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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom   


    A Wiccan named Bill Lidell a.k.a. "Lugh" claimed Pickingill was an adept, skilled in ancient mystery religions and the occult. Lugh, like all the other Wiccans of that era, simply lied to make Wicca seem older than what it really is. There are church records surviving in Sussex that show Pickingill was baptized as an infant, and also that he had his son Baptized years later...a strange custom for a Wiccan to do. Lugh claimed Pickingill wrote the complicated rituals for the Golden Dawn and Wicca and that he ran a network of covens all over the UK. This would have been quite a feat for George, considering he was an illiterate farm hand!

     Pickingill was said to be the leader of 9 covens scattered throughout England. Many Wiccans doubt this is true, and as one Wiccan noted online,  "George Pickingill is not only a fable, but an absurd one. Just give it a try yourself: You have nine groups of people and you must meet with each of them an absolute minimum of 17 times in the year. You must also attend numerous other functions, settle arguments, ect ... To do this you must walk or more likely find a horse drawn conveyance.  None of these groups is closer than three miles to any of the others."

     Pickingill may have simply been a Christian to whom ridiculous legends have grown! Even the celebrated picture of him above is in question to it's authenticity. An elderly British man not connected to Pickingill in any way claimed it was a picture of him on holiday taken in 1964, and not a picture of George Pickingill. Old George died as he lived, in poverty. There's no evidence he actually did any actual magic, and he certainly has no connection to Wicca, except perhaps witch-ful thinking.

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