long line of Wiccans going back centuries as he claimed.

     He served briefly in the army in Germany (but not as a Green Beret nor in Vietnam as he had claimed) until army psychiatrists determined he was a pathological liar who could not distinguish fantasy from reality and had probably received brain damage from his beatings as a child from his abusive alcoholic father.  A 19 year old John Todd was discharged in a time when mentally unstable vets were routinely inserted into the general populace with no thought to the consequences.

     Todd’s involvement with Wicca and drug abuse did not actually begin until his Church lecture circuit touring! Even during his so-called conversion to Christianitybefore his “backsliding” incident, his wife and associates claim Todd combined Wicca and Christianity.  Todd frequently made passes at the female church goers, some of whom he seduced, and also got his teenage sister-in-law pregnant.

     His story inspired other people to fabricate their own testimonies, including wannabe Mike Warneke. Todd and Warneke once met, and the result was a shouting match in which the two had to be physically separated to keep  from clobbering each other. Todd accused Warneke of  more or less stealing his act, and he was probably right. But Warneke got the last laugh by co-writing the introduction to The Todd Phenomenon. A few years later however, Waneke’s own glass house got stoned when he was exposed as a fake himself by an article inCornerstone Christian magazine in 1989!

      Todd faded from the public eye by 1980 and reportedly began selling freeze dried food in Montana for the coming Armageddon. In 1990 he was convicted inSouth Carolina for the rape of several college students. Prior to his arrest, he was referred to locally as the USC (University of South Carolina) Rapist. Todd also is alleged to have molested several young girls in South Carolina when he was a karate instructor. Todd's sentence was up in 2004, but deemed too dangerous to be released back into society. He is currently residing in a maximum security facility  for the treatment of high risk sex offenders, where he will remain for the rest of his life. Todd claims he’s innocent and that he was framed by the late octogenarian Senator Strom Thurmond and the Freemasons.

    There’s a false story circulating on the internet that Todd was freed in 1994, picked up by a helicopter and murdered when he couldn’t pay the Illuminati $10,000 to spare his life (remember this is an organization supposedly with Trillions of dollars at their disposal!). I can see why conspiracy buffs would want to “kill him off”, because Todd has once again re-converted back to Wicca and renounced Christianity while in prison (if not even earlier). A Wiccan "prison chaplain" even pays him regular visits.

     I guess in a strange way, he’s a famous occultist too, and so he belongs on this list. MP3s made from Todd’s cassette tapes that circulated among Christianchurches in the early 70's are available online today, with some conspiracy nuts swearing his impossible stories are somehow true.  His name still appears in several Chick Publication Christian (?) comics. Like I said, old legends die hard. White supremacists are the biggest supporters of Todd’s story nowadays, which gives you an idea of the mentality of his stories.

    In 2004 Todd/Collins was deemed to be too dangerous to be released after his sentence for rape was up. He was placed in South Carolina's  Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit . He died of natural causes in 2007. 

“An ungodly witness corneth judgment: and the mouth of the wicked devoureth iniquity.”
 - -Proverbs 19:28

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