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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

MISS CLEO (1962-   )

     A.K.A. Youree Dell Harris (said to be her real name), Cleomili Harris, Youree Perris, Cleo Harris, et al. Self proclaimed psychic and shaman who was spokesperson for the Psychic Friuends Network. Harris, who was actress from Seattle, and her lesbian lover created a production company to stage her own plays. Her plays failed at the box office, however. Youree/Cleo lied to the actors in the production company claiming she had bone cancer when she was unable to pay them.  The actors claim Youree gave them promissary notes in lieu of payment, but at this writing has still failed to make good on them. 

    She fled Seattle,WA  leaving a trail of unpaid bills and broken promises. Youree played a Jamaican character in a play titled For Women Only that later became the basis for her psychic “Miss Cleo” character. In the late 1990's, she became a "psychic" for the now defunct Psychic Friends Network.

     Anyone can become a “telephone psychic”, as no psychic powers are actually necessary (or even likely). The telephone “psychics”, actually read from a script, which has now been  made available online by Court TV.  Eventually she appeared as the Miss Cleo (pretending to be a Jamaican native) character in infomercials for the company, for a flat $1700 fee that she was paid.

    The airwaves were saturated with commercials of Miss Cleo and her pitch in her fake Jamaican accent, "Call meh now fer ya free readin'!" The supposedly "free" calls actually cost callers around $6 per minute...about the same rate that Sprint charges for a phone call to Vietnam. One Customer sued after he got a bill for over $300 for his “free” call. After none of the Psychic friends predicted the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 (or they were awfully quiet about it if they did), the calls were said to have dropped off dramatically.

     The FTC got an injunction against the Psychic Friends network. In 2002 Harris was actually sued herself by the State of Florida, which allows spokespersons to be held liable, but the suit was later dropped. In 2004 Harris appeared in a car commercial for a local Palm Beach car dealer as the Miss Cleo character. In 2006 Cleo tried to gain attention  by “coming out” admitting she was a lesbian. The story made a few gay newspapers, but was mostly ignored by the main stream press. It’s very unlikely her career will ever rise from the grave, and you don’t have to be a psychic to see that. 





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