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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   


    The fake messiah introduced by the Theosophical Society, who later denied being divine. In his 20's, Krishnamurti became disillusioned with Theosophy when his brother died from Tuberculosis after Theosophists had failed to heal him as they claimed they could. An occult order was formed by Theosphists called The Order of The Star in The East ( the star that announced the birth of Christ) to introduce the new “World Teacher” in 1907.  But in 1929 Krishnamurti dissolved the order during an address he gave before the group, whichshocked and angered them.

    After the dissolution embarrassment, the  Theosophists turned against Krishnamurti. Theosophist leaders had unwittingly set themselves up for such a thing to happen, having told their gullible followers over the years that the “World Teacher” might someday say things that were completely unexpected and contrary to their preconceived notions, and it would be unwise and even “dangerous” not to do as he instructed! So when Krishnamurti said he wasn’t some sort of occult messiah, they had no choice but to paradoxically believe him!
     Krishnamurti gained some fame in the 1960's during the Eastern Religion craze. Ironically, Krinamurti is now known as the “un-guru”, because he told seekers that they should forgo all religions and all gurus (including Theosophy) and try to find answers themselves. He came full circle by having his books carried by Quest Publishing, the publisher of Theosophical books. After his death, his popularity seems to have dropped off.

    Krishanmurti failed to rise from the grave after his death, nor do any miracles during his lifetime, indeed confirming his claim not to be a messiah! 

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