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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   


    A former U.S. Army Reserve Colonel, Vietnam veteran, and Eagle Scout who broke away from the Church of Satan and formed the Temple of Set  (basically,"the other leading brand of Satanism" )
in 1975. Unlike LaVey, who at some levels seems to have merely created the Church of Satan as a sex club of sorts, Aquino seemed to be serious about the worship of Set. 

    Also unlike LaVey, Aquino claimed the Devil was literal and that he could really channel the Egyptian devil Set. Some of these communications are recorded in a document titled Coming Forth by Night. To create a sinister appearance appearance, he plucked his eyebrows, cut his hair in a drastic Eddie Munsterwidow’s peak, and tattooed “666" on his scalp, inspired by his purported obsession with the 1970's horror movie The Omen. He often appeared on talk shows and in newspaper articles with titles like “Satanist is Colonel in Army”. Exactly why all this didn’t bother anyone at the Pentagon is a mystery. But I guess any group of people that will pay $20,000 for a toilet seat or $10,000 for a hammer doesn’t really pay a whole lot of attention to what goes on around them in the first place.

    Supposedly with all this power, you figure his life would be on easy street, right? Eventually Uncle Sam was not to thrilled about having someone who claimed he talked to the Devil in charge of the Psychological Warfare programs that Aquino least not after Aquino was named in a child daycare sex abuse scandal at the Presidio Army base that hit the newspapers and TV. Aquino still claims he was innocent, and in fact, he was never charged with a crime . Now, one would suppose since Aquino can channel the devil himself, he would have been warned, or could see the future, or something, but this wasn't the case. Aquino claims Set said he "does not remember the future" in The Crystal Tablet of Set. Imagine that! 
So apparently Set only knows what Aquino knows.

    Even so, Aquino is a follower of Crowley’s teachings, the same Crowley who wrote of molesting his own children and was always haunted by rumors of child sacrifice. A follower who called himself “Lord Egan” claimed to have been a member of  N.A.M.B.L.A., the infamous gay pedophile association, right before the Presidio incident (Egan would later claim he did it merely for “shock value”, and denied actually being a gay pedophile). All this supposedly caused Aquino’s military career to end earlier than he would have liked, and the Presidio incident still haunts him. Critics note the incident gave Aquino a soapbox from which to bewail the “Satanic Panic”. Aquino made himself a lightning rod for scandal by his appearance and promoting Satanism, so some critics say Aquino only had himself to blame if most people thought he was a "weirdo".

     Defectors of the group say that The Temple of Set has an unhealthy infatuation with Nazism, and having briefly been a member myself, I can say this appears to have been true. The Temple of Set had an enormous reading list, which included a section about Facism and Totalitarianism. Some of the suggested books were  Adolph Hitler’s Mien Kampf, The Passing of the Great Race, and The Borman Brotherhood. Some members claimed to also belong to Neo-Nazi groups and the KKK. While on a tour of Europe for N.A.T.O. in 1984, Aquino interrupted it to take time to stop by the Welwelsburg castle (that had been Nazi SS headquaters during World War II) to do a Satanic ritual. Small wonder we lost ‘Nam, I guess.

     The Temple of Set operates a sort of “mail order cult” where people can join for around $100 and get a card saying they’re a member, and a spooky membershipcertificate to hang on the wall to creep out what few normal friends they might have had left. It’s really more about ego trips than sorcery. “Occult nerds” might be the best way to describe them. They’re the type of people that enjoy arguing in online newsgroups and forums about the occult, attempting to prove they “know more” about esoteric subjects, but can’t actually do anything that anybody could call “magic”. 




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