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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   

KARL GERMER (1885-1962)

    Succeeded Crowley as leader of the O.T.O. in the U.S.A., ...although rivals of Germer hotly disputed this. He was at one time a regular supplier of Crolwey with money. Germer's occult name was "Frater Saturnus".  He was a German occultist and succeded  Aleister Crowley as the "Outer Head of the Order" of Ordo Templi Orientis from 1947 until 1962 when he died.

    In 1923 he sold his house in Vienna and moved to Munich in order to publish the occult magazine "Pansophia", together with Otto Wilhelm Barth and Traenker. In 1926 Germer got a divorce from his first wife Marie Wys in Mexico in order to marry the rich Cora Eaton in New York on 15 January 1929...because "Magick" never got anyone money! Cha-ching!

    One of germer's friends, Martha Kuntzel, was an ardent admirer of Adolph Hitler, and was said to regularly sent Crowley letters praising Hitler. In 1935 Germer was arrested by the German Gestapo for his occult connections. Since Germer had all these nifty occult powers, he of course escaped. HA HA! Just kidding..he wound up in a Nazi concentration camp!

    In the concentration camp, he recieved a tatoo number indicating he was a "passive pedophile". So he must have gotten that for a reason. But leave it to occultists to put a positive spin on being branded a pedophile.  According to fellow O.T.O. member Motta,  

"Mr Germer recounted that, when in a Nazi concentration camp, he was ascribed a number which was the German symbolic number of the passive paederast, and his fellow prisonsers mocked him for it. He told us that previously he would have felt affronted; but at this time he took it as a message of his Angel to become passive (cf. LXV i 44-46). 

    According to O.T.O. member Marcelo Ramos , Germer said "Crowley had loved him, and had wanted to have sex with him, but he had refused his Instructor's advances all his life." So being an occult muckity muck means avoiding sexual harrasment from your boss??? Ok then. Germer made advances toward another O.T.O. member, who refused him also. So the 20th century O.T.O. was basicaly a fraternity of sexually frustrated gay men it seems. Although Germer did reportedly get syphilys from apparently at some point he gave in to his wishes! 


     Karl Germer died from prostatic cancer on October, 25th,1962. There was a big dispute as to who was the successor of himself or Crowley.  

    Like Crowley before him (and every other occultist after him) he failed to produce anything rational people would call "magic" or "miracles"





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