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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

CATHERINE DESHAYES a.k.a Madame LaViosin (1640?-1680)

    A Satanist who headed a cult of Devil worshipers that celebrated the Black Mass. LaViosin’s use of a nude girl as an altar was practiced by later Satanists groups, including Anton LaVey’s original Church of Satan. The chicken or egg question is, was LaViosin the first to celebrate actual Black Masses inspired by earlier but untrue legends, or did some sort of abominations actually take place in the centuries prior to her cult, providing an actual basis for the stories? At any rate, LaViosin’s case is well documented...perhaps the best documented witch trial ever...and such rituals did take place, and the parties involved were not innocent of their crimes.

     LaViosin was a witch and fortune teller who also ran an “abortion clinic” of sorts and sold poisons. She would take the fetuses of unborn babies and unwanted infants and slit their throats in Black Masses. Her clients who bought poison were usually nobility, often women. The Paris Police broke up her poison ring which reached all the way to England. They were tipped off by two Roman Catholic priests who had received several confessions of French noble ladies who confessed to trying to poison their husbands. The stories were almost always the same; a noble woman would poison her husband’s shirts, causing him to break out. His wife would then give him an ointment for the rash...which was more poison. Sometimes the husbands figured out what was happening, and fled to monasteries for safety, but some were not as fortunate.

     Priests are obliged to keep confessions secret, because Priests are bound by what is known as the “seal of the confession” not so their Bishop told the twoPriests involved to give the police just enough information to begin searching without actually naming names of confessors. This information began an investigation that ultimately  lead police to LaViosin. When the police raided LaViosin’s house, they knew something was strange about her family immediately because they all slept in the same bed.  Police discovered a hidden chamber in the house that led to a room draped completely in black with black candles, and an altar covered with a mattress. Also discovered were several books on black magic and astrology owned by LaViosin. 367 people were arrested in all, and 74 people were sentenced. Many French nobles fled to England and other countries to avoid arrest, and the scandal rocked French high society.

       A debauched priest named Gibourg created communion wafers from flour and blood from the sacrificed infants. These were then used in the Black Masses against King Louis XIV. The King’s mistress had employed LaViosin to use Satanic black magic to kill the King, which didn’t work. When this failed to work, she planned to poison him, but the plot was uncovered before she could carry it out.

     LaViosin and several debauched Priests who had converted to Satanism conducted Black Masses with placentas and fetuses of the aborted babies provided by LaViosin’s abortion business, as well as living unwanted ones, over the naked bodies of young girls as altars. During the Masses, the demons Astoroth and Asmodeus were “invoked” for assistance. LaVisoin later confessed to police that over the years she had cremated some of the remains of the fetuses and babies in her furnace, and some she buried some in her garden. This was confirmed when authorities unearthed thousands of bones of infants on her property. An exact body count of the child murders and poisonings was impossible to tell, but must have been quite high.

    To avoid a public scandal, King Louis the 14th ordered the trial to be conducted in a sealed court ( a star chamber). LaViosin and her gang were all arrested, tried, and convicted for their crimes. The Government of France then created laws against fortune telling, sorcery, and poison to help assure successor cults didn’t arise. Years later the King ordered all records of the trial to be burned, but a few copies accidentally (or intentionally) weren’t destroyed and survive even today. Even though LaVisoin practiced human sacrifices, which some occultists consider to be the ultimate act for attaining power (it was widely practiced by the Pagans of old), it still did her no good. The Devil never gives complete success to those who follow him.  LaViosin was burned at the stake in 1680.

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