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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   

John Dewey Allee, A.K.A., "Lord Egan" (1958 -    )

    Born John Dewey Allee, he claims to have had psychic powers all his life. He joined The Church of Satan in 1970, but lost interest by 1974. He later joined Aquino's Temple of Set and started calling himself "Lord Egan".

    While a member of the Temple of Set, Egan joined N.A.M.B.L.A., the infamous gay pedophile association, right before the Presidio incident. Egan would later claim he merely did it merely for “shock value”, and denied actually being a pedophile. They sure got plenty of shock value when the police investigated the Temple of Set for child molestation allegations! 

    Nothing ever came of the allegations, but that incident soured his friendship with Temple of set, no doubt.  Lord Egan later broke away from the Temple of Set to form his own group, The First Church of Satan. Here's what he once wrote on his website:

 "I've been forced to give up coffee - the acid was responsible for a minor ulcer and I can no longer take any chances with my health. This was my solitary vice - now it is gone. I do not drink, do not smoke, do not use recreational drugs and have nothing remotely resembling a sex life!"

Well...OK, then. 

Blinky the Baphomet says, 

Blinky The Baphomet Says "This website really cracks me up. Really."

"Hey, sign me up for some of that Black Magic!


    From Lord Egan's own admission, it doesn't seem there's a real advantage to being a Satanist. One would think someone claiming to wield the powers of black magic would be too busy counting the millions of dollars Satan has given him and having sex with strippers to have time for much else, and things like good health would obviously be part of the bargain.

    By 2001 Aliee had apparently lost interest in the First Church of Satan and his "Lord Egan" appleation. He now heads the Allee Shadow Tradition with his wife (who does fortune telling over the phone) in 2003. Membership is just $99, but bring your Malox, apprently. They still have yet to produce anything "magic" or "supernatural", and like most occult stuff, it's Hallowe'en for grownups who love shock value. 




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