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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   


    He wrote many books about sex magic (which he called the “Rites of Elusis”), and how it could enlighten people. Good luck trying to decipher his convoluted writings written in a muddled 19th century colloquial English. His works inspired people like Aleister Crowley, the members of the O.:T.:O.:., and Henri Gamache (who mentions Randolph in his book Candle Burning Magic), and are still in print.

    Randolph was the illegitimate son of a plantation owner and a barmaid. Randolph once remarked his parents "did not stop to pay fees to the justice or to the priest". His mother died from smallpox when he was 5, and he went to live with a half sister. He ran away from home at 15 and became a sailor. When the spiritualist  movement kicked off, Randolph jumped on the bandwagon, appearing on stage as a medium and advertising his services.

     There have been legends and claims about Randolph that have arisen that have been questionable. One is his supposed friendship with President Abraham Lincoln, and being denied to ride on the train carrying Lincoln’s body because he was a Negro.  He claimed to have been a medical doctor, although how and when he received his training is unclear. An early advocate of “free love”, in February 1872 Randolph was jailed for promoting immoral sex, although later acquitted.  He married his second wife, Kate, while still legally married to his first wife, meaning Randolph was a bigamist.

     Sex magic doesn't get you anything except perhaps a venereal disease. Sex magic isn’t’s nothing more than an excuse to have sex and a way for gullible people to be seduced.  Apparently Randolph’s sex magic didn't bring happiness, because he committed suicide at age 49, leaving his wife and son to live in poverty.

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